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機場資訊:RJCC Welcome to Taiwan Airways 台灣虛擬航空
ICAO: RJCC Country: 日本北海道千歲市與苫小牧市交界
Latitude: 42.7876 Longitude: 141.679
Total Arrivals: 88 Total Departures: 87
Latest Arrival: HD4720 (RJTT-RJCC)LI WEN. Tu Latest Departure: BR115 (RJCC-RCTP)LI WEN. Tu
METAR : RJCC 151700Z 10005KT 070V170 9999 FEW010 BKN035 M01/M03 Q1009 RMK 1ST010 7CU035 A2982

新千歳空港 CTS

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