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Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Flight Duration Aircraft Date of Flight Flight Status
EK366K Lun Wang OMDB RCTP 09.08.36 A330-300 07/11/2020 Awaiting Information
BR856 CHU CHUHAO VHHH RCTP 01.38.53 A320NEO 07/10/2020 Awaiting Information
CX635 Allen Lee VHHH WSSS 03.25.56 B777-300ER 07/10/2020 Awaiting Information
KA443 CHU CHUHAO RCKH VHHH 01.31.48 A320NEO 07/09/2020 Awaiting Information
FZ867 Lun Wang OMDB OEDF 01.06.47 A320NEO 07/09/2020 Awaiting Information
ME314 Lun Wang OLBA OJAI 00.52.36 A320NEO 07/09/2020 Landed at 19:58
BR2897 Allen Lee RCTP VHHH 01.33.55 B747-8I 07/09/2020 Landed at 13:56
HDJ331 Arthur Kung RJOA RJGG 00.54.44 A320NEO 07/09/2020 Landed at 11:38
BR2302 Allen Lee RCKH RCTP 00.58.43 B737-800 07/09/2020 Landed at 10:02
AA1376 鈺友 陳 KMIA TNCM 02.43.21 B777-300ER 07/08/2020 Landed at 22:16