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MD-108 - McDonnell Douglas MD-11(MD11) Taiwan Airways Virtual Airline.

Aircraft Information for MD-108

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: McDonnell Douglas MD-11(MD11) Range: 0miles
Max Cargo: 620350lbs Max Passengers: 258pax
Weight: 0lbs Max Cruise Alt: 0ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 6849.24lbs Total fuel used: 6849.24lbs Fuel consumption rate: 6.85lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 6.85miles Total Flight Distance: 1000miles Average Revenue: $-4690.26
Total Revenue: $-4690.26 Total Expenses: $0 Date of Purchase: Wednesday 18 May 2016

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
ZV 203 RJGG RCTP Tommy Lam 1000miles $-4690.26 --404ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
SC 4078 RCTP ZSYT 20:36CST 22:55CST 740.681miles 2.19
ZV 203 RJGG RCTP 11:00 JST 13:45:00 999.773miles 2.5
BR 634 RCTP RKSI 12:50CST 12:50CST 790.407miles 2.19
CI 642 VHHH RCTP 11:40HKT 13:20CST 435.685miles 1.35
CI 642X VHHX RCTP 11:40HKT 13:20CST 421.022miles 0
LH 1338 EDDF LHBP 13:00?CET 14:09?CET 451.838miles 1.09
LX 1069 EDDF LSZH 08:52?CET 09:25?CET 154.369miles 3.32
TP 579 EDDF LPPT 19:36?CET 21:08?WET 1012.06miles 1.32
FX 295 RJAA RCTP 15:53JST 18:09CST 1179.37miles 2.16
GG 515 KMIA SKRG 12:38EDT 14:18-05 1212.61miles 1.4
FX 619 KMIA KMEM 10:08EDT 11:09CDT 748.255miles 1.01
FX 1200 KFLL KMEM 23:43EDT 00:36CDT 740.272miles 0.53
GG 504 SKBO KMIA 06:05-05 07:35EDT 1316.31miles 1.3
GG 514 SKRG KMIA 18:45-05 20:14EDT 1212.61miles 1.29
J2 102 KJFK UBBB 23:34EDT 17:35+04 5060.06miles 0
4B 715 KDEN KCDR 08:47MDT 09:37MDT 192.515miles 4.13
JJ 8055 KMCO SBGL 22:29EDT 07:48-03 3788.04miles 9.19
5X 2867 KPHX KSDF 08:02MST 12:56EST 1307.5miles 4.54
5X 2859 KPHX KSDF 07:45MST 12:43EST 1307.5miles 4.58
FX 428 KPHX KMEM 07:24MST 11:08CST 1096.99miles 3.44
5X 9300 KPHX KONT 00:12MST 00:04PST 281.794miles 23.52
5X 849 KPHX KONT 21:59MST 21:53PST 281.794miles 23.54
FX 1262 KPHX KMEM 20:47MST 00:15CST 1096.99miles 3.28
5X 855 KPHX KSDF 20:09MST 00:59EST 1307.5miles 4.5
5X 3918 KPHX KONT 19:35MST 19:28PST 281.794miles 23.53

Aircraft Rentability

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