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Aircraft Information for B16412

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Boeing 747-400ER(B744) Range: 7.262 NM 8.357 miles
Max Cargo: 910000lbs Max Passengers: 660pax
Weight: 406.900 lbslbs Max Cruise Alt: Mach 0.9ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 23571.96lbs Total fuel used: 3535793.66lbs Fuel consumption rate: 28.51lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 28.51miles Total Flight Distance: 124001miles Average Revenue: $46677.57
Total Revenue: $7001635.18 Total Expenses: $35115684 Date of Purchase: Friday 08 September 2017

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
B7 892 VHHH RCTP Jeffrey Yu 436miles $42121 --664.37ft/min
A5 K469 RCTP VHHH Jeffrey Yu 436miles $0 --662.83ft/min
HX 1809 RCTP VHHH Jeffrey Yu 436miles $-8176.84 --952.73ft/min
CI 117 RJFF RCTP CHU CHUHAO 703miles $65609.2 --251.45ft/min
BR 382 VVTS RCTP CHU CHUHAO 1193miles $80117.9 --615.16ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
CI 5235 KSEA RCTP 01:16 PDT 04:33 CST (+1) 5273.99miles 13.31

Aircraft Rentability