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Welcome to Taiwan Airways Virtual Airline's Flight Logging System. The Current Time Is  17:28z



77 Pilots
115 Aircraft
43773 Schedules
6745 Completed Flights
0 Flight(s) Today
685,259 Passengers Carried
103,288,978 kg Fuel Burned
14450.12 Hours Flown
4,853,509 Miles Flown

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Flight No.
Plane Type
23:12CDT JQ JQ-920 YBCS YPDN N18 鈺友 陳 0 h A340-300

Latest arrival flight information

Airline Flight No. Departure(via) Destination(via) Gate/Baggage Plane Type Captain Landing Rate FOQA Use fuel Flight hours Current Status
AE AE-5569 RCKH RCSS U26 / 26S B737-800 Willy Kuan -292.97 ft/min 79 1957.25 kgs 00.51.52 On Time Arrived
B7 B7-8958 RCBS RCMQ X19 / 22E A330-200 CHUANYI Lin -192.24 ft/min 55 6508.6 kgs 00.48.29 On Time Delay
BR BR-170 RCTP RKSI E4 / 29Y B747-400D CHU CHUHAO -159.94 ft/min 95 19756.2 kgs 02.23.57 On Time Delay
CI CI-518 ZBAA RCTP C14 / 15Q B747-400D CHU CHUHAO -92.27 ft/min 90 23043.9 kgs 02.45.52 On Time Arrived
EH EH-1672 RJFF RJOO G3 / 11L B777-200LR Lun Wang -835.08 ft/min 28 8008.17 kgs 01.08.29 On Time Delay
BR BR-216 WSSS RCTP K30 / 13C B777-300ER Mori Yang -69.21 ft/min 45 61019.1 kgs 04.25.52 On Time Arrived
MU MU-744 RJGG ZBAA Q30 / 10D A321-211 Arthur Kung -94.58 ft/min 100 11045 kgs 03.33.20 On Time Delay
BR BR-856 VHHH RCTP W25 / 21Q A320-200 CHU CHUHAO -224.53 ft/min 95 3563.42 kgs 01.26.36 On Time Arrived
B7 B7-306 ROAH RJGG R16 / 11P A321-211 Arthur Kung -238.37 ft/min 95 6831.1 kgs 02.10.08 On Time Delay
JX JX-5836 RCTP ROAH D3 / 23I A321-211 Arthur Kung -296.81 ft/min 100 3762.55 kgs 01.19.23 Landed at 15:28z Arrived
AE AE-140 RKPC RJFF E21 / 8H A320-200 Lun Wang -348.33 ft/min 59 2578.67 kgs 01.14.28 Landed at 00:11z Delay
MH MH-68 WBKK RCTP D22 / 28J A321-211 Arthur Kung -305.27 ft/min 100 9551.29 kgs 03.07.26 Landed at 22:48z Delay
BR BR-855 RCTP VHHH U9 / 25E A320NEO CHU CHUHAO -169.17 ft/min 89 3718.55 kgs 01.37.00 Landed at 21:45z Arrived
EAQ EAQ-401 YSSY YMML G8 / 9W B777-200F KE CHIH-HAO -234.53 ft/min 92 9824.81 kgs 01.18.58 Landed at 11:05z Delay
MI MI-392 WSSS WBKK F19 / 1C A321-211 Arthur Kung -153.02 ft/min 100 6969.45 kgs 02.21.49 Landed at 20:52z Delay

Latest departure flight information

Callsign Flight No. Current Time Departure(via) Destination(via) Altitude GS Remaining HDG Current Status ACARS
EVA 7638 22:45:05       0ft 0nm/h 00:00/7101nm 234° Parked STacars
CPA 2017 23:18:01       0ft 0nm/h 00:00/7073nm 80° Preflight STacars
CAL 9322 23:55:04       0ft 0nm/h 00:00/7110nm 183° Chatting STacars
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