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Aircraft Information for N28TM

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Beech / Beechcraft 90 King Air(BE9L) Range: 6797miles
Max Cargo: 11500lbs Max Passengers: 8pax
Weight: 1.341 NM 1.543 lbs Max Cruise Alt: 248 kts 285 mft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 0lbs Total fuel used: 0lbs Fuel consumption rate: 0lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 0miles Total Flight Distance: 0miles Average Revenue: $0
Total Revenue: $0 Total Expenses: $0 Date of Purchase: Thursday 01 January 1970

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
JY 216 MBPV MTPP 12:00AST 12:00EST 191.966miles 0.00
JY 211 MBPV MTCH 12:00AST 11:37EST 122.721miles 23.37
JY 209 MBPV MTCH 08:30AST 08:20EST 122.721miles 23.50
JY 310 MBPV MUCU 16:00AST 17:35CDT 227.902miles 1.35
GC 300 KEXX KMIA 17:26EDT 20:23EDT 600.188miles 2.57

Aircraft Rentability