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Aircraft Information for B02876

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Boeing 757-300(B753) Range: 6421 公里miles
Max Cargo: 114.1lbs Max Passengers: 243pax
Weight: 122470 公斤lbs Max Cruise Alt: 0.8 馬赫(每小時870公里ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 6042.7lbs Total fuel used: 151067.53lbs Fuel consumption rate: 11.78lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 11.78miles Total Flight Distance: 12826miles Average Revenue: $88806.77
Total Revenue: $2220169.32 Total Expenses: $7910466 Date of Purchase: Thursday 01 January 1970

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
VN 0835 VVNB VDSR Stone Chang 483miles $-2094.68 --582.86ft/min
VN 0835 VVNB VDSR ALAND LIU 483miles $18684.9 --57ft/min
VN 0835 VVNB VDSR CHU CHUHAO 483miles $18134.1 --108ft/min
VJ 801 VVTS VTBS Akatsuki Lady 388miles $12656.8 --211ft/min
UA 192E PTRO PGUM Stone Chang 709miles $30314.2 --464ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
CI 77Z WADD RCTP 16:42WITA 21:56CST 2064.04miles
IT 211 RJBB RCTP 14:01 JST 16:00:00 920.608miles 02.38
MM 27 RJBB RCTP 17:10 JST 19:25:00 920.608miles 00:00:00
VY 6297 EDDM LIRF 19:45CEST 21:01CEST 394.439miles
BR 707C ZGGG RCTP 10:00CST 11:55CST 445.97miles 01.27
NM 5090 NZWN NZHN 10:05NZST 11:29NZST 209.53miles 00:00:01
NZ 8572 NZWN NZTG 10:05NZST 11:29NZST 229.046miles 00:00:01
AC 93 SCEL CYYZ 21:45CLT 07:33EDT 4657.85miles
LA 455 SCEL SAEZ 10:01CLT 11:44ART 615.278miles
NH 1748 ROIG RJBB 12:06JST 14:00JST 833.111miles 00:00:00
AA 1014 TJSJ KMIA 06:00AST 08:48EDT 909.2miles 0.00.02
AZ 229 EGLL LIML 06:45BST 09:30CEST 529.85miles 00:00:00
BA 832 EGLL EIDW 06:45BST 07:55IST 242.605miles 00:00:00
VS 651 EGLL DNMM 22:55BST 04:56WAT 2704.94miles 00:00:00
SU 2006 UUEE EPWA 06:45BST 09:30CEST 621.745miles 00:00:00
PC 601 OTHH LTFJ 04:16AST 08:11EEST 1456.6miles 00:00:00
QR 454 OTHH ORSU 07:00AST 10:25AST 699.452miles 00:00:00
EK 848 OTHH OMDB 03:52AST 05:40GST 203.974miles 00:00:00
LQ 49 ROAH ROIG 20:11JST 22:32JST 214.62miles 00:00:00
AA 1045 CYUL KDFW 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 1314.78miles 0.00.00
AA 1176 KDFW KLGA 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 1206.19miles 00:00:00
AA 1251 KDFW KSDF 10:38CDT 13:18EDT 636.673miles
AA 1333 KDFW KSNA 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 1045.91miles 00:00:00
AA 1638 KCLT KJFK 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 470.582miles 00:00:00
AA 1875 KDFW KPHX 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 753.471miles 00:00:00
AA 2331 KDFW KORD 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 697.402miles 00:00:00
AA 3101 LTBA KJFK 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 4352.48miles 00:00:00
AA 701 KJFK KMIA 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 949.621miles 00:00:00
AA 954 SAEZ KJFK 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 4613.6miles 00:00:00
AA 988 SPIM KDFW 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 2932.04miles 00:00:00
JM 1 MKJP EGLL 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 4063.8miles 0.00.00
BA 195 KJFK EGLL 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 2994.8miles 00:00:00
AB 2740 EDDL LGIR 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 1244.66miles 00:00:00
BW 1015 KJFK MKJP 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 1373.55miles 0.00.00
HU 7770 ZWSH ZWWW 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 576.225miles 00:00:00
CX 684 VABB VHHH 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 2309.33miles 06.06
MQ 2783 KFSD KORD 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 401.354miles 00:00:00
MQ 5055 KONT KSFO 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 316.342miles 00:00:00
EY 925 OMAA VHHH 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 3247.21miles 00:00:00
FJ 3101 NTAA NFFN 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 1884.84miles 00:00:00
9W 604 VISR VIDP 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 347.587miles 00:00:00
JL 863 RJAA ZBAA 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 1153.56miles 00:00:00
LT 1528 EDDL KSFO 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 4843.84miles 00:00:00
MH 194 WMKK VABB 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 1958.61miles 00:00:00
MH 433 VHHH WMKK 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 1374.46miles 00:00:00
PA 221 KJFK MKJS 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 1347.57miles 00:00:00
PA 54 BIKF EGPK 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 742.486miles 00:00:00
PC 1 YSSY OMDB 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 6510.2miles 0.00.00
QR 1303 OTBD HECA 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 1110.29miles 00:00:00
QR 864 OTBD ZUUU 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 2776.18miles 00:00:00
S7 177 UUDD UNNT 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 1508miles 00:00:00
S7 568 RJAA UHHH 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 800.56miles 00:00:00
WS 1203 KLGA CYYZ 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 309.628miles 00:00:00
WS 683 CYQR CYVR 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 720.088miles 00:00:00
MU 5464 ZPPP ZSOF 10:00CST 12:35CST 858.53miles 00:00:00
MU 5989 ZPPP ZPZT 10:30CST 11:03CST 141.075miles 00:00:00
EU 2721 ZPPP ZGZH 09:39CST 10:39CST 357.127miles 00:00:00
9C 8834 ZSAM ZSSS 10:32CST 13:00CST 434.528miles 00:00:01
MU 5561 ZSSS ZSAM 10:15CST 11:16HKT 434.528miles 00:00:01
5X 605 KORD KSDF 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 249.253miles 00:00:00
AC 374 KORD CYYZ 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 379.026miles 00:00:00
5J 644 RPVP RPLL 14:34PHT 15:06PHT 315.923miles 00:00:00
KE 554 RJBB RKSI 14:34PHT 15:06PHT 465.082miles 00:00:01
KE 317 RKSI ZBTJ 11:29KST 12:00CST 439.831miles 01.26
TK 691 HECA LTBA 08:35EET 11:45EEST 664.524miles 00:00:01
7C 3101 PGUM RKSI 17:10CHST 21:00KST 1744.43miles 00:00:00
LJ 648 PGUM RKPK 13:45CHST 16:55KST 1561.38miles 00:00:00
UA 873 PGUM RJAA 17:10CHST 19:35JST 1360.72miles 00:00:00
CA 416 VYYY ZPPP 21:28CEST 22:30CEST 622.423miles
KA 251 VYYY VHHH 20:40CEST 21:12CEST 1057.12miles
AF 1320 LFPG LLBG 23:45CEST 04:50IDT 1775.33miles 00:00:00
KB 206K VQPR VHHH 11:53BTT 16:11HKT 1368.04miles 00:00:00
AR 656 SAEZ SLVR 23:25ART 01:03BOT 1061.48miles 00:00:00
OB 672A SLCB SLVR 22:13BOT 22:46BOT 174.852miles 00:00:00
OB 736 SLLP SLVR 15:05BOT 16:05BOT 298.394miles 00:00:00
CM 2569 MPTO SLVR 16:16EST 22:08BOT 1873.4miles 00:00:01
7I 521 TNCC TNCM 10:50AST 11:26AST 488.619miles 00:00:00
AA 878A TNCM KPHL 14:40AST 19:00EDT 1455.58miles 00:00:00
LI 550A TNCM TIST 12:52AST 13:20AST 107.704miles 00:00:01
JU 162 LYBE LWSK 13:30CEST 14:20CEST 181.023miles 00:00:00
JU 310 LYBE LFPG 08:35CEST 10:25CEST 769.397miles 00:00:00
JU 315 LFPG LYBE 20:45CEST 22:42CEST 769.397miles 00:00:00
YM 100 LYPG LYBE 07:30CEST 08:12CEST 154.802miles 0.00.01
W6 4110 EDSB LYBE 16:45CEST 18:37CEST 555.802miles 00:00:00
MQ 3099B KFAT KLAX 18:40PDT 19:49PDT 182.058miles 00:00:00
WN 2360 KLAX KIND 16:50PDT 00:05?EDT 1574.66miles 00:00:00
AC 854 CYVR EGLL 18:45PDT 11:10BST 4096.71miles 00:00:00
W8 571 CYYC CYVR 04:00MDT 04:20PDT 370.891miles 00:00:00
QK 8573 CYQR CYVR 18:06CST 19:04PDT 720.088miles 00:00:00
QX 2239 CYVR KSEA 19:59PDT 20:40PDT 110.623miles 00:00:00
DE 1507 LPMA EDDH 16:40WEST 21:50CEST 1700.69miles 00:00:00
TP 1714 LPMA LPPR 19:44WEST 21:25WEST 643.821miles 00:00:00
KO 145A PADQ PANC 13:05AKDT 13:59AKDT 219.477miles 00:00:00
AS 61A PACV PANC 13:46AKDT 14:19AKDT 138.53miles 00:00:00
K4 825A RKSI PANC 23:47KST 13:59AKDT 3296.76miles 00:00:00
KS 292A PADL PANC 13:40AKDT 14:46AKDT 284.932miles 00:00:00
QX 835 PAEN PANC 13:41AKDT 13:55AKDT 51.3946miles 00:00:00
CA 1971 ZSPD ZYHB 07:18CST 09:55CST 894.602miles 00:00:00
CZ 9820 ZSPD ZGSZ 22:01CST 00:00CST 666.665miles 00:00:00
HO 1135 ZSPD ZBTJ 08:04CST 10:09CST 527.304miles 00:00:00
LD 783 ZSPD VHHH 23:27CST 02:02HKT 678.851miles 00:00:00
MU 553 ZSPD LFPG 00:31CST 05:44CEST 5009.32miles 00:00:00
UL 867 ZSPD VCBI 01:33CST 05:11IST 2756.38miles 17.53
JL 82I RJGG RCTP 09:43JST 11:22CST 999.773miles 00:00:00
UA BLA RJGG RJTT 15:46JST 16:23JST 151.412miles 00:00:00
7G 54 RJFF RJTT 21:08JST 22:48JST 476.496miles 00:00:00
CI 111C RJFF RCTP 11:18JST 12:11CST 702.702miles 00:00:00
EH 274H RJFF RJTT 21:32JST 22:53JST 476.496miles 00:00:00
KE 784 RJFF RKPK 11:18JST 12:01KST 120.813miles 00:00:00
OZ 133 RJFF RKSI 15:09JST 16:03KST 304.089miles 00:00:00
CA 1822 ZSFZ ZBAA 14:48CST 17:06CST 864.259miles 00:00:00
FU 6555 ZSFZ ZBTJ 17:44CST 20:06CST 801.923miles 00:00:00
KA 661 ZSFZ VHHH 12:07CST 13:30HKT 383.304miles 00:00:00
MF 8427 ZSFZ ZPPP 09:33CST 12:10CST 908.992miles 00:00:00
MF 877 ZSFZ WMKK 11:02CST 15:15MYT 1736.87miles 00:00:00
ZH 949G ZSFZ ZSNJ 16:36CST 17:38CST 351.335miles 00:00:00
9C 8794 RJBB ZSQD 18:57JST 20:50CST 736.045miles 00:00:00
FM 390 RJBB ZGGG 14:16JST 17:31CST 1326.8miles 00:00:00
NX 855 RJBB VMMC 16:42JST 19:37CST 1358.86miles 00:00:00
VN 331 RJBB VVNB 11:18JST 13:40ICT 1745.81miles 00:00:00
QF 719 YSCB YPPH 19:13AEST 21:20AWST 1667.56miles 00:00:00
QF 1529 YSCB YMML 09:53AEST 10:46AEST 253.844miles 00:00:00
QF 2568 YSCB YBBN 15:31AEST 17:15AEST 516.433miles 00:00:00
VA 659 YSCB YSSY 16:42AEST 17:20AEST 127.834miles 00:00:00
MH 433X VHHX WMKK 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 1383.59miles 00:00:00
KB 206KX VQPR VHHX 11:53BTT 16:11HKT 1382.96miles 00:00:00
MF 381X ZSAM VHHX 10:15CST 11:16HKT 254.63miles 00:00:00
KA 661X ZSFZ VHHX 12:07CST 13:30HKT 370.234miles 00:00:00
CX 684X VABB VHHX 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 2325.13miles 00:00:00
JL 735X RJAA VHHX 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 1588.53miles 00:00:00
LD 783X ZSPD VHHX 23:27CST 02:02HKT 669.026miles 00:00:00
EY 925X OMAA VHHX 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 3262.4miles 00:00:00
OS 9088 LGSK LOWW 09:50EEST 10:45CEST 615.607miles 00:00:00
OA 81A LGSK LGAV 06:40EEST 07:05EEST 77.4001miles 00:00:00
AI 651 VABB VARP 10:59IST 12:31IST 516.006miles 00:00:00
G8 319 VABB VIDP 11:18IST 12:59IST 614.549miles 00:00:00
6E 711 VABB VOGO 14:31IST 15:22IST 229.708miles 00:00:00
9W 345 VABB VOHS 14:16IST 15:17IST 336.394miles 00:00:00
9W 542 VABB OMDB 09:48IST 10:47GST 1041.15miles 00:00:00
UK 944 VABB VIDP 15:04IST 17:14IST 614.549miles 00:00:00
AF 1343 LSGG LFPG 18:26CEST 19:11CEST 220.331miles 00:00:00
BA 723 LSGG EGLL 07:34CEST 08:04BST 407.434miles 00:00:00
CA 862 LSGG ZBAA 20:57CEST 12:48CST 4433.34miles 00:00:00
LY 346 LSGG LLBG 11:41CEST 16:25IDT 1577.65miles 00:00:00
DS 1431 LSGG LEMG 07:28CEST 09:38CEST 746.14miles 00:00:00
DS 1573 LSGG ESSA 12:11CEST 14:26CEST 909.584miles 00:00:00
LO 418 LSGG EPWA 10:42CEST 12:42CEST 681.795miles 00:00:00
LX 1120 LSGG EDDM 06:17CEST 07:05CEST 263.576miles 00:00:00
LX 2815 LSGG LSZH 19:22CEST 20:12CEST 124.465miles 00.39
TU 875 LSGG DTTJ 16:46CEST 17:56CET 773.141miles 00:00:00
AF 1442 LFPG LSGG 13:37CEST 14:31CEST 220.331miles 00:00:00
AF 1642 LFPG LSGG 08:54CEST 09:39CEST 220.331miles 00:00:00
SN 2719 EBBR LSGG 16:08CEST 17:06CEST 287.598miles 00:00:00
BR 13G4 LFRS LSGG 08:31CEST 09:34CEST 322.832miles 00:00:00
DS 1554 LIRN LSGG 08:20CEST 09:51CEST 479.629miles 00:00:00
U2 6157 EGGD LSGG 18:39BST 20:51CEST 466.046miles 00:00:00
KL 1931 EHAM LSGG 15:43CEST 16:44CEST 368.748miles 00:00:00
SV 237 OEJN LSGG 10:04AST 14:16CEST 2184.31miles 00:00:00
LX 521 LFMN LSGG 09:09CEST 09:44CEST 162.048miles
TK 1917 LTBA LSGG 08:34EEST 10:22CEST 1033.4miles 00:00:00
4U 9407 LFPG EDDL 14:08CEST 15:03CEST 212.123miles 00:00:00
A5 1218 LFPG EDDF 13:01CEST 13:51CEST 241.728miles 00:00:00
A5 1438 LFPG EDDV 21:05CEST 22:10CEST 341.427miles 00:00:00
A5 7536 LFPG LFBP 09:10CEST 10:14CEST 360.119miles 00:00:00
AF 1056 LFPG EGPF 07:57CEST 08:22BST 484.8miles 0.00.00
AF 1152 LFPG ULLI 17:41CEST 21:29MSK 1153.14miles 00:00:00
AF 1240 LFPG EHAM 07:43CEST 08:33CEST 215.665miles 00:00:00
AF 1564 LFPG EGBB 19:15CEST 19:11BST 263.663miles 00:00:00
AF 1788 LFPG LBSF 13:12CEST 16:33EEST 948.329miles 00:00:00
AF 22 LFPG KJFK 08:30CEST 10:07EDT 3153.43miles 00:00:00
AF 368 LFPG SVMI 11:14CEST 14:19VET 4125.61miles 00:00:00
AF 662 LFPG OMDB 14:26CEST 22:37GST 2831.89miles 00:00:00
AF 7622 LFPG LFBD 10:28CEST 11:23CEST 284.748miles 00:00:00
AF 7684 LFPG LFMT 21:32CEST 22:31CEST 331.826miles 00:00:00
AV 871 LFPG CYUL 13:49CEST 14:47EDT 2985.79miles 00:00:00
B0 100 LFPG KEWR 15:09CEST 13:58EDT 3165.83miles 0.00.00
BT 692 LFPG EVRA 11:28CEST 14:38EEST 904.055miles 00:00:00
DL 79 LFPG KPHL 13:50CEST 16:04EDT 3234.78miles 00:00:00
ET 705 LFPG HAAB 22:43CEST 06:15EAT 3016.67miles 00:00:00
LH 1041 LFPG EDDF 18:19CEST 19:09CEST 241.728miles 0.00.00
LX 647 LFPG LSZH 07:53CEST 09:08CEST 257.888miles 00:00:00
PS 128 LFPG UKBB 14:20CEST 17:45EEST 1098.77miles 00:00:00
SK 574 LFPG ESSA 11:09CEST 13:10CEST 832.24miles 00:00:00
TB 1411 LFPG LCPH 17:04CEST 21:49EEST 1575.98miles 00:00:00
U2 2792 LFPG LIMC 21:37CEST 22:45CEST 323.351miles 00:00:00
U2 3847 LFPG LDSP 19:02CEST 20:42CEST 657.733miles 00:00:00
U2 6958 LFPG EGPH 22:26CEST 22:42BST 469.705miles 00:00:00
VY 8245 LFPG LEBL 21:13CEST 22:32CEST 464.023miles 00:00:00
WX 1408 LFPG EDDS 09:05CEST 09:58CEST 264.597miles 00:00:00
DG 6279 RPVE RPVM 11:35PHT 12:25PHT 153.944miles 00:00:00
5J 6281J RPVV RPVM 15:00PHT 15:55PHT 253.418miles 00:00:00
AE 781 RCMQ RCQC 07:28CST 07:55CST 67.6991miles 00:00:00
BR 188 RCMQ RKSI 07:34CST 10:39KST 848.507miles 00:00:00
AE 788 RCQC RCMQ 20:48CST 21:07CST 67.6991miles 00:00:00
GE 6JK RPLC RCMQ 14:57PHT 16:26CST 545.122miles 00:00:00
UA 192E PTRO PGUM 02:40PWT 05:31CHST 708.521miles 02.10
DA 7601 RCLY RCKH 08:00 09:00 73.8924miles 00.31
JL B896 RJTH RJAN 17:15JST 18:05JST 79.5757miles
LQ 894C RJTT RJTH 14:05JST 14:50JST 146.242miles
GK B796 RJAN RJTH 16:15JST 17:05JST 79.5757miles
EH K796 RJNT RJTH 09:01JST 09:46JST 247.54miles
GK B696 RJAN RJTO 16:15JST 17:05JST 25.2002miles
EH K696 RJNT RJTO 09:01JST 09:46JST 154.05miles 00.43
GK B596 RJTO RJAN 16:15JST 17:05JST 25.2002miles
EH K5963 RJTO RJNT 09:01JST 09:46JST 154.05miles 00.44
EH K586 RJOM RJNT 09:01JST 09:46JST 277.648miles
EH K576 RJNT RJOM 09:01JST 09:46JST 277.648miles
BC G574 RJOM RJTO 14:05JST 14:50JST 335.341miles 01.10
GA 446 WADD WAHS 13:30WITA 13:35WIB 6903.63miles
HX 706 WADD VHHH 18:19WITA 22:54HKT 1868.08miles
JT 2617 WADD ZGNN 09:16WITA 13:45CST 1929.11miles
JT 919 WADD WARR 19:43WITA 19:32WIB 163.743miles
QG 645 WADD WARR 12:25WITA 12:20WIB 163.743miles
QZ 550 WADD WMKK 07:37WITA 10:24MYT 1062.43miles
NH 4876H RJCK RJCC 18:21?JST 18:50?JST 111.87miles
AK 387A WIII WMKK 20:35WIB 23:10MYT 610.981miles
GA 100 WIII WIPP 06:08WIB 06:55WIB 226.675miles
GA 134 WIII WIJJ 15:35WIB 16:35CXT 6404.85miles
GA 178 WIII WIBB 16:28WIB 17:47CXT 504.486miles
GA 212 WIII WAHH 14:49WIB 15:34CXT 6404.85miles
GA 244 WIII WAHS 17:58WIB 18:45WIB 6404.85miles
GA 326 WIII WARR 19:56WIB 21:02WIB 373.732miles
GA 432 WIII WADL 18:25WIB 21:00WITA 594.866miles
GA 536 WIII WAOO 19:18WIB 21:43WITA 511.783miles
GA 616 WIII WAAA 13:39WIB 16:35WITA 774.324miles
GA 76 WIII WILL 15:55WIB 16:20CXT 6404.85miles
GA 888 WIII RJBB 23:26WIB 08:11JST 2928.54miles
ID 6580 WIII WARR 20:05WIB 21:35WIB 373.732miles
JT 200 WIII WIMM 10:10WIB 12:10ICT 749.844miles
JT 352 WIII WIEE 13:48WIB 15:13WIB 6404.85miles
JT 514 WIII WAHS 17:09WIB 17:51WIB 6404.85miles
JT 590 WIII WARR 22:02WIB 23:06WIB 373.732miles
JT 692 WIII WARR 09:31WIB 10:40WIB 373.732miles
JT 764 WIII WALL 12:43WIB 15:58WITA 679.959miles
JT 866 WIII WAGG 11:45WIB 14:05WITA 6404.85miles
QG 803 WIII WARR 12:46WIB 13:56WIB 373.732miles
QG 860 WIII WALL 11:18WIB 14:03WITA 679.959miles
QG 974 WIII WIEE 17:07WIB 18:37WIB 6404.85miles
SJ 186 WIII WIOO 10:19WIB 12:29WITA 395.32miles
SJ 70 WIII WIKK 06:52WIB 07:37CXT 6404.85miles
VA 1909 WIII YPPH 19:41WIB 00:53AWST 1637.31miles 04.26
CI 5884D WSSS VTBS 06:52SGT 07:45ICT 765.538miles
MU 5094 WSSS ZPPP 03:43SGT 07:22CST 1427.98miles
PN 6356 WSSS ZUCK 01:25SGT 05:59CST 1711.06miles
TZ 298 WSSS VTBD 06:43SGT 08:15ICT 780.713miles
VJ BMM WSSS FLKK 13:26SGT 14:41UTC 6250.48miles
AB 2266 EDDM LEMG 09:51CEST 12:31CEST 1002.36miles
AB 6124 EDDM EDDK 18:58CEST 19:44CEST 235.196miles
AB 6310 EDDM EDDH 22:35CEST 23:26CEST 324.266miles
BA 961 EDDM EGLL 20:02CEST 20:26BST 508.303miles
CL 1630 EDDM EPWR 11:56CEST 12:46CEST 258.228miles
CL 1670 EDDM LRCL 15:30CEST 17:47EEST 491.633miles
CL 2138 EDDM EDDG 19:05CEST 19:55CEST 276.249miles
CL 2218 EDDM LFBO 11:36CEST 13:04CEST 518.613miles
CL 2302 EDDM EHAM 09:29CEST 10:41CEST 358.655miles
CL 2550 EDDM UKLL 09:30CEST 11:46EEST 486.929miles
EK 52 EDDM OMDB 22:51CEST 06:16GST 2467.58miles
EN 1946 EDDM LIMJ 22:30CEST 23:27CEST 266.281miles
EN 8240 EDDM LIPE 12:14CEST 12:59CEST 230.39miles
HV 9215 EDDM LEVC 06:55CEST 09:31CEST 750.228miles
JP 153 EDDM EPLL 09:14CEST 10:16CEST 356.921miles
LH 105 EDDM EDDF 12:09CEST 12:44CEST 161.923miles
LH 1678 EDDM LHBP 15:40CEST 16:33CEST 306.344miles
LH 1810 EDDM LEBL 09:24CEST 11:24CEST 591.396miles
LH 1862 EDDM LIMC 18:37CEST 19:34CEST 205.867miles
LH 2016 EDDM EDDL 16:45CEST 17:37CEST 262.172miles
LH 2080 EDDM EDDH 19:09CEST 20:02CEST 324.266miles
LH 2230 EDDM LFPG 12:37CEST 13:49CEST 368.073miles
LH 2366 EDDM LSZH 08:02CEST 08:38CEST 140.434miles
LH 2502 EDDM EGCC 15:54CEST 16:30BST 610.5miles
LH 424 EDDM KBOS 16:42CEST 18:33EDT 3340.84miles
LH 714 EDDM RJTT 16:40CEST 10:39JST 5059.35miles
LY 352 EDDM LLBG 22:36CEST 02:55IDT 1435.56miles
RO 312 EDDM LROP 22:17CEST 00:45EEST 634.059miles
SU 2327 EDDM UUEE 17:49CEST 21:24MSK 1042.24miles
AB 2266H EGCC LEMG 09:51CEST 12:31CEST 1006.84miles
AB 6124Y EGCC EDDK 18:58CEST 19:44CEST 378.078miles
AB 6310P EGCC EDDH 22:35CEST 23:26CEST 438.305miles
BA 961M EGCC EGLL 20:02CEST 20:26BST 131.428miles
CL 1630D EGCC EPWR 11:56CEST 12:46CEST 716.01miles
CL 1670U EGCC LRCL 15:30CEST 17:47EEST 1069.19miles
CL 2138S EGCC EDDG 19:05CEST 19:55CEST 369.423miles
CL 2218I EGCC LFBO 11:36CEST 13:04CEST 602.022miles
CL 2302Z EGCC EHAM 09:29CEST 10:41CEST 263.223miles
CL 2550X EGCC UKLL 09:30CEST 11:46EEST 996.532miles
EK 52N EGCC OMDB 22:51CEST 06:16GST 3057.05miles
EN 1946E EGCC LIMJ 22:30CEST 23:27CEST 692.412miles
EN 8240C EGCC LIPE 12:14CEST 12:59CEST 751.071miles
HV 9215T EGCC LEVC 06:55CEST 09:31CEST 836.594miles
JP 175J EGCC EPLL 22:21CEST 23:22CEST 795.282miles
LH 1626H EGCC EPKK 22:36CEST 23:34CEST 841.101miles
LH 1752Y EGCC LGAV 15:38CEST 18:36EEST 1425.27miles
LH 1796H EGCC LPFR 22:02CEST 23:38WEST 1010.48miles
LH 1846Y EGCC LIRF 16:37CEST 17:44CEST 906.96miles
LH 1998P EGCC EDDK 22:21CEST 23:04CEST 378.078miles
LH 2068M EGCC EDDH 11:26CEST 12:22CEST 438.305miles
LH 2108D EGCC EDDW 07:48CEST 08:38CEST 398.304miles
LH 2294U EGCC EBBR 22:07CEST 23:01CEST 289.598miles
LH 2478S EGCC EGLL 16:31CEST 16:56BST 131.428miles
LH 2564I EGCC ULLI 12:15CEST 15:34MSK 1131.07miles
LH 520Z EGCC MMMX 23:04CEST 03:54CDT 4714.95miles
LX 1111X EGCC LSZH 21:00CEST 22:00CEST 544.609miles
PC 320N EGCC LTFJ 14:18CEST 17:22EEST 1475.61miles
ST 1748E EGCC BKPR 09:16CEST 11:16CEST 1131.94miles
TU 499C EGCC DTTJ 10:11CEST 11:36CET 1296.55miles
V7 2427T EGCC LFBD 16:09CEST 17:05CEST 516.072miles
YW 662J EGCC EKCH 09:44CEST 10:49CEST 537.466miles
AF 6203 LFMN LFPO 07:08CEST 08:13CEST 365.238miles
AF 7703 LFMN LFPG 13:20CEST 14:31CEST 375.321miles
BA 347 LFMN EGLL 13:29CEST 14:08BST 562.562miles
DY 3643A LFMN EKCH 23:13CEST 01:05CEST 748.776miles
KL 1268 LFMN EHAM 17:15CEST 18:49CEST 529.216miles
SK 796 LFMN EKCH 23:37CEST 01:33CEST 748.776miles
TU 251 LFMN DTMB 16:43CEST 17:13CET 502.14miles
U2 2126B LFMN EGGW 00:58CEST 01:37BST 580.489miles
U2 8360A LFMN EGKK 22:14CEST 22:53BST 541.107miles
AA 1210 KDFW KMSP 10:29CDT 12:21CDT 741.963miles
AA 140 KDFW KSJC 19:36CDT 20:47PDT 1248.81miles
AA 1534 KDFW KMKE 13:06CDT 15:00CDT 742.502miles
AA 1982 KDFW KCLT 05:15CDT 08:22EDT 812.576miles
AA 2212 KDFW KSTL 15:44CDT 17:05CDT 478.602miles
AA 2271 KDFW KPBI 13:56CDT 17:24EDT 957.94miles
AA 232 KDFW KATL 15:55CDT 18:36EDT 634.929miles
AA 2348 KDFW KLAS 12:26CDT 12:45PDT 916.269miles
AA 2385 KDFW KSAT 19:46CDT 20:35CDT 215.123miles
AA 2417 KDFW MMMX 19:45CDT 21:42CDT 816.429miles
AA 2474 KDFW KDTW 08:29CDT 11:44EDT 857.558miles
AA 2511 KDFW KABQ 14:04CDT 14:18MDT 493.972miles
AA 2583 KDFW KDTW 20:33CDT 23:50EDT 857.558miles
AA 335 KDFW KORD 13:15CDT 14:58CDT 697.402miles
AA 389 KDFW MMMX 09:18CDT 11:19CDT 816.429miles
AA 51 KDFW KSTL 18:06CDT 19:31CDT 478.602miles
AA 675 KDFW KPDX 22:10CDT 23:38PDT 1403.87miles
AA 889 KDFW KPHX 23:26CDT 23:16MST 753.471miles
4O 3971 KDFW MMMX 15:39CDT 17:51CDT 816.429miles
AA 1160W KLAX KRDU 07:10CDT 10:31EDT 1943.13miles
AA 1210W KLAX KMSP 10:29CDT 12:21CDT 1333.8miles
AA 1251W KLAX KSDF 10:38CDT 13:18EDT 1599.48miles
AA 1302W KLAX KFLL 07:13CDT 10:44EDT 2034.3miles
AA 140W KLAX KSJC 19:36CDT 20:47PDT 267.984miles
AA 1534W KLAX KMKE 13:06CDT 15:00CDT 1524.77miles
AA 1620W KLAX KDEN 09:03CDT 09:37MDT 748.825miles
AA 1982W KLAX KCLT 05:15CDT 08:22EDT 1844.75miles
AA 2212W KLAX KSTL 15:44CDT 17:05CDT 1382.15miles
AA 2271W KLAX KPBI 13:56CDT 17:24EDT 2023.22miles
AA 232W KLAX KATL 15:55CDT 18:36EDT 1689.71miles
AA 2348W KLAX KLAS 12:26CDT 12:45PDT 205.55miles
AA 2385W KLAX KSAT 19:46CDT 20:35CDT 1051.24miles
AA 2417W KLAX MMMX 19:45CDT 21:42CDT 1351.42miles
AA 2474W KLAX KDTW 08:29CDT 11:44EDT 1718miles
AA 2511W KLAX KABQ 14:04CDT 14:18MDT 587.959miles
AA 2583W KLAX KDTW 20:33CDT 23:50EDT 1718miles
AA 335W KLAX KORD 13:15CDT 14:58CDT 1514.64miles
AA 389W KLAX MMMX 09:18CDT 11:19CDT 1351.42miles
AA 51W KLAX KSTL 18:06CDT 19:31CDT 1382.15miles
AA 675W KLAX KPDX 22:10CDT 23:38PDT 726.063miles
AA 889W KLAX KPHX 23:26CDT 23:16MST 321.335miles
AA 937W KLAX KDFW 10:44CDT 11:20PDT 1072.08miles
4O 3971W KLAX MMMX 15:39CDT 17:51CDT 1351.42miles
YV 5647 KDFW KBHM 13:36CDT 14:56CDT 518.426miles
YV 5684 KDFW KABQ 11:19CDT 11:35MDT 493.972miles
YV 5730 KDFW KLEX 13:11CDT 15:57EDT 681.714miles
YV 5770 KDFW MMGL 09:32CDT 11:29CDT 816.05miles
YV 5785 KDFW KPNS 22:47CDT 00:10CDT 524.275miles
YV 5879 KDFW KOMA 07:26CDT 08:46CDT 508.242miles
EV 2762 KDFW KSAF 15:39CDT 15:56MDT 478.229miles
EV 2810 KDFW KSHV 13:19CDT 13:56CDT 164.769miles
EV 2841 KDFW KBTR 15:41CDT 16:55CDT 332.847miles
EV 2876 KDFW KBPT 12:57CDT 13:47CDT 235.15miles
EV 2899 KDFW KLAW 09:31CDT 10:04CDT 121.8miles
4B 456 KDFW KCVN 05:40CDT 06:02MDT 315.82miles
DL 1358 KDFW KDTW 09:53CDT 12:59EDT 857.558miles
LH 439 KDFW EDDF 16:21CDT 08:24CEST 4463.39miles
MQ 3223 KDFW KTUL 08:53CDT 09:33CDT 206.451miles
MQ 3285 KDFW KBMI 12:49CDT 14:24CDT 600.152miles
MQ 3339 KDFW KVPS 21:36CDT 23:01CDT 556.62miles
MQ 3403 KDFW KXNA 13:02CDT 13:53CDT 244.236miles
MQ 3586 KDFW KLBB 09:10CDT 09:58CDT 244.799miles
MQ 3654 KDFW KMGM 10:35CDT 12:02CDT 539.957miles
MQ 3735 KDFW KGRK 10:43CDT 11:08CDT 117.131miles
FY 472 KDFW KMEM 06:51CDT 07:52CDT 374.773miles
YV 5647W KLAX KBHM 13:36CDT 14:56CDT 1575.85miles
YV 5684W KLAX KABQ 11:19CDT 11:35MDT 587.959miles
YV 5730W KLAX KLEX 13:11CDT 15:57EDT 1653.12miles
YV 5770W KLAX MMGL 09:32CDT 11:29CDT 1138.26miles
YV 5785W KLAX KPNS 22:47CDT 00:10CDT 1595.37miles
YV 5879W KLAX KOMA 07:26CDT 08:46CDT 1155.34miles
EV 2762W KLAX KSAF 15:39CDT 15:56MDT 616.088miles
EV 2810W KLAX KSHV 13:19CDT 13:56CDT 1236.84miles
EV 2841W KLAX KBTR 15:41CDT 16:55CDT 1396.8miles
EV 2876W KLAX KBPT 12:57CDT 13:47CDT 1263.67miles
EV 2899W KLAX KLAW 09:31CDT 10:04CDT 992.349miles
4B 456W KLAX KCVN 05:40CDT 06:02MDT 762.093miles
DL 1358W KLAX KDTW 09:53CDT 12:59EDT 1718miles
LH 439W KLAX EDDF 16:21CDT 08:24CEST 5038.79miles
MQ 3223W KLAX KTUL 08:53CDT 09:33CDT 1113.66miles
G7 857 KDFW KEGE 11:16CDT 13:06MDT 626.71miles
NK 202 KDFW KBWI 13:41CDT 17:09EDT 1056.67miles
NK 822 KDFW KMYR 07:52CDT 11:00EDT 909.979miles
YX 3330 KDFW KEWR 15:06CDT 19:12EDT 1191.83miles
OO 6014 KDFW KSFO 17:58CDT 19:10PDT 1271.57miles
UA 1139 KDFW KIAH 13:55CDT 14:41CDT 195.27miles
5X 2292 KDFW KMCO 12:41CDT 15:56EDT 855.393miles
AA 1160K KJFK KRDU 07:10CDT 10:31EDT 371.103miles
AA 1210K KJFK KMSP 10:29CDT 12:21CDT 892.624miles
AA 1251K KJFK KSDF 10:38CDT 13:18EDT 574.241miles
AA 1302K KJFK KFLL 07:13CDT 10:44EDT 931.548miles
AA 140K KJFK KSJC 19:36CDT 20:47PDT 2229.71miles
AA 1534K KJFK KMKE 13:06CDT 15:00CDT 646.856miles
AA 1620K KJFK KDEN 09:03CDT 09:37MDT 1410.76miles
AA 1982K KJFK KCLT 05:15CDT 08:22EDT 470.582miles
AA 2212K KJFK KSTL 15:44CDT 17:05CDT 774.54miles
AA 2271K KJFK KPBI 13:56CDT 17:24EDT 895.791miles
AA 232K KJFK KATL 15:55CDT 18:36EDT 660.447miles
AA 2348K KJFK KLAS 12:26CDT 12:45PDT 1951.06miles
AA 2385K KJFK KSAT 19:46CDT 20:35CDT 1378.9miles
AA 2417K KJFK MMMX 19:45CDT 21:42CDT 1819.18miles
AA 2474K KJFK KDTW 08:29CDT 11:44EDT 441.498miles
AA 2511K KJFK KABQ 14:04CDT 14:18MDT 1584.64miles
AA 2583K KJFK KDTW 20:33CDT 23:50EDT 441.498miles
AA 296K KJFK KMCO 06:48CDT 10:02EDT 822.409miles
AA 357K KJFK KSAT 15:34CDT 16:45CDT 1378.9miles
AA 438K KJFK KSEA 23:13CDT 00:39PDT 2100.97miles
AA 591K KJFK KPHL 19:40CDT 23:31EDT 81.4268miles
AA 74K KJFK KMEM 17:56CDT 19:04CDT 837.599miles
AA 963K KJFK SBGR 22:06CDT 09:30BRT 4142.85miles
YV 5622K KJFK KOKC 19:04CDT 19:41CDT 1167.26miles
YV 5659K KJFK KHSV 10:44CDT 12:10CDT 715.025miles
YV 5704K KJFK KCRP 22:44CDT 23:35CDT 1403.1miles
YV 5750K KJFK MMMY 12:27CDT 13:39CDT 1587.18miles
YV 5801K KJFK KDRO 09:11CDT 09:41MDT 1593.17miles
YV 5836K KJFK KGSP 15:45CDT 18:34EDT 528.727miles
YV 6128K KJFK KIAH 09:29CDT 10:09CDT 1230.95miles
EV 2794K KJFK KBPT 21:03CDT 21:55CDT 1178.27miles
EV 2830K KJFK KSJT 09:25CDT 10:03CDT 1406.78miles
EV 2857K KJFK KSHV 09:20CDT 09:54CDT 1082.62miles
EV 2886K KJFK KLRD 12:41CDT 13:49CDT 1492.77miles
EV 2915K KJFK KSJT 22:52CDT 23:28CDT 1406.78miles
CP 5711K KJFK KSLC 08:51CDT 10:06MDT 1726.35miles
DL 1890K KJFK KATL 07:53CDT 10:39EDT 660.447miles
MQ 3162K KJFK KGRK 17:47CDT 18:15CDT 1299.51miles
MQ 3306K KJFK KBIS 21:58CDT 00:19CDT 1221.4miles
MQ 3383K KJFK KLIT 16:39CDT 17:31CDT 944.293miles
MQ 3459K KJFK KVPS 11:15CDT 12:44CDT 870.659miles
MQ 3528K KJFK KCVG 10:30CDT 13:24EDT 511.196miles
MQ 3641K KJFK KSGF 16:35CDT 17:48CDT 937.068miles
MQ 3691K KJFK MMAS 11:34CDT 13:23CDT 1842.79miles
MQ 3749K KJFK KOKC 11:41CDT 12:18CDT 1167.26miles
9E 3803K KJFK KCVG 07:50CDT 10:43EDT 511.196miles
MRA 666K KJFK KABI 06:10CDT 07:05CDT 1339.17miles
NK 330K KJFK KCLE 21:07CDT 00:17EDT 368.784miles
QF 8K KJFK YSSY 22:54CDT 06:11AEST 8656.26miles
OO 1389K KJFK KIAH 13:08CDT 13:52CDT 1230.95miles
TA 441K KJFK MSLP 16:31CDT 18:39CST 1821.61miles
UA 729K KJFK KORD 07:05CDT 08:53CDT 642.208miles
5X 781K KJFK KSDF 22:23CDT 01:04EDT 574.241miles
YV 5636 KELP KPHX 15:43MDT 15:38MST 301.326miles
DL 851 KELP KATL 06:08MDT 10:58EDT 1113.56miles
WN 2163 KELP KSAT 18:03MDT 20:09CDT 431.115miles
MH 743 VYYY WMKK 08:40CEST 09:32CEST 912.099miles
6E 119 VOMM VOBL 14:06IST 14:37IST 145.371miles
IR 419 OIII OIAW 21:05IRDT 22:00IRDT 291.123miles
JM 1045 VHHH KDFW 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 7055.87miles 00.00.00
JM 2474 VHHH KDTW 08:29CDT 11:44EDT 6824.27miles
JM 2583 VHHH KDTW 20:33CDT 23:50EDT 6824.27miles
JM 2474K VHHH KDTW 08:29CDT 11:44EDT 6824.27miles
JM 2583K VHHH KDTW 20:33CDT 23:50EDT 6824.27miles
JM 2474W VHHH KDTW 08:29CDT 11:44EDT 6824.27miles
JM 2583W VHHH KDTW 20:33CDT 23:50EDT 6824.27miles
JM 1302 VHHH KFLL 07:13CDT 10:44EDT 7798.12miles
JM 1302K VHHH KFLL 07:13CDT 10:44EDT 7798.12miles
JM 1302W VHHH KFLL 07:13CDT 10:44EDT 7798.12miles
JM 1638 VHHH KJFK 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 7011.33miles 00.00.00
JM 3101 VHHH KJFK 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 7011.33miles 00.00.00
JM 954 VHHH KJFK 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 7011.33miles 00.00.00
JM 2348 VHHH KLAS 12:26CDT 12:45PDT 6337.8miles
JM 2348K VHHH KLAS 12:26CDT 12:45PDT 6337.8miles
JM 2348W VHHH KLAS 12:26CDT 12:45PDT 6337.8miles
JM 1176 VHHH KLGA 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 7002.56miles 00.00.00
JM 296K VHHH KMCO 06:48CDT 10:02EDT 7644.47miles
JM 567 VHHH KMCO 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 7644.47miles 00.00.00
JM 74K VHHH KMEM 17:56CDT 19:04CDT 7112.67miles
JM 701 VHHH KMIA 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 7811.87miles 00.00.00
JM 1534 VHHH KMKE 13:06CDT 15:00CDT 6715.28miles
JM 1210 VHHH KMSP 10:29CDT 12:21CDT 6515.14miles
JM 2271 VHHH KPBI 13:56CDT 17:24EDT 7763.89miles
JM 2271K VHHH KPBI 13:56CDT 17:24EDT 7763.89miles
JM 2271W VHHH KPBI 13:56CDT 17:24EDT 7763.89miles
JM 878A VHHH KPHL 14:40AST 19:00EDT 7046.74miles 00.00.00
JM 1875 VHHH KPHX 06:00CDT 08:24EDT 6560.07miles 00.00.00
JM 1160 VHHH KRDU 07:10CDT 10:31EDT 7248.08miles
JM 1160K VHHH KRDU 07:10CDT 10:31EDT 7248.08miles
JM 1160W VHHH KRDU 07:10CDT 10:31EDT 7248.08miles
JM 1251 VHHH KSDF 10:38CDT 13:18EDT 7018.43miles
JM 1251K VHHH KSDF 10:38CDT 13:18EDT 7018.43miles
JM 1251W VHHH KSDF 10:38CDT 13:18EDT 7018.43miles
JM 1333 VHHH KSNA 22:58CDT 00:58EDT 6336.18miles 00.00.00
JM 62 VHHH LFPG 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 5184.33miles 00.00.00
JM 758 VHHH LGAV 22:54CDT 23:41CDT 4597.34miles 00.00.00
JM 963K VHHH SBGR 22:06CDT 09:30BRT 9732.14miles
WN 1119 KDAL KBNA 19:00CDT 20:19CDT 540.825miles
WN 1200 KDAL KBOS 09:44CDT 13:52EDT 1350.08miles
WN 1431 KDAL KELP 12:09CDT 12:22MDT 487.919miles
WN 1709 KDAL KLAS 06:35CDT 06:49PDT 926.132miles
WN 2006 KDAL KMDW 20:11CDT 21:57CDT 690.434miles
WN 28 KDAL KLAS 14:41CDT 15:05PDT 926.132miles
WN 3220 KDAL KLGA 06:43CDT 10:32EDT 1199.52miles
WN 3612 KDAL KMCI 12:08CDT 13:18CDT 401.359miles
WN 466 KDAL KAUS 16:28CDT 17:01CDT 164.858miles
WN 563 KDAL KDCA 15:11CDT 18:46EDT 1028.01miles
WN 818 KDAL KATL 23:11CDT 01:47EDT 626.009miles
VX 768 KDAL KLGA 17:06CDT 21:20EDT 1199.52miles
FE 640 RCTP KHKS 18:33CST 19:54CDT 6925.62miles
FE N251HR RCTP KSAT 11:45CST 12:29CDT 6816.92miles
FE N94JW RCTP KHOU 14:09CST 14:53CDT 6913.83miles
FE 1119 RCTP KBNA 19:00CST 20:19CDT 6814.09miles
FE 1431 RCTP KELP 12:09CST 12:22MDT 6442.68miles
FE 1709 RCTP KLAS 06:35CST 06:49PDT 5947.54miles
FE 2006 RCTP KMDW 20:11CST 21:57CDT 6489.01miles
FE 28 RCKH YSSY 14:56CST 17:20AEST 3827.31miles
FE 3220 RCTP KLGA 06:43CST 10:32EDT 6771.94miles
FE 3612 RCTP KMCI 12:08CST 13:18CDT 6455.27miles
FE 40 RCTP OBBI 19:29CST 23:14AST 3773.67miles
FE 466 RCTP KAUS 16:28CST 17:01CDT 6811.98miles
FE 563 RCTP KDCA 15:11CST 18:46EDT 6841.51miles
FE 818 RCTP KATL 23:11CST 01:47EDT 6997.34miles
FE 717 RCTP LIRF 06:05CST 06:34CEST 5193.13miles
FE 768 RCTP KLGA 17:06CST 21:20EDT 6771.94miles
DA 640 KHKS RCTP 19:54CDT 18:33CST 6925.62miles
DA N251HR KSAT RCTP 12:29CDT 11:45CST 6816.92miles
DA N94JW KHOU RCTP 14:53CDT 14:09CST 6913.83miles
DA 1119 KBNA RCTP 20:19CDT 19:00CST 6814.09miles
DA 1200 KBOS RCTP 13:52EDT 09:44CST 6708.95miles
DA 1431 KELP RCTP 12:22MDT 12:09CST 6442.68miles
DA 1709 KLAS RCTP 06:49PDT 06:35CST 5947.54miles
DA 2006 KMDW RCTP 21:57CDT 20:11CST 6489.01miles
DA 28 KLAS RCTP 15:05PDT 14:41CST 5947.54miles
DA 3220 KLGA RCTP 10:32EDT 06:43CST 6771.94miles
DA 3612 KMCI RCTP 13:18CDT 12:08CST 6455.27miles
DA 466 KAUS RCTP 17:01CDT 16:28CST 6811.98miles
DA 563 KDCA RCTP 18:46EDT 15:11CST 6841.51miles
DA 818 KATL RCTP 01:47EDT 23:11CST 6997.34miles
DA 768 KLGA RCTP 21:20EDT 17:06CST 6771.94miles
A3 200 LGAV LGRP 05:05EEST 05:55EEST 218.648miles
A3 352 LGAV LGSR 07:27EEST 07:59EEST 118.07miles
A3 608 LGAV EGLL 20:05EEST 21:50BST 1311.55miles
A3 840 LGAV EDDL 13:39EEST 15:20CEST 1082.84miles
A3 974 LGAV ULLI 23:28EEST 03:05MSK 1336.3miles
AZ 717 LGAV LIRF 06:05EEST 06:34CEST 586.886miles
LH 1751 LGAV EDDM 13:24EEST 14:26CEST 820.707miles
GF 40 LGAV OBBI 19:29EEST 23:14AST 1521.44miles
OA 850 LGAV LYBE 08:33EEST 09:12CEST 444.848miles
FR 1016 LGAV EGSS 13:29EEST 14:43BST 1301.63miles
FR 1299 LGAV LIRA 20:22EEST 21:10CEST 572.177miles
LX 1845 LGAV LSZH 05:01EEST 06:24CEST 885.811miles
FE 200 RCTP LGRP 05:05CST 05:55EEST 4675.62miles
FE 352 RCTP LGSR 07:27CST 07:59EEST 4791.87miles
FE 608 RCTP EGLL 20:05CST 21:50BST 5288.37miles
FE 840 RCTP EDDL 13:39CST 15:20CEST 5078.38miles
FE 974 RCTP ULLI 23:28CST 03:05MSK 4146.49miles
FE 1751 RCTP EDDM 13:24CST 14:26CEST 5008.46miles
FE 850 RCTP LYBE 08:33CST 09:12CEST 4796.84miles
FE 1299 RCTP LIRA 20:22CST 21:10CEST 5179.72miles
FE 1845 RCTP LSZH 05:01CST 06:24CEST 5147.03miles
DK 200 LGRP RCTP 05:55EEST 05:05CST 4675.62miles
DK 352 LGSR RCTP 07:59EEST 07:27CST 4791.87miles
DK 608 EGLL RCTP 21:50BST 20:05CST 5288.37miles
DK 840 EDDL RCTP 15:20CEST 13:39CST 5078.38miles
DK 974 ULLI RCTP 03:05MSK 23:28CST 4146.49miles
DK 717 LIRF RCTP 06:34CEST 06:05CST 5193.13miles
DK 1751 EDDM RCTP 14:26CEST 13:24CST 5008.46miles
DK 40 OBBI RCTP 23:14AST 19:29CST 3773.67miles
DK 850 LYBE RCTP 09:12CEST 08:33CST 4796.84miles
DK 1016 EGSS RCTP 14:43BST 13:29CST 5252.69miles
DK 1299 LIRA RCTP 21:10CEST 20:22CST 5179.72miles
DK 1845 LSZH RCTP 06:24CEST 05:01CST 5147.03miles
AM 685 SEQM MMMX 08:37ECT 12:40CDT 7915.07miles
5Y 9912 SEQM MROC 12:02ECT 13:10CST 8946.71miles
XL 1513 SEQM SEGU 15:30ECT 16:10ECT 9474.15miles
EQ 173 SEQM SECU 07:13ECT 07:49ECT 9536.31miles
CM 495 SCEL MPTO 01:26CLT 06:02EST 2599.34miles
LA 138 SCEL SCFA 18:01CLT 19:35CLT 598.239miles
LA 642 SCEL SPJC 14:32CLT 15:59PET 1330.8miles
LA 932 SCEL SAME 16:19CLT 16:57ART 105.84miles
H2 23 SCEL SCTE 19:55CLT 21:21CLT 495.974miles
JJ 8003 SCEL SBGR 14:23CLT 17:48BRT 1413.05miles
ZV 28 RCTP YSSY 14:56CST 17:20AEST 3937.93miles
ZV 276 RCTP MPTO 02:14CST 06:50EST 8437.85miles
ZV 501 RCTP SAEZ 07:13CST 08:45ART 10233.7miles
ZV 800 RCTP SPJC 15:10CST 16:33PET 9514.81miles
ZV 1281 RCTP SABE 10:46CST 12:23ART 10249.3miles
ZV 8003 RCTP SBGR 14:23CST 17:48BRT 10138.8miles
FE 276 RCKH MPTO 02:14CST 06:50EST 8590.54miles
FE 501 RCKH SAEZ 07:13CST 08:45ART 10080.9miles
FE 800 RCKH SPJC 15:10CST 16:33PET 9635.36miles
FE 1281 RCKH SABE 10:46CST 12:23ART 10096.1miles
FE 8003 RCKH SBGR 14:23CST 17:48BRT 10088.5miles
WY 4196 ENBR ENVA 22:39CEST 23:26CEST 249.443miles
DY 122 ENBR ENZV 07:01CEST 07:19CEST 86.1063miles
DY 960 ENBR EKCH 06:31CEST 07:40CEST 367.203miles
SK 268 ENBR ENGM 14:17CEST 14:51CEST 175.522miles
SK 4891 ENBR EKCH 21:35CEST 22:31CEST 367.203miles
WY 4196B BIKF ENVA 22:39GMT 23:26CEST 882.849miles
DY 122B BIKF ENZV 07:01GMT 07:19CEST 859.792miles
DY 960B BIKF EKCH 06:31GMT 07:40CEST 1159.35miles
SK 4891B BIKF EKCH 21:35GMT 22:31CEST 1159.35miles
AF 1051 EKCH LFPG 20:27CEST 21:50CEST 542.637miles
BA 815 EKCH EGLL 14:00CEST 14:45BST 529.16miles
CL 2441 EKCH EDDM 08:36CEST 09:50CEST 437.833miles
U2 5366 EKCH EGKK 10:44CEST 11:39BST 531.857miles
FI 213 EKCH BIKF 00:48CEST 01:47GMT 1159.35miles
J4 1669 EKCH EDDV 21:20CEST 22:11CEST 216.684miles
KL 1132 EKCH EHAM 16:46CEST 17:46CEST 342.041miles
DY 3160 EKCH EFHK 20:48CEST 23:05EEST 482.232miles
PC 927 EKCH KBOS 13:09CEST 15:39EDT 3183.96miles
FR 606 EKCH LEMD 21:29CEST 00:21CEST 1112.54miles
SK 1422 EKCH ESSA 13:22CEST 14:16CEST 295.64miles
SK 1708 EKCH EFHK 08:23CEST 10:38EEST 482.232miles
SK 2862 EKCH ENBR 08:11CEST 09:12CEST 367.203miles
SK 501 EKCH EGLL 08:04CEST 08:37BST 529.16miles
SK 695 EKCH LOWW 12:32CEST 13:45CEST 473.591miles
SQ 351 EKCH WSSS 12:46CEST 06:43SGT 5387.53miles
DK 487 EKCH LGKO 07:19CEST 11:39EEST 1275.25miles
MN 622 FALE FAOR 16:33SAST 17:38SAST 258.886miles
SA 546 FALE FAOR 10:29SAST 11:13SAST 258.886miles
AA 1494 KPDX KPHX 15:19PDT 17:33MST 878.459miles
AS 386 KPDX KSFO 18:01PDT 19:21PDT 479.003miles
AS 582 KPDX KSAN 06:49PDT 08:52PDT 812.256miles
DL 1156 KPDX KATL 06:16PDT 13:21EDT 1885.99miles
DL 706 KPDX KSLC 13:32PDT 15:53MDT 546.915miles
KS 181 KPDX KACV 09:24PDT 10:50PDT 284.895miles
OO 3476 KPDX KSTL 09:37PDT 15:01CDT 1482.29miles
QK 8318 KPDX CYYC 19:27PDT 22:17MDT 476.598miles
QX 2112 KPDX KSEA 21:14PDT 21:47PDT 112.527miles
QX 2354 KPDX KGEG 14:05PDT 14:58PDT 242.082miles
QX 2541 KPDX KSMF 14:09PDT 15:29PDT 416.754miles
UA 679 KPDX KORD 10:49PDT 15:59CDT 1509.05miles
WN 1601 KPDX KLAS 14:00PDT 15:44PDT 663.376miles
WN 2450 KPDX KSJC 10:31PDT 11:55PDT 495.364miles
DL 2090J KFYJ KMSP 09:09EDT 13:49CDT 863.434miles
DL 9815J KFYJ KSLC 10:35EDT 12:55MDT 1641.9miles
UA 789J KFYJ KDEN 05:19EDT 08:17MDT 1311.51miles
WN 2123J KFYJ KMCI 07:40EDT 12:28CDT 850.694miles
WN 353J KFYJ KSAN 06:22EDT 08:24PDT 1992.68miles
DL 2090G KPVG KMSP 09:09EDT 13:49CDT 902.296miles
DL 9815G KPVG KSLC 10:35EDT 12:55MDT 1670.47miles
UA 789G KPVG KDEN 05:19EDT 08:17MDT 1338.15miles
WN 2123G KPVG KMCI 07:40EDT 12:28CDT 876.245miles
WN 353G KPVG KSAN 06:22EDT 08:24PDT 2011.43miles
DL 2090F KORF KMSP 09:09EDT 13:49CDT 907.55miles
DL 9815F KORF KSLC 10:35EDT 12:55MDT 1679.45miles
UA 789F KORF KDEN 05:19EDT 08:17MDT 1347.62miles
WN 2123F KORF KMCI 07:40EDT 12:28CDT 885.926miles
WN 353F KORF KSAN 06:22EDT 08:24PDT 2022.65miles
TV 9832 ZUUU ZUNZ 07:38CST 09:15CST 506.333miles
NZ 644 NZQN NZAA 14:42NZDT 16:14NZDT 553.997miles
NZ 627 NZCH NZQN 15:43NZDT 16:28NZDT 187.431miles
NZ 474 NZWN NZAA 19:09NZDT 19:55NZDT 4708.58miles
JQ 250 NZWN NZAA 06:59NZDT 07:48NZDT 4708.58miles
NM 5087 NZWN NZCH 15:49NZDT 16:34NZDT 5099.64miles
NM 5717 NZWN NZCH 12:43NZDT 13:37NZDT 5099.64miles
IL 8105 NZWN NZNS 08:09NZDT 08:39NZDT 4967.21miles
IL 8441 NZWN NZNS 15:08NZDT 15:36NZDT 4967.21miles
IL 8739 NZWN NZWB 19:38NZDT 19:56NZDT 4979.94miles
S8 806 NZWN NZAP 17:54NZDT 19:00NZDT 4813.17miles
SC 4636 ZJSY ZHCC 14:21CST 17:02CST 1003.1miles
ZV 1088 RJTT RJBB 16:20 19:30 233.227miles 01.00
CA 1354 ZJSY ZBAA 12:22CST 15:34CST 1360.96miles
KN 5886 ZJSY ZBNY 19:13CST 22:50CST 1340.93miles
CZ 6745 ZJSY ZGGG 22:11CST 23:25CST 376.173miles
JD 5175 ZJSY ZLXY 07:05CST 09:42CST 970.378miles
HO 1222 ZJSY ZSPD 23:50CST 02:12CST 1024.8miles
CA 4388 ZJSY ZUCK 19:52CST 21:48CST 702.738miles
JD 5177 ZJSY ZUUU 18:31CST 20:55CST 795.129miles
CL 2323 ELLX EDDM 20:20CEST 21:10CEST 232.324miles
LG 3837 ELLX LEMD 17:15CEST 19:35CEST 687.057miles
LG 665 ELLX LEMG 06:00CEST 08:35CEST 907.156miles
LO 254 ELLX EPWA 19:50CEST 21:35CEST 578.709miles
WF 173 ENGM ENOV 20:20CEST 21:10CEST 188.199miles
NH 858 VVNB RJTT 15:21+07 21:57JST 1978.98miles
VN 1543 VVNB VVPB 09:03+07 09:56+07 309.039miles
VN 163 VVNB VVDN 10:23+07 11:28+07 339.035miles
VN 247 VVNB VVTS 15:16+07 17:11+07 627.074miles
VN 414 VVNB RKSI 10:37+07 16:17KST 1450.49miles
VN 663 VVNB WSSS 07:44+07 11:34+08 1198.11miles
VN 0835 VVNB VDSR 18:25+07 19:48+07 483.001miles 01.30
BL 559 VVNB VVDN 15:34+07 16:54+07 339.035miles
VJ 127 VVNB VVTS 07:45+07 09:48+07 627.074miles
VJ 453 VVNB VVPQ 09:10+07 11:20+07 672.311miles
VJ 523 VVNB VVDN 17:41+07 18:42+07 339.035miles
AD 43236 SBDN SBKP 19:45?-03 20:52?-03 243.27miles
G3 13331 SBDN SBSP 05:33?-03 06:22?-03 278.027miles
BR PP-JRR SBDN SBRP 15:44?-03 17:01?-03 213.132miles
A5 1129 EHAM LFRN 12:24CEST 13:33CEST 356.962miles
AF 1807 EHAM LFML 09:55CEST 11:25CEST 533.75miles
BA 2763 EHAM EGKK 19:47CEST 19:34BST 197.333miles
BE 1276 EHAM EGCC 14:24CEST 14:28BST 263.223miles
BR N903FD EHAM LFPG 22:51CEST 23:40CEST 215.665miles
BR PH-HZW EHAM LIRP 14:14CEST 15:51CEST 565.305miles
CV 761 EHAM ELLX 13:00CEST 13:42CEST 170.313miles
DL 163 EHAM KMSP 13:23CEST 14:52CDT 3613.66miles
EI 603 EHAM EIDW 09:45CEST 10:17IST 404.944miles
HV 465R EHAM LIPX 20:01CEST 21:18CEST 480.583miles
HV 955M EHAM LPPT 17:02CEST 18:40WEST 998.51miles
KL 1053 EHAM EGGD 16:55CEST 16:45BST 283.426miles
KL 1125 EHAM EKCH 07:52CEST 08:51CEST 342.041miles
KL 1163 EHAM ESGG 21:40CEST 22:44CEST 412.552miles
KL 1223 EHAM LFPG 06:49CEST 07:34CEST 215.665miles
KL 1293 EHAM EGPH 21:32CEST 21:38BST 360.258miles
KL 1345 EHAM EKBI 11:54CEST 12:41CEST 257.684miles
KL 1421 EHAM EGBB 08:28CEST 08:20BST 239.152miles
KL 1497 EHAM EGNJ 16:47CEST 16:32BST 200.325miles
KL 1575 EHAM LGAV 13:10CEST 16:52EEST 1179.32miles
KL 1655 EHAM LIPZ 14:29CEST 16:00CEST 506.444miles
KL 1703 EHAM LEMD 14:06CEST 16:01CEST 788.626miles
KL 1761 EHAM EDDW 20:40CEST 21:12CEST 152.969miles
KL 1801 EHAM EDDM 21:28CEST 22:30CEST 358.655miles
KL 1883 EHAM EDDN 08:40CEST 09:32CEST 292.348miles
KL 1945 EHAM LDSP 10:40CEST 12:26CEST 700.911miles
KL 1997 EHAM EPKK 21:16CEST 22:41CEST 580.2miles
KL 661 EHAM KIAH 10:22CEST 13:10CDT 4350.81miles
KL 751 EHAM SEQM 10:32CEST 14:39-05 6043.2miles
KL 903 EHAM UUEE 12:29CEST 16:03MSK 1158.96miles
KL 995 EHAM EGLC 20:18CEST 20:01BST 181.308miles
LS 206 EHAM EGNM 19:55CEST 19:44BST 250.089miles
OK 619 EHAM LKPR 20:13CEST 21:17CEST 380.979miles
OU 455 EHAM LDPL 20:08CEST 21:34CEST 574.532miles
SK 1556 EHAM ESSA 19:34CEST 21:06CEST 622.67miles
TK 1958 EHAM LTBA 15:05CEST 18:53+03 1194.6miles
U2 2730A EHAM LIMC 21:15CEST 22:25CEST 430.677miles
U2 7002 EHAM EGGP 09:04CEST 09:18BST 283.308miles
U2 7997 EHAM LDSP 08:37CEST 10:57CEST 700.911miles
VY 8305A EHAM LEBL 22:17CEST 00:13CEST 671.065miles
XC 20 EHAM LTAI 12:57CEST 17:25+03 1435.01miles
GC 1634 KDAL KOQU 15:03CDT 19:18EDT 1319.98miles
GC 1773 KELP KODO 12:54MDT 15:07CDT 204.052miles
GC 1840 KDAL KHKS 18:33CDT 19:54CDT 337.098miles
GC 1969 ZUUU ZLXY 00:00 01:00 336.816miles 1.11
GC 2007 ZBAA RJFK 14:30 16:40 846.405miles 2.46
GC 2192 VNLK RPMO 22:50NPT 00:35NPT 2409.5miles 00.00.00
GC 2193 VNLK RPMP 14:00NPT 16:00NPT 2402.5miles 00.00.00
GC 2219 RJAN RJOM 16:15JST 17:05JST 328.313miles
GC 2220 RJOM RJAN 16:15JST 17:05JST 328.313miles
GC 2243 KPDX KSLE 18:05PDT 18:54PDT 44.2765miles
GC 2257 KDAL KSAT 11:45CDT 12:29CDT 215.83miles
GC 2323 KDAL KHOU 14:09CDT 14:53CDT 208.724miles
UB 101 VYYY VYEL 14:06CEST 16:01CEST 163.311miles
UB 8027 VYYY VHHH 10:40CEST 12:26CEST 1057.12miles
AI 43 VOMM VIDP 22:32IST 01:19IST 951.132miles
AI 905 VOMM OMDB 19:14IST 21:18+04 1585.93miles
AK 12 VOMM WMKK 00:21IST 06:38+08 1419.91miles
6E 548M VOMM VIJP 10:35IST 12:47IST 866.924miles
9W 2319M VOMM VOBL 07:44IST 08:27IST 145.371miles
9W 2748M VOMM VOTR 10:08IST 11:00IST 159.484miles
9W 736 VOMM VIDP 10:54IST 13:00IST 951.132miles
SG 3301 VOMM VOBL 06:19IST 06:53IST 145.371miles
SG 981 VOMM VAPO 01:33IST 02:52IST 493.766miles
DL 1060 KFLL KDTW 17:42EDT 20:03EDT 982.902miles 2.21
DL 1827 KFLL KATL 15:58EDT 17:18EDT 506.409miles 1.20
DL 1420 KFLL KATL 14:23EDT 16:10EDT 506.409miles 1.47
OO 5449 KSFO KBOI 09:11PDT 11:19MDT 454.203miles 2.08

Aircraft Rentability