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Welcome to Taiwan Airways Virtual Airline's Flight Logging System. The Current Time Is  16:11z

Taiwan Airways (IATA:GC, ICAO:ROC,  Callsing:Taiwan)   "本系統不支援    Internet Explorer   瀏覽器"

Welcome to the Taiwan Airways Flight Logging System. We are pleased to welcome all pilots to our state of the art, professional booking system that will now be used throughout the Taiwan Airways family. This system is using which was actually designed for Flight Simulator. We found that it also works quite well with Flight and so we decided to use it. Please read an important welcome message on how to use the system here:"新進成員請點閱" 注意事項 .

This system will be used for all passenger and cargo flights including "IVAO","FScloud", "VATSIM", "Fly Sim Amature Sky" flights. It will also cover all destinations across Taiwan , the UK and the Canary Islands.

歡迎加入台灣虛擬航空公司飛行系統,只要是FSX P3D X-PLNAE都可以使用飛行紀錄器

CCFTRACKER , kACARS , FSFK, STacars,我們很高興歡迎所有飛行員一起翱翔於虛擬航空世界。

Service Time 24 Hours. Thanks. ST.   TeamSpeak 3 語音      New ACARS System      

Windyty / 天氣預告


00:00 CST BR BR-302 RCKH RCSS R8 Nick Liu 01.00 hours B737-900 HL7716
1945CST BR BR-771 ZSSS RCSS B8 Lun Wang 01.15 hours B737-800 B18605
11:29KST KE KE-317 RKSI ZBTJ O19 Robert Chou 01.26 hours B757-300 B02876
19:09 AE AE-187 RKPK RCTP K8 振華 潘 02.9 hours A321-211 B16207
20:10HKT BR BR-2896 VHHH RCTP V28 Kai Syong Chen 01.25 hours A321-211 B16207
16:40 GC GC-07 RCFN VMMC G30 Chengyang CHANG 01.30 hours B737-800 B18605


79 Pilots
52 Aircraft
32884 Schedules
3301 Completed Flights
0 Flight(s) Today
1,241,160 Passengers Carried
47,024,678 kg Fuel Burned
6647.07 Hours Flown
2,495,653 Miles Flown

TeamSpeak 3

Newest Pilots


航空公司 班機編號 出發地(經由) 目的地(經由) 登機門/行李轉盤 機型 駕駛員 飛行時數 FOQA Landing Rate 使用燃油 狀態
AK AK-LNYX VMMC VHHX R2 / 19Z B777-300ER Nick Liu 00.29.06 75 -350.64ft/min 2767.37kg 等待信息 準時
BR BR-892 VHHH RCTP V10 / 30I B777-200LR KE CHIH-HAO 01.35.07 -200ft/min 4488.3kg 等待信息 準時
AA AA-1054W KLAX KIAH M18 / 8S A340-300 盛謙 羅 03.29.00 -418ft/min 21315.7kg 完成任務
CX CX-463 RCTP VHHH J6 / 28D A330-200 KE CHIH-HAO 01.25.27 -279ft/min -13892.2kg Landed at 19:03z 準時
KE KE-760 RJBB RKPK S29 / 30F B777-300ER 振華 潘 01.06 -262ft/min 10272.1kg Landed at 17:42z 提早
AK AK-LNYX VMMC VHHX F8 / 26B B777-300ER Nick Liu 00.31.54 70 -330.65ft/min 3070.37kg Landed at 01:33z 準時
BR BR-634 RCTP RKSI C28 / 18G B747-400 Robert Chou 02.16.32 95 -96.12ft/min 22455.5kg 等待信息 準時
MS MS-704B OMDB HECA C9 / 17W B777-300ER KE CHIH-HAO 03.21.41 -116ft/min 26108.3kg Landed at 19:50z 提早
VA VA-0808 YSSY YMML L6 / 24O J330-243 Stone Chang 01.35.39 75 -368.33ft/min 7447.08kg Landed at 18:58z 準時
HX HX-1892 VHHH RCTP V1 / 22I B737-900 Tommy Lam 02.02 -504ft/min -4000.68kg Landed at 15:26z 延遲
AE AE-5569 RCKH RCSS L18 / 11W B737-800 泓愷 陳 01.31 -411ft/min 1424.73kg Landed at 13:27z 延遲
AK AK-LNYX VMMC VHHX B7 / 5F B737-800 ALAND LIU 00.39.36 80 -425.23ft/min 1822.99kg Landed at 12:35z 準時
BR BR-311 RCTP YSSY X24 / 2Z J330-243 Stone Chang 10.20.31 100 -142.26ft/min 52228.4kg Landed at 11:27z 延遲
CI CI-301 RCTP RCKH Q19 / 17F B737-800 泓愷 陳 01.18 -567ft/min 1287.3kg Landed at 11:10z 延遲
CI CI-51 RCTP YSSY N18 / 19P B777-300ER ALAND LIU 08.56.33 75 -362.94ft/min 63329.2kg Landed at 10:13z 提早


Callsign 班機編號 登機時間 出發地機場(經由) 目的地機場(經由) 海拔高度 GS 剩餘時間/距離 HDG 狀態 ACARS
CAL 4732 AE187 23:16:00z 金海國際機場   臺灣桃園國際機場TPE   36001ft 486nm/h 0:45/366nm 210° Cruise kACARS
EVA 2301 BR892 12:30:00z 香港國際機場HKG   臺灣桃園國際機場TPE   122ft 17nm/h 0:00/0nm 255° Taxi In CCFTracker
CAL 626 BR302 14:10:00z 高雄國際機場KHH   臺北松山機場TSA   3428ft 184nm/h 0:54/166nm 270° Climbing STacars
EVA 3456 AA1054W 09:26:00z 洛杉磯國際機場LAX   喬治·布希洲際機場IAH   115ft 23nm/h 0:03/1nm 332° Taxi In CCFTracker
ROC 9388 KE317 16:24:00z 仁川國際機場ICN   天津濱海國際機場TSN   28933ft 373nm/h 0:20/123nm 289° 下降高度 STacars
CAL 616 21:28:12z       0ft 0nm/h 00:00/0nm Chatting kACARSII