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Aircraft Information for G-VSHY

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Airbus 340-600(A346) Range: 8000miles
Max Cargo: 123458lbs Max Passengers: 352pax
Weight: 384138lbs Max Cruise Alt: 0ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 97353lbs Total fuel used: 292059lbs Fuel consumption rate: 197.07lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 197.07miles Total Flight Distance: 1482miles Average Revenue: $-47341.95
Total Revenue: $-142025.86 Total Expenses: $64936 Date of Purchase: Wednesday 25 May 2016

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
GC 16 WADD YCIN Chung Hin Lam 734miles $-69698.2 --239ft/min
GC 16 VTBD WMKK Chung Hin Lam 674miles $-71290.8 --404ft/min
CI 183 VHHH ZGGG Chung Hin Lam 74miles $-1036.86 --155ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
AA 45 KJFK KSEA 19:27EDT 21:57PDT 2100.97miles #VALUE!
B7 11 RCTP VHHH 23:40 CST 24:00:00 435.685miles 1.25
CI 183 VHHH ZGGG 20:30 CST 21:30 CST 73.6042miles 00.35
SQ 25 KJFK EDDF 21:40EDT 10:22CEST 3344.97miles #VALUE!
NH 224 EDDM FAOR 20:59CEST 07:10SAST 4564.6miles 10.11
LH 723 ZBAA EDDM 13:08CST 16:59CEST 4174.56miles #VALUE!
LH 719 RKSI EDDM 12:33KST 16:32CEST 4595.02miles #VALUE!
LH 715 RJTT EDDM 12:50JST 17:12CEST 5059.35miles #VALUE!
SA 191 FIMP FAOR 17:26+04 19:25SAST 1657.56miles #VALUE!
GC 3941 KJFK LIRN 18:10EDT 08:02CEST 3818.99miles #VALUE!
GC 3687 KJFK KDTW 18:46EDT 20:01EDT 441.498miles 0.33
CZ 300 KJFK ZGGG 11:29EDT 14:35CST 6950miles 3.06
DL 2598 KJFK KTPA 08:51EDT 11:10EDT 875.458miles 2.13
DL 409 KJFK EGPH 22:10EDT 09:23BST 2824.5miles 2.12
OO 5246 KDEN KCOS 17:04MDT 17:19MDT 6083.6miles 0.15
UA 316 KSFO CYVR 18:03PDT 19:52PDT 696.643miles 5.00
UA 1152 KSFO KATL 23:40PDT 06:45EDT 1856.8miles 6.36
AM 577 MMMX MMUN 13:10CDT 14:56EST 694.275miles 1.46

Aircraft Rentability