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Welcome to Taiwan Airways Virtual Airline's Flight Logging System. The Current Time Is  1:41z



115 Pilots
114 Aircraft
43750 Schedules
5894 Completed Flights
0 Flight(s) Today
1,295,782 Passengers Carried
93,373,302 kg Fuel Burned
7015.48 Hours Flown
4,247,903 Miles Flown


Flight No.
Plane Type
14:30CST BR BR-772 RCSS ZSSS H30 CHU CHUHAO 1.15 h B737-800
11:40HKT CI CI-642 VHHH RCTP U21 ALAND LIU 1.35 h MD-11C

Latest arrival flight information

Airline Flight No. Departure(via) Destination(via) Gate/Baggage Plane Type Captain Landing Rate FOQA Use fuel Flight hours Current Status
5Z 5Z-B717 RCMQ RCSS Z12 / 30K B737-800 CHU CHUHAO -215.31 ft/min 90 2267.05 kgs 00.51.52 Landed at 15:55z Delay
BR BR-392 VVTS RCTP M5 / 10V A321-211 Gudetama Chen -325.26 ft/min 40 8813.75 kgs 03.08.25 Landed at 14:24z Delay
HX HX-9269 RCTP VHHH H11 / 29V B737-800 ALAND LIU -236.07 ft/min 100 4588.99 kgs 01.41.57 Landed at 11:43z Delay
FS FS-1001 RCNN RCSS I18 / 20S B777-300ER KE CHIH-HAO -204.54 ft/min 94 4729.61 kgs 00.41.46 Landed at 11:25z Arrived
7J 7J-B335 RCTP RJTT C29 / 18I B737-800 ALAND LIU -246.83 ft/min 90 12448.4 kgs 03.31.03 Landed at 23:39z Delay
7J 7J-B335 RCTP RJTT N1 / 16A B737-800 ALAND LIU -174.55 ft/min 100 8518.01 kgs 02.46.56 Landed at 17:52z Delay
BR BR-391 RCTP VVTS D28 / 20R B787-9 Gudetama Chen -165.32 ft/min 75 17924.2 kgs 03.11.08 Landed at 13:42z Delay
CI CI-703C RCMQ RPLL W8 / 22O B737-800 Meng Sheng Chan -439.84 ft/min 80 4481.49 kgs 01.51.27 Landed at 13:33z Delay
CI CI-992 ZSAM RCTP E3 / 28P B737-800 ALAND LIU -159.17 ft/min 50 3810.63 kgs 01.26.50 Landed at 11:50z Arrived
5Z 5Z-B717 RCMQ RCSS B1 / 29B B737-800 CHU CHUHAO -99.96 ft/min 95 1477.35 kgs 00.35.55 Landed at 10:12z Delay
CI CI-5991 RCTP ZSAM Y4 / 3V B737-800 ALAND LIU -275.28 ft/min 90 3922.21 kgs 01.27.10 Landed at 01:18z Arrived
BR BR-9126 RCTP ZSAM W1 / 1H B787-9 CHU CHUHAO -317.58 ft/min 85 8087.55 kgs 01.27.53 Landed at 01:03z Delay
IT IT-233 ROAH RCTP F25 / 29E A321-211 CHU CHUHAO -416.77 ft/min 74 4233.83 kgs 01.37.05 Landed at 21:28z Delay
BR BR-2302 RCKH RCTP A3 / 19Y B787-9 ALAND LIU -156.87 ft/min 100 4697.86 kgs 00.53.39 Landed at 21:18z Arrived
IT IT-231 ROAH RCTP T27 / 7J A380-800 阿華 海馬 -126.88 ft/min 95 15020.3 kgs 01.28.01 Landed at 19:03z Arrived

Latest departure flight information

Callsign Flight No. Current Time Departure(via) Destination(via) Altitude GS Remaining HDG Current Status ACARS
No flight at this time!