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All information on this site is for fight simulation purposes only. This site is for flight logging for pilots of Virtual Airline&模擬飛行論壇 FlySim only.
Flight Number Pilot Departure Arrival Flight Duration Aircraft Date of Flight Flight Status
JU600 Arthur Kung LYBE LOWW 01.14.54 A321-211 12/10/2019 Awaiting Information
IT0230 CHU CHUHAO RCTP ROAH 01.16.59 A320NEO 12/09/2019 Awaiting Information
LX139 Mori Yang VHHH LSZH 12.12.45 B777-300ER 12/08/2019 Landed at 07:35
BR129 CHU CHUHAO RJBB RCTP 03.30.25 B747-400 12/08/2019 Landed at 21:02
JL3083 LI WEN Tu RJAA RJGG 00.50.41 B737-800 12/08/2019 Landed at 14:37
IT212 CHU CHUHAO RCTP RJBB 02.15.01 B747-400D 12/08/2019 Landed at 14:42
EH3232 LI WEN Tu RJSS RJAA 00.45.24 A330-300 12/07/2019 Landed at 22:20
BR766 CHU CHUHAO ZUUU RCTP 02.48.59 B747-400 12/07/2019 Landed at 23:02
WY825 Stone Chang WMKK WSSS 01.13.05 I737-300SP 12/07/2019 Landed at 12:56
BR765 CHU CHUHAO RCTP ZUUU 03.33.51 B747-400 12/07/2019 Landed at 04:46