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Taiwan Airways Corp. Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Taiwan Airways Corp..

1) Rules and Approvals of the Company

1.1) Flight Data Recorder is used for analyzing air safety issues. For each aircraft type next operational parameters are defined and controlled:
1.2) Maximum landing gear extended and retracted speed
1.3) Maximum flaps extended speed
1.4) Pitch limit during take off and landing
1.5) Maximum landing weight
1.6) This parameters are published on aircraft page in "Limitation" part and on Dispatch page when flight is booked.
1.7) For all aircraft types next parameters are controlled:
1.8) Overspeed (detected by simulator)
1.9) Stall (detected by simulator)
1.10) Vertical speed at touchdown. The landing treated as:
1.11) hard - if vertical speed is above 340 fpm.
1.12) accident - if vertical speed is above 700 fpm
1.13) crash - if vertical speed is above 1,600 fpm
1.14) Bank limits at low altitude. Banks are limited to:
1.15) 20 ° below 500 ft
1.16) 10 ° below 100 ft
1.17) Vertical speed limits on descend. Vertical speed is limited to:
1.18) 2000 fpm below 2000 ft
1.19) 1500 fpm below 1000 ft
1.20) 1300 fpm below 500 ft
1.21) Unsafe terrain clearance - below 500 ft with retracted flaps and gear
1.22) Landing on nose gear (negative pitch at touchdown)

2) Donations

2.1) Dear Flying Friends
2.2) Why do we need sponsorship?
2.3) For the normal long-term operation, the site of all aspects of the host, network connection costs, program maintenance and software updates, all need a huge resource and energy.
2.4) Sincerely hope that enthusiastic fans can donate the sponsorship website.
2.5) This sponsorship is entirely "voluntary" and provides richer resources to members with high quality exchange services.
2.6) Thanks again for the existing sponsor and your support for this site!
2.7) Use PayPal donations

3) 目的

3.1) 在這裡連飛是自由、無限制的,不需要具備的專業知識才能在這裡飛行,是個下班下課時休閒的好地方。
3.2) 誠摯期盼熱心的飛友能捐贈贊助網站,您的捐助是讓本站繼續營運的動力

4) 加入流程

4.1) 註冊:填寫個人資料後,等候管理員同意開放,即可登入使用,如需要更改登入ID 或是航空公司代號,再麻煩回信告知
4.2) 語音聊天室可使用 RC: 26313753 或是TS3:
4.3) 請注意垃圾郵件中是否有虛航郵件

5) 虛航規則

5.1) 超過30天未登入,沒有填寫請假單,將移除帳號資料
5.2) P3D&FSX&X-PLANE 使用kACARS操作說明請點閱下載區
5.3) 請勿使用加速或用移動機場來完成任務! 將不簽合同意
5.4) 主機固定星期三早上6點55點至7點10分重新開機,請勿在時段中登入連線使用,以免造成資料錯誤
5.5) 移轉機場可使用航班任務中最下方功能購買機票,移轉至您想要去的機場
5.6) 飛行員註冊後14天內,沒有執行任何航班派遣,將移除帳號資料

6) 功能簡介

6.1) 自訂航班 須滿飛行時數10小時方可自訂新增自訂包機航班
6.2) 如需更改會員編號或是航空公司,可以跟線上管理員告知
6.3) 啟用紀錄器前,須將飛機停在停機位後,油料都加足夠後方可啟動Start開始紀錄,否則會造成油料計算錯誤
6.4) 虛航紀錄器操作說明請參閱操作說明
6.5) IVAO多人連線軟體可以參閱操作說明
6.6) 如需新增航班,可先用搜尋後"搜尋航班",再告知航班編號,出發機場跟到達機場,以利新增航班
6.7) 第一次登入請先點選航班建議,或是北高航班(航程50分)下一次再點選航班任務
6.8) 紀錄器軟體需使用系統管理員模式,才可正常啟動
6.9) P3DV4需安裝 FSUIPC5 否則無法讀取航班資料 P3DV3需安裝 FSUIPC4 FSX需安裝 FSUIPC4
6.10) 連線伺服器:,登入ID:XXXX 4碼數字(例如會員編號是EVA0000,在伺服器ID 就只需要輸入0000即可),PW: 註冊密碼

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