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Welcome to Taiwan Airways Virtual Airline's Flight Logging System. The Current Time Is  9:50z



130 Pilots
115 Aircraft
44014 Schedules
6962 Completed Flights
2 Flight(s) Today
685,259 Passengers Carried
106,320,965 kg Fuel Burned
15014.44 Hours Flown
5,045,470 Miles Flown

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Flight No.
Plane Type
00:00 EST BR BR-301 RCSS RCKH D12 Stone Chang 0.45 h A321-211
1200 ZV ZV-1020 RCTP RCKH U12 品佑 陳 1 h B737-800

Latest arrival flight information

Airline Flight No. Departure(via) Destination(via) Gate/Baggage Plane Type Captain Landing Rate FOQA Use fuel Flight hours Current Status
IT IT-354 VMMC RCTP N22 / 9B A330-243 Stone Chang -346.03 ft/min 77 7763.23 kgs 01.42.07 On Time Arrived
CI CI-521 RCTP ZGGG V20 / 13Z A330-300 Lun Wang -757.41 ft/min 34 11342.5 kgs 01.59.37 On Time Delay
CI CI-1930 OMDB UTAA B5 / 22W B737-800 ALAN LIU -237.6 ft/min 40 5732.05 kgs 02.16.55 Landed at 18:36z Delay
DK DK-106 OMDB RCTP Y6 / 12O B747-400 CHU CHUHAO -48.44 ft/min 100 62022.9 kgs 06.47.04 Landed at 17:20z Early
CI CI-1929 HESH OMDB N26 / 2D B737-800 ALAN LIU -220.69 ft/min 100 8254.02 kgs 02.51.23 Landed at 14:25z Delay
CZ CZ-6472 ZUUU ZHCC W13 / 1D A321-211 Arthur Kung -114.57 ft/min 100 5646.77 kgs 01.53.45 Landed at 14:01z Delay
FS FS-01 ZPPP OMDB S21 / 1V B747-400 CHU CHUHAO -190.7 ft/min 100 66170.1 kgs 07.44.29 Landed at 08:25z Delay
JL JL-98 RCSS RJTT C25 / 7P B777-200LR Mori Yang -193.77 ft/min 95 16213.2 kgs 02.32.12 Landed at 02:48z Delay
CI CI-27Q PTRO RCTP N15 / 20J B737-800 Lun Wang -309.89 ft/min 65 12676.5 kgs 04.48.14 Landed at 22:48z Delay
8L 8L-9947 ZPPP ZUUU D3 / 10E A321-211 Arthur Kung -286.82 ft/min 100 4540.46 kgs 01.34.03 Landed at 18:00z Delay
CI CI-1928 LTAI HESH G2 / 2E B737-800 ALAN LIU -258.37 ft/min 100 4773.15 kgs 01.56.37 Landed at 22:27z Delay
FS FS-05 ZUUU ZPPP F13 / 23S A320-200 CHU CHUHAO -330.65 ft/min 95 3335.26 kgs 01.14.53 Landed at 21:49z Delay
BR BR-90P RCTP ZPPP H25 / 27E A321-211 Arthur Kung -108.42 ft/min 100 10274.8 kgs 03.21.10 Landed at 15:05z Delay
MU MU-5843 ZPPP ZUUU G27 / 10Y A320-200 CHU CHUHAO -155.33 ft/min 100 2648.53 kgs 01.06.19 Landed at 21:39z Delay
CI CI-1927 LIMF LTAI P10 / 23R B737-800 ALAN LIU -144.56 ft/min 85 7394.46 kgs 03.04.19 Landed at 16:15z Delay

Latest departure flight information

Callsign Flight No. Current Time Departure(via) Destination(via) Altitude GS Remaining HDG Current Status ACARS
SYS 320 BR301 14:39:00 臺北松山機場TSA   高雄國際機場KHH   17949ft 412nm/h 0:22/152nm 242° 爬升高度 STacars
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