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Aircraft Information for B16707

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Boeing 777-300ER(B77W) Range: 6015海里 (11135公里miles
Max Cargo: 7080lbs Max Passengers: 550pax
Weight: 775000磅 (351534lbs Max Cruise Alt: 0.84 馬赫ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 30217.62lbs Total fuel used: 18342096.73lbs Fuel consumption rate: 24.33lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 24.33miles Total Flight Distance: 753817miles Average Revenue: $68161.91
Total Revenue: $41374279.84 Total Expenses: $253455049.9 Date of Purchase: Thursday 01 January 1970

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
BR 2891 RCTP VHHH CHU CHUHAO 436miles $31533.9 --43.83ft/min
CI 17 RJAA RCTP James Tsai 1179miles $42467 --190.7ft/min
NH 02158 ROAH RJAA James Tsai 871miles $0 --158.4ft/min
MM 0858 RCTP RJTT Vincent Chang 1147miles $0 --329.88ft/min
2P 2785 RPLL RCTP Vincent Chang 635miles $255469 --172.24ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
5J 3O1 RCTP RPVM 01:55:00 03:00 901.327miles 02.35
ZV 9 RCTP VTCC 20:00:00 23:34 1296.51miles 03.34
MF 9216 RCTP ZGHA 15:50:00 469.37miles 00:00:00
BR 255 RCTP WADD 10:54CST 15:35WITA 2064.04miles
BR 212Z RCTP RJFF 14:50:00 16:10 702.702miles 02.05
CI 791 RCTP VVNB 08:50CST 10:08+07 883.173miles 1.18
MF 886 RCTP ZSHC 12:00:00 13:07 312.801miles 01.7
BR 2772 RCTP ZSHC 12:30:00 13:37 CST 312.801miles 01.7
A5 K531 RCTP VHHH 20:00:00 21:25 435.685miles 01.25
BR 2895 RCTP VHHH 08:00:00 09:25 435.685miles 01.25
HX 1857 RCTP VHHH 18:10:00 435.685miles 00:00:00
BR 2891 RCTP VHHH 20:50:00 21:55 CST 435.685miles 01.25
BR 1028B RCTP UUEE 22:25:00 4:33 3970.4miles 0.00.00
LJ 82 RCTP RKSI 11:02CST 14:21KST 790.407miles 3.19
KE 692 RCTP RKSI 13:35CST 16:34KST 790.407miles 2.59
ZV 714 RCTP RKSI 16:50:00 19:00 790.407miles 02.19
BR 2150 RCTP RKSI 16:50:00 790.407miles 00:00:00
DL 7740 RCTP RCKH 07:10:00 08:55 158.309miles 00.44
MM 22 RCTP RJBB 09:44CST 12:59JST 920.608miles 3.15
MM 24 RCTP RJBB 11:21CST 14:40JST 920.608miles 3.19
CI 190 RCTP RJBB 05:20:00 08:00 920.608miles 02.38
CI 158 RCTP RJBB 17:36CST 20:46JST 920.608miles 3.10
D7 377 RCTP WMKK 00:07CST 04:26+08 1754.64miles 4.19
5J 311J RCKH RPLL 00:55:00 02:30 486.114miles 01.33
ZV 202R RCTP RJGG 06:05:00 09:00 999.773miles 02.50
AE 5001 RCTP ZSNJ 17:20:00 19:06 CST 418.965miles 01.23
GK 12 RCTP RJAA 01:55:00 04:33 1179.37miles 03.17
BR 668B RCTP KATL 09:05 CST 03:41 EDT (+1) 6997.34miles 00:00:00
IT 0230 RCTP ROAH 06:50:00 08:00 354miles 01.13
BX 798B RCMQ RKPK 03:45:00 786.926miles 00:00:00
CZ 4815 RCTP ZSPD 17:30:00 18:45 365.795miles 01.15
GE 6001 RCTP VDSR 13:10:00 1209.91miles 00:00:00
CI 679C RCTP WIII 23:40:00 03:00 2060.47miles 00:00:05
SQ 5826S RCKH KSEA 23:40:00 05:30 5423.57miles 13.54
UA 872 RCTP KSFO 10:04CST 05:45PDT 5616.72miles 19.41
B7 395 RCTP VVTS 07:20:00 09:19 1193.45miles 03.19
NH 879F UHMM RJCC 17:45:00 21:30 JST 1081.43miles 00:00:03
QF 390 RCTP YSSY 23:00:00 10:11 3937.93miles 10.11
MU 2042 RCTP ZSQD 13:00:00 673.854miles 00:00:00
CI 8541 RCTP ZHHH 19:35:00 21:36 506.04miles 01.36
BR 28Z RPVM RCKH 11:12PHT 14:00:00 766.12miles 00:00:00
AE 5994 ZHCC RCTP 08:30 CST 10:50:00 685.523miles 02.15
BC 771 RJFF RJCC 10:45 JST 12:45 JST 764.931miles 02.15
GA 9982 WADD RCTP 20:55:00 2064.04miles 00:00:00
CI 524 ZJHK RCTP 21:40:00 672.88miles 00:00:00
CI 792 VVNB RCTP 12:12+07 15:33CST 883.173miles
CI 12 RCTP KJFK 17:40 CST 20:05 EDT 6781.02miles 17.17
CI 11 KJFK RCTP 02:37 EDT 05:40 CST (+1) 6781.02miles 17.17
BR 51K KIAH RCKH 01:00 05:45:00 7047.06miles 00:00:00
BR 80B LTBA OLBA 03:00 05:25:00 535.071miles 00:00:02
BR 31 KJFK RCTP 01:39EDT 04:59CST 6781.02miles 1.54
CI 308C OTHH RCTP 10:40 21:45:00 3739.69miles 00:00:00
3K 722 RCTP WSSS 20:32CST 00:29+08 1741.38miles 3.57
CI 159 RJBB RCTP 09:50 JST 12:00:00 920.608miles 02.38
B7 278B RPLL RCTP 20:00 22:50:00 635.301miles 01.55
TK 25E RCTP ESSA 21:10 CST 09:35 CEST 4502.35miles 13.31
BR 392 VVTS RCTP 12:55+07 16:55CST 1193.45miles
BR 226 WSSS RCTP 14:07+08 18:14CST 1741.38miles 4.07
BR 2719 ZSJN RCTP 10:55:00 737.37miles 00:00:00
JL 11 KDFW RJAA 12:16CDT 14:20JST 5579.33miles
BR 1105 RJFF RCTP 20:10 JST 21:20CST 702.702miles 02.5
CI 113 RJOA RCTP 9:01 JST 10:51CST 828.463miles 00:00:02
BR 122 RCTP ROAH 07:00 08:30 354miles 01.13
ZV 131 RJCC RCTP 14:20 JST 17:45CST 1466.08miles 00.00.04
CI 161 RKSI RCTP 12:43KST 13:43CST 790.407miles 1.00
CI 177 RJBB RCKH 20:55JST 23:10CST 1059.45miles 03.00
AE 190 RJFM RJBB 12:15 JST 13:15JST 245.174miles 00.57
BR 2 RCTP KLAX 19:20 CST 15:50PDT 5904.12miles 015.6
BR 0226W WSSS RCTP 13:10 SGT 17:45CST 1741.38miles 04.41
BR 237 RCTP WIII 09:15 CST 13:02WIB 2060.47miles 00:00:04
CI 249B ZSSS RKPK 09:48 CST 11:58KST 451.207miles 00:00:01
MU 2543 ZSPD RKPC 16:00 CS 18:10KST 277.084miles 01.2
BR 271 RCTP RPLL 10:02CST 11:54+08 635.301miles 1.52
BR 272E RCTP ZGGG 08:29 CST 10:01CST 445.97miles 01.27
BR 2762 RCTP ZBAA 13:00 16:25 931.257miles 02.4
B7 2911 ZSSH RCTP 08:59 CST 10:35CST 534.029miles 00:00:03
5J 300 RPVM RCTP 21:45 PHT 00:05CST(+1) 901.327miles 00:00:02
BR 312 YSSY RCTP 11:20 AEST 18:05CST 3937.93miles 10.11
BR 391 RCTP VVTS 10:07CST 11:54+07 1193.45miles 1.47
B7 464 VHHX RCTP 19:50 HKT 21:35CST 421.022miles 00:00:01
KA 482 VHHH RCTP 18:15HKT 20:00CST 435.685miles 01.25
KA 486X VHHX RCSS 08:12 HKT 09:25CST 436.945miles 01.26
CX 511V RCTP VHHH 13:00CST 15:05HKT 435.685miles 01.25
NH 511 RJOO RJFM 20:16JST 21:01JST 266.105miles 00:00:00
CI 5117 KLAX RCTP 10:04 PDT 14:47CST(+1) 5904.12miles 15.06
BR 10061 RCTP VTBS 23:40 CST 02:00ICT(+1) 1345.34miles 0.00.03
JL 62 RJAA KLAX 18:03JST 11:20PDT 4731.44miles 17.17
BR 670 PANC KATL 02:31 AKDT 12:52 EDT 2966.66miles 00:00:06
CI 677 RCTP VHHH 22:05 CST 23:27HKT 435.685miles 01.25
BR 730 RCTP ZBTJ 09:04 CST 11:37CST 867.047miles 00:00:02
B7 746R RJCH RJOO 11:30 JST 13:10JST 490.35miles 01.34
AE 770 RCBS RCMQ 18:04CST 18:25CST 123.016miles 00:00:00
BR 807 RCTP VMMC 09:31CST 10:49CST 456.741miles 1.18
BR 827 RCTP VHHH 21:56CST 23:11HKT 435.685miles 1.15
MU 8975 ZBSJ ZSSH 07:06 CST 09:11CST 346.442miles 00:00:02
BR 90V RCTP VTBS 01:00 10:00 1345.34miles 03.35
CI 90V RCTP VTBS 01:00 10:00 1345.34miles 03.42
MF 9021 ZSWX RCTP 11:47 CST 13:53CST 388.132miles 00:00:02
B7 9482 VHHX RCTP 18:15 HKT 19:40CST 421.022miles 00:00:01
AE 966 ZSNB RCMQ 20:02CST 21:41CST 338.055miles 00:00:00
BR 9937 RCMQ VHHX 19:00 CST 20:11HKT 371.909miles 00:00:01
B7 784 RCQC RCMQ 11:25CST 12:23CST 67.6991miles 00.30
OS 373 LOWW EHAM 15:05 CEST 16:50CEST 518.272miles 00:00:01
OS 376 EHAM LOWW 20:00 CEST 21:40CEST 518.272miles 00:00:01
CA 197 ZSSS RCSS 12:31CST 14:03CST 368.296miles 1.32
AS 315 KSFO KSEA 16:57PDT 18:35PDT 590.801miles 1.37
HU 7058 ZUCK ZGSZ 10:50CST 12:27CST 574.955miles 00:00:00
ZH 9855 ZGSZ ZHHH 03:45AST 06:20GST 489.728miles 00:00:01
NQ 824C RCTP RJAA 08:45CST 13:00JST 1179.37miles 00:00:03
CI 108C RCTP RJAA 04:05CST 08:25JST 1179.37miles 0.00.03
JL 802C RCTP RJAA 10:00CST 14:20JST 1179.37miles 03.17
U2 7604 LPMA LPPT 09:30WEST 11:10WEST 521.646miles 00:00:01
MU 742 VTBS ZPPP 16:06+07 19:08CST 696.751miles
TG 612 VTBS ZPPP 11:00+07 14:08CST 696.751miles
CI 680 WIII VHHH 06:42WIB 12:12HKT 1761.85miles
CX 406 VHHH RCTP 12:15HKT 14:15CST 435.685miles 01.25
HX 252 VHHH RCTP 09:10HKT 11:15CST 435.685miles 01.25
CI 927 RCTP VHHH 19:41CST 20:53HKT 435.685miles 1.12
CX 403 RCTP VHHH 09:27CST 10:55HKT 435.685miles 1.28
CX 407 RCTP VHHH 08:04CST 09:21HKT 435.685miles 1.17
BR 6535 RCTP VHHH 00:25CST 01:35HKT 435.685miles 1.10
BR 715 ZBAA RCTP 20:19CST 22:56CST 931.257miles 2.37
MU 2107 ZLXY ZBAA 12:00CST 13:55CST 505.51miles 00:00:01
CA 408 VNKT ZULS 14:13+0545 17:43CST 307.922miles
BR 20 RCTP PGUM 23:02 CST 04:22CHST(+1) 1503.92miles 04.06
BR 19 PGUM RCTP 06:19 CHST 07:06CST 1503.92miles 00:00:03
FR 7060 LIRF LEBL 18:10CEST 19:55CEST 458.125miles 00:00:01
VY 6107 LIRF LEBL 20:55CEST 22:35CEST 458.125miles 00:00:01
FR 6341 LEBL LIRF 06:16CEST 07:40CEST 458.125miles 00:00:00
8L 9801 ZPPP ZPLJ 08:40CST 10:10CST 172.81miles 00:00:01
KY 8270 ZPLJ ZPPP 10:15CST 12:00CST 172.81miles 00:00:01
KY 8294 ZUUU ZPLJ 21:30CST 23:00CST 305.09miles 00:00:01
MF 8392 ZGGG ZSAM 17:15CST 18:30CST 273.811miles 00:00:01
CI 164 RCKH RKSI 06:53CST 10:24KST 948.714miles
CI 166 RCKH RJBB 07:00CST 10:50JST 1059.45miles 02.59
CI 933 RCKH VHHH 16:20 18:35 357.389miles 01.14
DL 1125 KATL KIAD 13:02EDT 15:10EDT 464.491miles 00:00:01
AX 6157 KIAD KBUF 13:02EDT 15:10EDT 246.488miles 00:00:01
CX 581 RJCC VHHH 09:25HKT 14:56 JST 1853.41miles 04.58
NH 2152 RJCC RJCK 07:56JST 09:08JST 111.87miles 00.37
BA 717 LSZH EGLL 18:39CEST 19:04BST 426.177miles 00:00:00
LX 332 LSZH EGLL 12:28CEST 12:55BST 426.177miles 00:00:01
PN 6214 ZJSY ZUCK 06:30CST 08:27CST 702.738miles
CA 30784 ZBTJ ZSWZ 13:50CST 15:00CST 696.591miles 00:00:01
IT 322 VMMC RCKH 21:50CST 00:15CST 377.061miles 00:00:01
BR 7 KSFO RCTP SFO 01:00 TPE 05:15+1 5616.72miles 14.23
CI 10 RCTP KSEA 23:40 CST 19:06 PDT 5273.99miles 13.31
BR 36 RCTP CYYZ 20:13CST 21:57EDT 6529.25miles 1.44
BR 67B RCTP EGLL TPE 09:00 LHR 19:25 5288.37miles 00:00:13
CI 89 LIRF RCTP 08:04 CEST 06:00 CST 5193.13miles 00:00:13
MF 892 VMMC ZSQZ 17:35CST 18:39CST 318.653miles 00:00:00
ROC 364 RJOY RCKH 13:10 14:00 1079.28miles 00:00:01
ROC 365 ZGSZ RJOY 13:10 14:00 1350.9miles 00:00:01
NH 8 RJAA KSFO 17:50JST 10:34PDT 4446.73miles 16.44
CI 5171 KSEA RCTP 02:04 PDT 04:56 CST (+1) 5273.99miles 00:00:11
JL 6 RJTT KJFK 11:10JST 10:26EDT 5878.87miles 23.16
NH 2 RJAA KIAD 11:25JST 10:19EDT 5861.16miles 22.54
AF 275 RJAA LFPG 11:01JST 16:28CEST 5248.78miles #VALUE!
3U 8958 RCTP ZPPP 19:39CST 22:25CST 995.799miles 2.46
GK 50 RCTP RJBB 07:43 CST 10:37JST 920.608miles 00:00:02
NZ 8582 NZWN NZRO 15:25NZST 16:25NZST 205.626miles 00:00:01
NZ 8569 NZTG NZWN 15:25NZST 16:25NZST 229.046miles 00.54
BR 80 LTBA RCTP 13:30 EEST 05:15 CST 4542.74miles 11.41
B7 8751 ZSRZ RCFG 17:10 18:00 556.805miles 00:00:01
B7 8770 ZHSN RCSS 14:50 15:40 711.532miles 00:00:01
B7 9105 ZJSY RCQC 16:00 16:50 654.525miles 00:00:01
B7 8698 ZSJD RCKH 14:50 15:40 441.102miles 00:00:01
B7 8817 ZGDY RCBS 11:40 12:40 508.87miles 00:00:01
B7 8919 ZGNN RCYU 07:30 08:20 746.793miles 00:00:01
B7 15020 RCMT ZPLJ 13:10 14:00 1062.34miles 00:00:01
B7 15040 RCFG ZUAL 11:10 12:00 2113.3miles 00:00:01
B7 15062 RCKU ZLDH 14:50 15:40 1637.85miles 00:00:01
B7 15082 RCKW ZLGM 10:00 11:00 1603.34miles 00:00:01
B7 15102 RCGI ZWBL 13:30 14:35 7140.47miles 00:00:01
B7 15122 RJBB ZWCM 10:10 11:00 2389.96miles 00:00:01
AE 15296 RCCM ZBYN 11:10 12:00 941.003miles 00:00:01
AE 15314 RCMT ZBAL 11:10 12:00 1046.5miles 00:00:01
AE 15332 RCFG ZBMZ 14:50 15:40 1412.37miles 00:00:01
AE 15350 RCKU ZYTL 18:50 19:50 934.163miles 00:00:01
AE 15368 RCKW ZYFY 14:50 15:40 1703.34miles 00:00:01
AE 15386 RCWA ZSSS 15:10 16:00 480.265miles 00:00:01
AE 15404 RCGI ZSYN 13:10 14:00 650.007miles 00:00:01
AE 15422 ROAH ZSOF 11:10 12:00 638.02miles 00:00:01
AE 15440 RCSS ZSWY 17:10 18:00 248.274miles 00:00:01
AE 15460 RCFN ZSJG 10:00 11:00 7119.82miles 00:00:01
AE 15478 RCTP ZHNY 13:30 14:35 655.759miles 00:00:01
AE 15496 RCYU ZGHY 10:10 11:00 517.461miles 00:00:01
AE 15514 RCLY ZGSZ 09:10 10:00 430.736miles 00:00:01
AE 15550 RCQC ZUDX 14:50 15:40 793.456miles 00:00:01
AE 15568 RCKH ZNSU 11:10 12:00 7081.12miles 00:00:01
FE 15598 ZUAS RCKU 15:10 16:00 809.39miles 00:00:01
FE 15638 ZUTC RCNN 11:10 12:00 1197.84miles 00:00:01
FE 15658 ZLXY RCYU 14:50 15:40 918.537miles 02.38
FE 15678 ZLJC RCQC 18:50 19:50 7029.33miles 00:00:01
FE 15698 ZLIC RCMT 14:50 15:40 1001.41miles 00:00:01
FE 15716 ZWHM RCFG 15:10 16:00 1631.71miles 00:00:01
FE 15734 ZWTP RCKU 13:10 14:00 1945.69miles 00:00:01
FE 15754 RCFN ZBSN 11:10 12:00 7119.82miles 00:00:01
FE 15774 RCTP ZBYC 17:10 18:00 802.397miles 00:00:01
FE 15796 RCYU ZBER 10:00 11:00 1257.14miles 00:00:01
FE 15816 RCBS ZYCY 13:30 14:35 1033.47miles 00:00:01
FE 15836 RCQC ZYHB 10:10 11:00 1364.48miles 00:00:01
FE 15856 RCKH ZYQQ 09:10 10:00 1492.58miles 00:00:01
B7 15140 ZBSJ RCKW 09:10 10:00 1024.61miles 00:00:01
B7 15160 ZBLF RCMQ 11:10 12:00 851.03miles 00:00:01
BR 79 RCTP LTBA 00:30 CST 07:30 EEST 4542.74miles 00:00:12
B7 15182 ZBOW RCYU 14:50 15:40 1153.47miles 00:00:01
B7 15200 ZBUL RCLY 11:10 12:00 1452.84miles 00:00:01
B7 15220 ZYCC RCKH 13:10 14:00 1314.52miles 00:00:01
B7 15240 ZYJD RCFG 14:50 15:40 7010.25miles 00:00:01
B7 15262 ZSSH RCMQ 12:00 13:10 577.409miles 00:00:01
B7 15282 ZSJU RCFN 09:10 10:00 391.787miles 00:00:01
CX 907 VHHH RPLL 07:35HKT 09:45PHT 618.973miles 00:00:01
5J 554 RPVM RPLL 05:18PHT 06:21PHT 306.596miles 00:00:00
5J 556 RPVM RPLL 11:00PHT 12:05PHT 306.596miles 01.6
PR 1844 RPVM RPLL 07:00PHT 08:05PHT 306.596miles 00:00:01
PR 1854 RPVM RPLL 06:00PHT 07:15PHT 306.596miles 00:00:01
B7 127 ZSNB ZUPS 15:10 16:00 7027.98miles 00:00:01
B7 109 ZYTX RCTP 11:00CST 12:05CST 1001.48miles 00:00:01
B7 2298 RCKH ZSWX 06:00CST 07:15CST 536.423miles 00:00:01
AE 10106 RCTP KVCV 15:10 16:00 5919.78miles 015.8
AE 10109 ZYTX RCTP 11:00CST 12:05CST 1001.48miles 0.00.01
AE 102298 RCKH ZSWX 06:00CST 07:15CST 536.423miles 0.00.01
FE 12127 ZUGU RCTP 15:10 16:00 927.679miles 00:00:01
FE 12129 ZYTX RCTP 11:00CST 12:05CST 1001.48miles 00:00:01
FE 122298 RCKH ZSWX 06:00CST 07:15CST 536.423miles 00:00:01
LD 316 WSSS VHHH 22:45SGT 02:38HKT 1386.14miles 00:00:04
CX 714 WSSS VHHH 02:02+08 05:25HKT 1386.14miles 3.23
SQ 2 WSSS VHHH 19:18+08 22:55HKT 1386.14miles 3.37
SQ 7980 WSSS VHHH 12:40SGT 16:45HKT 1386.14miles 03.48
SQ 866 WSSS VHHH 13:15+08 16:51HKT 1386.14miles 3.36
CX 635 VHHH WSSS 20:10HKT 00:10SGT 1386.14miles 00:00:04
CX 733 VHHH WSSS 16:05HKT 20:00SGT 1386.14miles 00:00:04
SQ 1 KSFO VHHH 01:28PDT 06:00HKT 6015.15miles 5.57
SQ 859 VHHH WSSS 08:40HKT 12:40SGT 1386.14miles 00:00:04
TZ 2065 VHHH WSSS 14:00HKT 18:12SGT 1386.14miles 00:00:04
SQ 962 WSSS WIII 09:45SGT 10:35WIB 477.82miles 00:00:01
GA 822 WIII WSSS 19:00?WIB 21:50SGT 477.82miles 00:00:01
GA 838 WIII WSSS 17:00?WIB 19:50SGT 477.82miles 00:00:01
3K 206 WIII WSSS 14:10?WIB 17:00SGT 477.82miles 00:00:01
JT 158 WIII WSSS 11:30?WIB 14:20SGT 477.82miles 00:00:01
SQ 959 WIII WSSS 09:30 WIB 12:30 SGT 477.82miles 00:00:01
TR 2275 WIII WSSS 07:10?WIB 09:50SGT 477.82miles 00:00:01
CI 752 WARR WSSS 20:45WIB 00:05SGT 744.583miles 00:00:02
TR 2261 WARR WSSS 06:05WIB 09:25SGT 744.583miles 00:00:02
SQ 117 WMKK RCTP 17:55MYT 22:35CST 1754.64miles 00:00:04
QZ 207 WMKK WIII 07:35SGT 10:50MYT 610.981miles 00:00:01
JT 286 WIII WMKK 19:55MYT 22:35SGT 610.981miles 00:00:01
RJ 184 WMKK WIII 17:15SGT 18:05MYT 610.981miles 00:00:01
CI 10752 WSSS RCTP 10:25SGT 15:10CST 1741.38miles 0.00.04
BR 216 WSSS RCTP 15:43+08 19:54CST 1741.38miles 4.11
SQ 876P WSSS RCTP 08:20SGT 13:20CST 1741.38miles 00.00.04
AF 1583 LKPR LFPG 18:15CEST 19:40CEST 460.885miles 00:00:01
CA 1848 ZSNJ ZBAA 13:50CST 15:50CST 513.629miles 00:00:01
MU 2851 ZSNJ ZBAA 18:50CST 20:50CST 513.629miles 01.37
MU 102841 ZGKL ZPPP 17:05CST 18:55CST 387.389miles 0.00.01
LA 442 SAEZ SCEL 15:40ART 18:05CLT 615.278miles 00:00:02
LA 481 SCEL SAEZ 22:53CLT 00:33ART 615.278miles
H2 502 SAEZ SCEL 07:05ART 09:20CLT 615.278miles 00:00:02
H2 501 SCEL SAEZ 07:13CLT 08:45ART 615.278miles
JD 2851 ZGNN ZPLJ 18:50CST 20:50CST 496.773miles 00:00:01
ME 2821 OLKA OLBA 13:00EEST 15:05EEST 52.6699miles 00:00:01
8Q 172 LTBA LTFH 13:00EEST 14:25EEST 350.83miles 00:00:01
EY 176 LFPO LSZH 20:40CEST 22:40CEST 259.863miles 00:00:01
QR 2814 LFPO LSZH 17:05CEST 18:55CEST 259.863miles 00:00:01
MM 1028 RCTP RJTT 20:45CST 00:50JST 1146.65miles 0.00.03
NH 72 RJCC RJTT 17:00JST 18:25JST 443.945miles 01.27
JL 502 RJCC RKSI 09:15JST 10:22JST 768.593miles 00:00:00
JL 522 RJCC RJTT 18:00JST 19:35JST 443.945miles 00:00:01
EH 84 RJTT RJCC 21:25JST 22:50JST 443.945miles 01.27
BC 706 RJCC RJTT 08:27JST 10:00JST 443.945miles 00:00:00
NX 2832 RJBB RJTT 09:01JST 10:25JST 233.227miles 00.55
7G 3820 RJBB RJTT 21:00JST 22:30JST 233.227miles 00.55
NH 099 RJTT RJBB 19:15JST 20:45JST 233.227miles 00.55
NX 2806 RJBB RJFF 21:50JST 23:20JST 244.255miles 00:00:01
MM 158 RJFF RJBB 16:00JST 17:40JST 244.255miles 00.57
NH 1209 ROAH RJFF 10:00JST 11:35JST 467.132miles 01.30
OZ 1145 RKSS RJBB 08:30KST 10:00JST 451.531miles 00:00:01
KE 2728 RJBB RKSS 19:45JST 21:30KST 451.531miles 00:00:01
CI 771 RCTP WADD 09:42CST 14:22WITA 2064.04miles
BR 51 KIAH RCTP 01:28CDT 06:06CST(+1) 6895.37miles 00:00:15
BR 88 LFPG RCTP 11:32 CEST 05:53 CST (+1) 5289.89miles 00:00:13
TZ 287 RCKH WSSS 19:36CST 00:01SGT 1593miles 04.19
JL 814 RCTP RJBB 09:06CST 12:23JST 920.608miles 3.17
CI 61 RCTP EDDF 00:02CST 06:44CEST 5063.43miles
G7 6182 CYYZ KJFK 12:05JST 13:55JST 317.985miles 01.08
BR 1950 RJAA LTBA 22:08 JST 04:55 EEST (+1) 4863.14miles 00:00:12
TK 71 VHHH LTBA 22:55 HKT 04:45 EEST (+1) 4329.53miles 11.09
TK 70 LTBA VHHH 02:40 EEST 17:04 HKT 4329.53miles 00:00:10
TG 417 VTBS WMKK 17:25+07 20:32+08 659.745miles
ET 617 WMKK VTBS 14:25MYT 17:40ICT 659.745miles 00:00:01
AA 397 KDFW KSFO 23:07CDT 00:22PDT 1271.57miles
AA 1543 KMIA TJSJ 14:24EDT 17:15AST 909.2miles 00:00:02
TK 283 LTBA UMMS 13:45EEST 16:05MSK 776.416miles 00:00:01
TK 77 LTBA KMIA 09:05+03 13:27EDT 5192.87miles 4.22
TK 968 LTBA LCEN 13:35EEST 15:05EEST 414.002miles 00:00:01
TK 780 LTBA OTHH 20:45EEST 00:50AST 1478.32miles 00:00:04
G9 137 OTHH OMSJ 17:25AST 19:15GST 212.181miles 00:00:04
QR 1050 OTHH OMAA 16:00AST 17:55GST 173.005miles 0.00.01
QR 8424 OTHH OIIE 17:00AST 20:25IRDT 610.83miles 00:00:01
QR 646 OTHH VNKT 12:45AST 20:05NPT 1815.9miles 00:00:05
QR 8662 OTHH VIDP 06:45AST 12:50IST 1377.7miles 00:00:03
IX 612 OMDB VOTR 18:25GST 23:55IST 1588.72miles 00:00:03
WY 5864 OMDB OOMS 16:35GST 17:35GST 188.327miles 00.48
IX 343 VOCL OMDB 23:00IST 01:19GST 1446.2miles 00:00:03
EK 8 EGLL OMDB 09:05BST 18:51GST 2971.71miles 00:00:01
BA 157 EGLL OKBK 22:57BST 06:40AST 2526.7miles 00:00:00
CZ 304 EGLL ZGGG 22:43BST 16:47CST 5132.98miles 00:00:00
QR 1028 OTHH OMDW 06:45AST 08:45GST 193.394miles 0.00.00
QR 703 OTHH KJFK 03:22AST 09:30EDT 5822.27miles 00:00:00
NH 92 ROIG RJTT 15:33JST 17:59JST 1048.32miles 00:00:00
HU 7109 ZBAA ZHYC 13:03CST 14:43CST 619.252miles 00:00:00
CX 806 VHHH KORD 12:39 HKT 14:23 CDT 6769.41miles 00:00:14
BR 25 KSEA RCTP 02:13 PDT 05:01 CST (+1) 5273.99miles 00:00:11
AI 764 VIDP VECC 17:14IST 19:06IST 709.445miles
G9 214 VIDP VILK 16:45IST 17:32IST 228.776miles 00:00:03
6E 481 VIDP VOBL 17:00IST 19:55IST 923.775miles 00:00:01
GE 338 RCSS ZSSS 07:15CST 09:16CST 368.296miles 00:00:01
GE 337 ZSSS RCSS 07:15CST 09:16CST 368.296miles 01.15
TG 324 VIDP VTBS 12:19IST 17:33+07 1593.48miles
AA 1070 KSEA KMIA 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 2367.42miles 0.00.00
AA 1188 MGGT KDFW 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 1156.84miles 00:00:00
AA 145 KJFK KSAN 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 2123.36miles 00:00:00
AA 215 KLAX SBGR 07:05ART 09:20CLT 5361.62miles 00:00:00
AA 239 KDFW KMSP 21:47CDT 23:41CDT 741.963miles
AA 257 KJFK KLAS 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 1951.06miles 00:00:00
AA 281 KDFW RKSI 11:59CDT 15:22KST 5939.71miles
AA 350 KORD KLGA 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 636.374miles 00:00:00
AA 57 EGLL KMIA 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 3842.85miles 00:00:00
AA 70 KDFW EDDF 17:06CDT 08:56CEST 4463.39miles
AA 797 LLBG KPHL 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 5009.71miles 00:00:00
AA 917 KMIA SPIM 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 2280.71miles 00:00:00
AA 955 KJFK SAEZ 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 4613.6miles 00:00:00
AA 995 KMIA SBGR 00:14EDT 09:07-03 3553.44miles 8.53
AS 3101 PHLI KSJC 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 2143.09miles 00:00:00
BA 272 KSAN EGLL 21:04PDT 14:56BST 4760.92miles
AB 3673 GCLA EDDL 07:05ART 09:20CLT 1752.28miles 00:00:00
BW 3101 CYOW MKJP 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 1647.11miles 00:00:00
CX 110 YSSY VHHH 07:30AEST 15:00HKT 3996.34miles 10.19
CX 197 VHHH NZAA 21:30 13:20 4956.87miles 17.10
CX 254 EGLL VHHH 22:20BST 17:10HKT 5205.96miles 00:00:13
CX 257 VHHH EGLL 23:45HKT 05:35BST 5205.96miles 00:00:13
CX 720 WMKK VHHH 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 1374.46miles 00:00:00
MQ 3553 KMIA KSDF 07:05ART 09:20CLT 793.792miles 00:00:00
EY 3101 KBFI CYQX 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 2620.44miles 00:00:00
AY 794 LIMC EFHK 11:38CEST 15:14EEST 1054.13miles
FJ 823 PHNL PLCH 07:05ART 09:20CLT 1162.87miles 00:00:00
UO 3101 RKSI ZJSY 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 1459.07miles 00:00:00
9W 422 VOCL VABB 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 510.451miles 00:00:00
9W 76 VABB VHHH 07:05ART 09:20CLT 2309.33miles 00:00:00
JL 781 PHNL RJAA 14:26HST 16:43JST 3316.32miles
JL 8851 RJAA PTRO 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 1737.41miles 00:00:00
JQ 109 WADD YPPH 11:52WITA 15:35AWST 1394.83miles
LT 921 KMIA EDDM 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 4347.15miles 00:00:00
MH 2504 WMKK WBGG 07:05ART 09:20CLT 524.725miles 00:00:00
DD 3218 VTBD VVTS 18:40+07 20:10?+07 401.186miles
PA 608 EDDH EDDT 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 135.349miles 00:00:00
PC 28 SCEL YSSY 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 6130.54miles 00:00:00
QR 124 LIMC OTHH 10:50CEST 17:04AST 2391.45miles
QR 3101B OTBD FSIA 07:05ART 09:20CLT 1814.12miles 00:00:00
QR 957 WIII OTHH 18:34WIB 22:20AST 3725.84miles
S7 3101C OMDB UGTB 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 1114.28miles 00:00:00
SG 17 VOCI OMDB 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 1504.11miles 00:00:00
WS 16 CYYT EIDW 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 3226.5miles 00:00:00
MU 5761 ZPPP ZGSZ 09:12CST 10:50CST 616.3miles 00:00:00
MU 5665 ZSSS ZSAM 10:40CST 12:53CST 434.528miles 00:00:01
9C 8833 ZSPD ZSAM 20:20CST 22:10CST 442.356miles
MF 8536 ZSSS ZSAM 07:05ART 09:20CLT 434.528miles 00:00:01
EAQ 7394 YMML YPPH 01:40AEST 03:13AWST 1459.92miles 00:00:01
FJ 930 YMML NFFN 23:10AEST 05:19FJT 2090.11miles 00:00:01
MH 128 YMML WMKK 23:57AEST 05:45MYT 3414.28miles 00:00:01
EK 409 YMML WMKK 02:40AEST 08:12MYT 3414.28miles 00:00:01
EAQ 7525 YSSY NZAA 07:30AEST 12:20NZST 1167.58miles 00:00:01
JQ 503 YSSY YMML 07:00AEST 08:25AEST 381.463miles 00:00:01
JQ 952 YSSY YBCS 06:00AEST 09:00AEST 1065.97miles 00:00:01
EAQ A7 YSSY KDFW 01:41AEST 00:40CDT 7464.15miles 00:00:01
TT 676 YSSY YBCS 07:25AEST 10:25AEST 1065.97miles 00:00:01
EAQ A311 RCTP YSSY 22:30 CST 09:23AEST(+1) 3937.93miles 10.11
EAQ A51 RCTP YSSY 23:00 CST 11:10AEDT(+1) 3937.93miles 10.11
A3 EAQ12 YSSY RCTP 11:20 AEST 18:05CST 3937.93miles 10.11
QF 512 YSSY YBBN 23:20AEST 01:20AEST 406.092miles 00:00:01
EAQ 575 YSSY YPPH 08:15AEST 11:12AWST 1771.46miles 00:00:04
JQ 784 YSSY YBSU 09:43AEST 10:50AEST 8212miles 00:00:01
QF 866 YSSY YBHM 09:48AEST 11:45AEST 824.912miles 00:00:01
QF 2467 YSSY YSCB 09:32AEST 10:06AEST 127.834miles 00:00:01
TT 635 YSSY YPAD 09:30AEST 11:00ACST 629.249miles 00:00:01
EK 418 VTBS YSSY 20:42+07 08:16AEST 4062.09miles
VA 479 YSSY YBSU 09:34AEST 10:39AEST 8212miles 00:00:01
BA 16 WSSS EGLL 22:47+08 04:46BST 5882.07miles 5.59
TZ 1 YSSY WSSS 12:30AEST 19:00SGT 3402.4miles 0.00.08
FZ 64 OKBK OMDB 19:50AST 22:35GST 461.674miles 00:00:01
J9 164 OKBK OMDB 07:15AST 10:05GST 461.674miles 00:00:01
EK 854 OKBK OMDB 03:45AST 06:20GST 461.674miles 00:00:01
FZ 51 OMDB OKBK 17:00GST 19:45AST 461.674miles 00:00:01
FZ 67 OMDB OKBK 04:05GST 06:55AST 461.674miles 00:00:01
J9 185 OMDB OKBK 13:10GST 16:00AST 461.674miles 00:00:01
EK 857 OMDB OKBK 09:50GST 12:40AST 461.674miles 00:00:01
CZ 3664 ZHHH ZGSZ 19:50AST 22:35GST 489.728miles 01.33
MU 2558 ZGSZ ZHHH 07:15AST 10:05GST 489.728miles 00:00:01
ET 629 RPLL OKBK 22:19+08 02:26+03 4109.29miles 0.53
QS 1262 LKPR LLBG 00:21CEST 04:44IDT 1424.18miles 00:00:00
OK 922 LKPR UKOO 20:13CEST 23:02EEST 691.316miles 00:00:00
OK 744 LKPR LFMN 10:00CEST 11:40CEST 482.977miles 00:00:00
NH 688 RJOA RJTT 21:08JST 22:26JST 344.281miles 00:00:00
NH 678 RJOA RJTT 18:00JST 19:35JST 344.281miles 01.12
FB 302 LKPR LBSF 19:54CEST 22:28EEST 583.905miles 00:00:00
KZ 133 KORD PANC 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 2469.62miles 00:00:00
AS 27 KORD KSEA 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 1492.91miles 00:00:00
Z2 425 RPVP RPLL 12:23PHT 13:33PHT 315.923miles 00:00:00
HU 7788 ZSNJ ZJSY 18:19CST 21:04CST 956.544miles 00:00:00
ZH 9202 ZBYN ZSNJ 10:10CST 12:05CST 474.876miles 00:00:00
KE 726 RJBB RKSI 12:23PHT 13:33PHT 465.082miles 00:00:01
KE 723 RKSI RJBB 09:50KST 11:07JST 465.082miles 1.17
OZ 1073 RJAA RKSI 12:23PHT 13:33PHT 680.075miles 0.00.02
KE 551 RKSI RJAA 10:10CST 12:05CST 680.075miles 02.2
CI 22 RCTP KSEA 23:40 CST 19:06 PDT 5273.99miles 00:00:10
CI 21 KSEA RCTP 01:16 PDT 04:33 CST (+1) 5273.99miles 00:00:12
KE 37 RKSI KORD 10:55KST 09:00CDT 5687.08miles 22.05
KE 93 RKSI KIAD 10:57KST 10:36EDT 6039.99miles 23.39
XW 181 RCTP VTBD 10:10CST 12:25+07 1345.08miles 2.15
BR 168B VTBS RCTP 16:35 ICT 21:00 CST 1345.34miles 03.42
BR 68 EGLL RCTP LHR 21:35 TPE 21:10+1 5288.37miles 00:00:14
BR 76 EHAM RCTP AMS 21:40 TPE 19:50+1 5104miles 00:00:11
BR 35 CYYZ RCTP YYZ 01:45 TPE 04:45+1 6529.25miles 03:40:00
CI 88 RCTP LIRF 01:10 CST 09:30 CEST 5193.13miles 00:00:13
3U 8319 ZUUU ZLXY 14:05CST 15:30CST 336.816miles 00:00:01
MU 2296 ZLXY ZUUU 11:05CST 12:40CST 336.816miles 00:00:01
3U 8856 ZLXY ZUUU 22:05CST 23:25CST 336.816miles 00:00:01
KE 114 PGUM RKSI 17:00CHST 20:16KST 1744.43miles 00:00:00
5X 58 PHNL PGUM 10:48HST 14:04CHST 3302.25miles
CX 709 VHHH VTBS 22:25HKT 00:15ICT 912.874miles 00:00:02
OX 203 VHHH VTBS 08:15HKT 09:45ICT 912.874miles 00:00:02
TG 639 VHHH VTBS 19:05HKT 20:35ICT 912.874miles 00:00:02
PG 924 VTBS VTSP 12:35+07 13:39+07 365.009miles
FM 840 VTBS ZSPD 14:52+07 20:02CST 1565.71miles
CZ 9014 VTBS ZLXY 13:00ICT 17:05CST 1320.92miles 00:00:00
3K 516 VTBS WSSS 13:07+07 16:05+08 765.538miles
TG 110 VTBS VTCC 13:34+07 14:34+07 322.131miles
TG 638 VTBS VHHH 14:10+07 17:32HKT 912.874miles
VJ 10841 RCTP VVTS 07:50CST 09:55+07 1193.45miles 2.05
FD 254 VYYY VTBD 13:19CEST 14:00CEST 315.407miles
AF 8415 RCTP EHAM 23:50 CST 06:35 CEST (+1) 5104miles 00:00:12
SQ 5826 RCTP KSEA 01:42 CST 20:08 PDT 5273.99miles 00:00:09
CI 8 RCTP KLAX 00:05CST 20:39PDT 5904.12miles 20.34
DL 7735 RCTP KLAX 19:20 CST 15:50PDT 5904.12miles 00:00:11
VN 2032 RCTP KLAX 19:20 CST 15:50PDT 5904.12miles 00:00:11
SQ 5816S RCTP KLAX 19:20 CST 15:50PDT 5904.12miles 00:00:11
TK 8799 RCTP LTBA 00:30 CST 07:30 EEST 4542.74miles 11.41
NH 5838 RCTP RJCC 06:55CST 11:50JST 1466.08miles 04.0
HX 9020 VVTS VHHH 02:05ICT 05:27HKT 806.897miles 00:00:02
BA 28 VHHH EGLL 23:45HKT 05:35BST 5205.96miles 00:00:13
CX 237 VHHH EGLL 00:15HKT 06:20BST 5205.96miles 00:00:13
BA 27 EGLL VHHH 21:55BST 16:40HKT 5205.96miles 00:00:13
CX 252 EGLL VHHH 12:25BST 07:05HKT 5205.96miles 00:00:13
CX 256 EGLL VHHH 20:10BST 15:00HKT 5205.96miles 00:00:02
VS 206 EGLL VHHH 22:25BST 17:30HKT 5205.96miles 00:00:02
HD 4832 RJCC RJGG 10:35JST 12:10JST 527.957miles 00:00:00
JL 2000 RJCC RJBB 07:48JST 09:32JST 585.648miles 00:00:00
AF 460 LFPG FIMP 23:56CEST 12:35+04 5106.64miles #VALUE!
LH 1053 LFPG EDDF 06:29CEST 07:22CEST 241.728miles 0.00.00
LY 222 LFPG LLBG 06:50CEST 12:10IDT 1775.33miles 00:00:00
LY 326 LFPG LLBG 23:39CEST 04:37IDT 1775.33miles 00:00:00
KE 504 LFPG RKSI 02:19CEST 21:05KST 4825.76miles 00:00:00
CL CLH1691 LKPR EDDM 13:38CEST 14:18CEST 143.313miles 00:00:00
EW EWG4771 LKPR EDDH 13:00CEST 13:55CEST 264.757miles 00:00:00
FZ FDB780 LKPR OMDB 13:50CEST 21:40GST 2412.98miles 00:00:00
LX SWR1487 LKPR LSZH 14:45CEST 16:05CEST 276.07miles 00:00:00
QS TVS1122 LKPR LGTS 12:40CEST 15:45EEST 682.518miles 00:00:00
NH 8415 RJAA ZSPD 22:30JST 00:50CST 970.85miles 00:00:00
JL 12 RJAA KDFW 21:25JST 17:21CDT 5579.33miles 00:00:00
KE 1K RJAA PHNL 21:20JST 09:32HST 3316.32miles 00:00:00
QR 807 RJAA OTHH 22:20JST 03:30AST 4485.7miles 00:00:00
SQ 11 RJAA WSSS 15:20JST 20:51+08 2896.07miles 05.31
JL 624 RJFT RJTT 09:10JST 10:35JST 472.428miles 00:00:00
JL 634 RJFT RJTT 18:52JST 20:06JST 472.428miles 00:00:00
LQ 18 RJFT RJTT 16:52JST 18:09JST 472.428miles 00:00:00
NH 646N RJFT RJBB 12:43JST 14:01JST 239.557miles 00:00:00
ME 218 EDDM KIAD 12:41CEST 14:55EDT 3698.34miles 2.14
ME 311 OJAI OLBA 10:13EEST 11:09EEST 128.562miles 00:00:00
ME 323 ORBI OLBA 14:50AST 16:05EEST 439.182miles 00:00:00
ME 365 OEJN OLBA 12:34AST 14:43EEST 755.589miles 00:00:00
ME 404 OLBA OKBK 08:48EEST 10:42AST 695.731miles 00:00:00
ME 422 OLBA OERK 17:50EEST 20:00AST 791.668miles 00:00:00
QR 425 OLBA OTHH 13:52EEST 17:02AST 985.73miles 00:00:00
KU 502 OLBA OKBK 15:25EEST 18:25AST 695.731miles 00:00:00
SV 641 OEJN OLBA 11:04AST 13:46EEST 755.589miles 00:00:00
MS 711 HECA OLBA 16:55EET 19:05EEST 304.56miles 00:00:00
GF 911 OBBI OLBA 09:48AST 13:09EEST 907.693miles 00:00:00
EK 958 OLBA OMDB 12:20EEST 16:57GST 1157.06miles 00:00:00
AM 2200 MMHO KLAX 10:42MST 12:05PDT 476.302miles 00:00:00
AS 436 KSEA KLAX 22:09PDT 00:20PDT 830.908miles 02.25
CI 7C KLAX RCMQ 01:05PDT 05:11CST 5963.38miles 00:00:00
DL 1388 KLAX MROC 00:57PDT 07:25CST 2368.77miles 00:00:00
DL 1434 PHNL KLAX 14:54HST 22:38PDT 2220.62miles 06.15
EAQ 96 KLAX YMML 23:35PDT 07:50AEST 6896.36miles 00:00:00
MQ 3097 KFAT KLAX 11:45PDT 12:52PDT 182.058miles 00:00:00
LV 8230 KORD KLAX 09:22CDT 10:54PDT 1514.64miles 00:00:00
WN 2504 KDEN KLAX 22:46MDT 23:36PDT 748.825miles 00:00:00
WN 3435 KTUS KLAS 15:16MST 16:14PDT 317.639miles
6R 302 MMMX KLAX 01:52CDT 00:38PDT 1351.42miles 00:00:00
UA 299 KIAD KLAX 22:50EDT 00:46PDT 1986.04miles 00:00:00
AZ 1418 LICC LIRF 12:22CEST 13:17CEST 291.296miles 00:00:00
CT 2037 UUEE LIRF 12:09CEST 12:56CEST 1296.63miles 00:00:00
DL 65 LIRF KATL 12:58CEST 17:26EDT 4370.76miles 00:00:00
U2 1061 KORD LIRF 06:20CEST 07:44CEST 4185.34miles 0.00.00
AY 783 KMSP LIRF 16:20EEST 18:26CEST 4253.46miles 00:00:00
IG 1113 LDDU LIRF 20:10CEST 20:58CEST 272.046miles 00:00:00
ZB 5403 LIRF EGBB 13:17CEST 14:44BST 855.874miles 00:00:00
A5 4546 LIPE LIRF 14:05CEST 15:16CEST 169.695miles 00:00:00
FR 7592 LFLL LIRF 12:00CEST 13:10CEST 390.157miles 00:00:00
HV 6037 KJFK LIRF 17:40CEST 19:46CEST 3711.62miles 00:00:00
VY 6224 LIRF EGKK 12:30CEST 14:10BST 760.044miles 00:00:00
AM 2092 MMMY KIAH 12:40CDT 13:42?CDT 358.128miles 00:00:00
YV 6245 KAUS KIAH 06:44CDT 07:20?CDT 121.954miles 00:00:00
EV 3852 KIAH KBTR 07:10CDT 07:58CDT 219.81miles 00:00:00
EV 4209 KIAH KMAF 07:10CDT 08:34CDT 372.701miles 00:00:00
EV 4388 KJAN KIAH 05:37CDT 06:31?CDT 304.411miles 00:00:00
FX 408 KIAH KDFW 06:40CDT 07:21CDT 195.27miles 00:00:00
5O 20CC KCLT KIAH 09:17EDT 11:47?CDT 792.576miles 00:00:00
YX 4439 KIAH KPHL 06:50CDT 10:40EDT 1150.72miles 00:00:00
S5 3615 KPIT KIAH 05:40EDT 07:25?CDT 971.237miles 00:00:00
UA 638 KIAH KORD 07:15CDT 09:59CDT 805.088miles 00:00:00
AD 4195 SBKP SBGL 06:00BRT 06:55BRT 215.751miles 00:00:00
G3 5318 SBGL SBAR 14:00BRT 16:15BRT 794.145miles 00:00:00
G3 5627 SBGL SBRF 12:35BRT 15:15BRT 1004.77miles 00:00:00
G3 5806 SBGO SBGL 11:05BRT 12:30BRT 502.057miles 00:00:00
G3 5848 SBGL SBFZ 09:30BRT 12:03BRT 1176.38miles 00:00:00
G3 6841 SBGL SBRF 11:01BRT 13:02BRT 1004.77miles 00:00:00
PZ 725 SAEZ SBGL 09:27ART 11:46BRT 1079.16miles 00:00:00
O6 6226 SBGL SBSV 11:45BRT 13:50BRT 658.125miles 00:00:00
JJ 3188 SBGL SBFI 10:19BRT 12:06BRT 638.469miles 00:00:00
JJ 3410 SBFL SBGL 11:19BRT 12:40BRT 410.616miles 00:00:00
JJ 3625 SBSV SBGL 07:32BRT 09:19BRT 658.125miles 00:00:00
JJ 3933 SBGL SBSP 14:15BRT 15:20BRT 194.81miles 01.00
AD 2546 SBCF SBRJ 16:55BRT 17:54BRT 202.647miles 00:00:00
AD 4449 SBRJ SBPA 15:30BRT 17:28BRT 605.443miles 00:00:00
AD 6991 SBRJ SBCF 13:40BRT 14:35BRT 202.647miles 00:00:00
G3 5664 SBSP SBRJ 09:57BRT 10:35BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
G3 6758 SBRJ SBSP 14:10BRT 15:00BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
G3 6826 SBRJ SBSP 11:28BRT 12:24BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
G3 6856 SBRJ SBSP 12:50BRT 13:40BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
O6 6007 SBRJ SBSP 11:32BRT 12:26BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
JJ 3023 SBBR SBRJ 08:12BRT 09:31BRT 501.763miles 00:00:00
JJ 3912 SBSP SBRJ 09:08BRT 10:03BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
JJ 3921 SBRJ SBSP 11:22BRT 12:09BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
JJ 3935 SBRJ SBSP 14:45BRT 15:35BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
AD 2873 SBCT SBSP 10:35BRT 11:30BRT 178.991miles 00:00:00
G3 5402 SBSP SBNF 19:28BRT 20:13?BRT 223.63miles 00:00:00
G3 5465 SBSP SBCF 20:39BRT 21:32?BRT 283.448miles 00:00:00
G3 5667 SBRJ SBSP 19:53BRT 20:43BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
O6 6032 SBSP SBRJ 21:37BRT 22:14?BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
JJ 3019 SBSP SBCT 20:15BRT 20:59?BRT 178.991miles 00:00:00
JJ 3102 SBFL SBSP 10:25BRT 11:15BRT 263.893miles 00:00:00
JJ 3213 SBCF SBSP 09:05BRT 10:07BRT 283.448miles 00:00:00
JJ 3263 SBCF SBSP 10:25BRT 11:42BRT 283.448miles 00:00:00
JJ 3714 SBSP SBPJ 21:55BRT 00:00?BRT 807.42miles 00:00:00
JJ 3899 SBSR SBSP 20:14BRT 20:58BRT 227.875miles 00:00:00
JJ 3956 SBSP SBRJ 20:00BRT 21:05?BRT 197.627miles 00:00:00
EV 2440 KIAH KOKC 20:10CDT 21:09CDT 344.325miles 00:00:00
AX 4515 KIAH KLFT 19:53CDT 20:28CDT 174.643miles 00:00:00
OO 5760 KIAH KCVG 19:47CDT 22:41EDT 757.62miles 00:00:00
UA 1904 KIAH KSEA 19:45CDT 22:46PDT 1628.87miles 00:00:00
BA 248 SBGL EGLL 22:20BRT 13:06BST 5001.91miles 00:00:00
G3 5677 SBGL SBBE 22:47BRT 01:46BRT 1323.82miles 00:00:00
G3 5854 SBGL SBFL 07:35BRT 09:03BRT 410.616miles 00:00:00
JJ 3073 SBGL SBCY 22:28BRT 23:36AMT 847.106miles 00:00:00
JJ 3658 SBGL SBRF 22:06BRT 00:52BRT 1004.77miles 00:00:00
EK 248 SAEZ SBGL 21:36 ART 23:44 BRT 1079.16miles 00:00:02
EK 248E SAEZ OMDB 21:36 ART 23:00 GST 7392.43miles 00:00:16
KE 868 ZMUB RKSI 01:05ULAST 03:50KST 1065.28miles 00:00:00
MR 1062 ZMUG ZMUB 08:30ULAST 09:40ULAST 599.427miles 0.00.00
B7 83D KJFK TNCM 18:00 22:00 1466miles 00:00:04
BR 661R RCTP SLVR 12:06CST 13:46BOT 10310.1miles 00:00:00
BR 675R SLVR RCTP 06:12BOT 07:12CST 10310.1miles 00:00:00
OB 126A SLVR SLLP 17:20BOT 18:20BOT 298.394miles 00:00:00
B6 787A KJFK TNCM 09:43EDT 13:04AST 1466miles 00:00:00
LI 553B TIST TNCM 14:45AST 15:20AST 107.704miles 00:00:01
JU 170 LYBE LYPG 07:16CEST 07:55CEST 154.802miles 00:00:00
JU 191 LJLJ LYBE 10:04CEST 11:14CEST 260.431miles
JU 340 LYBE EDDS 07:26CEST 08:54CEST 511.791miles 00:00:00
JU 375 LSZH LYBE 21:48CEST 23:09CEST 514.009miles 00:00:00
JU 415 ESSA LYBE 21:05CEST 23:25CEST 895.651miles
JU 530 LYBE LIRF 07:22CEST 08:45CEST 396.337miles 00:00:00
JU 817 LLBG LYBE 07:39IDT 09:20CEST 1028.24miles
YM 200 LYTV LYBE 15:20CEST 16:17CEST 160.652miles 00:00:01
AA 1496 KMIA KCLT 06:45EDT 08:39EDT 567.115miles 00:00:00
M6 9827 KMIA MDPP 06:40EDT 08:12AST 649.006miles 00:00:00
L7 1801 KMIA MGGT 06:40EDT 06:27CST 886.777miles 00:00:00
TA 314 KMIA MNMG 05:01EDT 04:59CST 885.799miles 00:00:00
OB 509 SLTJ SLLP 10:54BOT 11:50?BOT 362.179miles 00:00:00
OB 620 SLCB SLLP 18:54BOT 19:29?BOT 128.061miles 00:00:00
OB 671 SLVR SLLP 14:40BOT 15:27?BOT 298.394miles 01.05
LA 969 SLLP SCDA 17:54BOT 19:41CLT 266.993miles 00:00:00
UA 1123 KIAH TIST 08:50CDT 14:16AST 1799.11miles 00:00:00
A8 6909A TIST TUPJ 12:29AST 12:39AST 25.3852miles 00:00:00
9K 8301 TIST TJSJ 18:20AST 18:40AST 58.9609miles 00:00:00
NK 212 TIST KFLL 16:22AST 19:02EDT 963.077miles 00:00:00
2Q 6909A TIST TUPJ 11:05AST 11:17AST 25.3852miles 00:00:00
MJ 381 TIST TJSJ 08:35AST 08:56AST 58.9609miles 00:00:00
MJ 383A TIST TNCM 06:51AST 07:10AST 107.704miles 00:00:00
A8 6903 TISX TIST 18:03AST 18:19AST 39.4777miles 00:00:00
BB 3592B TISX TIST 17:19AST 17:30AST 39.4777miles 00:00:00
9K 8031 TJSJ TIST 08:35AST 09:01AST 58.9609miles 00:00:00
9K 8331 TJSJ TIST 18:13AST 18:41AST 58.9609miles 00:00:00
MJ 382 TJSJ TIST 04:55AST 05:17AST 58.9609miles 00:00:00
DL 2004 KLAX KSLC 17:11PDT 19:28?MDT 513.237miles 00:00:00
FX 3745 KIND KLAX 16:19EDT 17:16PDT 1574.66miles 00:00:00
WN 765 KLAX KPHX 17:23PDT 18:19?MST 321.335miles 00:00:00
AC 234A CYVR CZMT 18:00PDT 19:19PDT 441.836miles 00:00:00
LH 477 CYVR EDDM 19:19PDT 13:54CEST 4508.09miles 00:00:00
QK 8892 CYXY CYVR 14:40PDT 16:34PDT 801.712miles 00:00:00
OO 3520 KSEA CYVR 18:47PDT 19:15PDT 110.623miles 00:00:00
DE 1574 EDDS LPMA 12:25CEST 15:25WEST 1512.7miles 00:00:00
SP 5502 LPPD LPMA 07:53AZOST 10:29WEST 532.43miles 00:00:00
AA 740 TJSJ KPHL 08:30AST 12:11?EDT 1374.66miles 00:00:00
FX 51 KMEM TJSJ 04:03CDT 08:36AST 1620.79miles 00:00:00
B6 934 TJSJ KMCO 09:55AST 12:40?EDT 1034.35miles 00:00:00
9K 2511 TJSJ TISX 09:15AST 09:48?AST 81.7361miles 00:00:00
9K 4421 TUPJ TJSJ 08:20AST 08:58AST 83.1777miles 00:00:00
C2 8102 TJSJ TISX 10:10AST 10:50?AST 81.7361miles 00:00:00
BB 4577 TDPD TJSJ 08:00AST 09:34AST 321.259miles 00:00:00
WN 2869 TJSJ KMCO 10:00AST 12:48?EDT 1034.35miles 00:00:00
CZ 972B PKMJ PGSN 13:36MHT 15:38CHST 1580.8miles 04.17
ON 33A PHNL PKMJ 12:23GILT 12:48MHT 1982.81miles 05.17
UA 155A PKWA PKMJ 18:29MHT 19:19MHT 233.107miles 00:00:00
KO 35 PANC PAKN 15:24AKDT 16:34AKDT 250.2miles 00:00:00
AS 168 PANC PAKN 16:13AKDT 16:57AKDT 250.2miles 00:00:00
AS 66 PANC PACV 15:38AKDT 16:06AKDT 138.53miles 00:00:00
CV 658 PANC KDFW 13:51AKDT 22:29CDT 2642.95miles 00:00:00
KE 243 PANC KATL 14:42AKDT 00:58EDT 2966.66miles 00:00:00
L2 5QS PANC KBFI 14:58AKDT 18:53PDT 1253.54miles 00:00:00
NC 40 PANC PADG 13:18AKDT 14:46AKDT 527.526miles 00:00:00
PO 998 PANC KCVG 15:20AKDT 01:07EDT 2699.42miles 00:00:00
KS 245 PANC PACD 11:15AKDT 14:12AKDT 538.11miles 00:00:00
QX 2809 PANC PAFA 16:34AKDT 17:23AKDT 226.462miles 00:00:01
QX 834 PANC PAEN 12:38AKDT 12:55AKDT 51.3946miles 00:00:01
QX 876 PANC PAHO 16:36AKDT 17:06AKDT 101.859miles 00:00:01
5X 61 RCTP PANC 20:23CST 12:37AKDT 4064.55miles
5X 63 PANC KSDF 15:22AKDT 01:12EDT 2709.83miles 00:00:01
5X 91 PANC PAKN 11:42AKDT 13:02AKDT 250.2miles 00:00:01
HZ 152F UHMA UHHH 15:36MAGT 17:56VLAT 1661.8miles 00:00:00
GH 3514 UHMM UNNT 11:55MAGT 13:25NOVT 2121.17miles 00:00:00
R3 480 UHMM UEEE 18:10MAGT 20:40CHST 621.429miles 00:00:00
SU 173A UHHH UHPP 13:31VLAT 13:44MSK 921.194miles 00:00:00
S7 515A UHHH ZBAA 02:01VLAT 02:43VLAT 943.271miles 00:00:00
HZ 543B UHHH ZBAA 23:45VLAT 00:50CST 943.271miles 00:00:00
HZ 5611 UHHH UHWW 12:05VLAT 13:05VLAT 333.592miles 00:00:00
U6 674A UHHH UIII 08:10VLAT 09:13IRKT 1192.05miles 00:00:00
S7 3274 UHWW UNNT 12:01VLAT 13:00NOVT 2016.2miles 00:00:00
HZ 5468 UHWW ZBAA 01:06VLAT 00:55CST 723.916miles 00:00:00
HZ 5646 UHWW UEEE 22:51VLAT 01:05CHST 1127.06miles 00:00:00
MU 510 VHHH ZSPD 17:05HKT 20:05CST 678.851miles 02.2
9C 8716 VHHH ZSPD 17:50HKT 20:35CST 678.851miles 00:00:00
HX 246 VHHH ZSPD 13:15HKT 15:45CST 678.851miles 00:00:00
BR 618K VHHH ZSAM 09:30HKT 11:00CST 268.404miles 01.00
KA 834 VHHH ZSPD 15:25HKT 17:50CST 678.851miles 00:00:00
KA 876 VHHH ZSPD 09:50HKT 12:15CST 678.851miles 00:00:00
CI 532A KJFK UHMM 10:50EDT 13:40AKDT 4388.52miles 00:00:11
NH 620 RJFK RJTT 08:44JST 10:06JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
JL 648 RJFK RJTT 14:56JST 16:27JST 505.845miles 01.36
GK 694 RJFK RJGG 16:55JST 17:35JST 356.965miles 00:00:00
CX 156 YBBN VHHH 23:35AEST 05:58HKT 3756.3miles 09.43
JQ 821 YBBN YSSY 18:22AEST 19:53AEST 406.092miles 00:00:00
QF 533 YBBN YSSY 14:45AEST 15:50AEST 406.092miles 00:00:00
QF 553 YBBN YSSY 21:25AEST 22:31AEST 406.092miles 00:00:00
QF 623 YBBN YMML 14:16AEST 16:05AEST 746.069miles 00:00:00
QF 663 YBBN YPAD 16:04AEST 17:42ACST 875.553miles 00:00:00
QF 978 YBBN YBTL 20:58AEST 22:46AEST 601.886miles 00:00:00
QF 2358 YBBN YBRK 18:37AEST 19:48AEST 280.73miles 00:00:00
QF 2418 YBBN YEML 16:38AEST 18:08AEST 353.258miles 00:00:00
TR 377 YBBN YSSY 15:51AEST 16:54AEST 406.092miles 00:00:00
TG 474 YBBN VTBS 14:08AEST 19:47ICT 3925.39miles 00:00:00
VA 1220 YBBN YSCB 15:09AEST 16:34AEST 516.433miles 00:00:00
VA 1398 YBBN YPAD 15:50AEST 17:26ACST 875.553miles 00:00:00
VA 1719 YBBN YGLA 17:58AEST 19:16AEST 235.511miles 00:00:00
VA 352 YBBN YMML 19:59AEST 21:45AEST 746.069miles 00:00:00
VA 457 YBBN YPDN 19:19AEST 22:48ACST 1541.54miles 00:00:00
VA 791 YBBN YBCS 17:01AEST 19:14AEST 752.634miles 00:00:00
VA 986 YBBN YSSY 20:18AEST 21:32AEST 406.092miles 00:00:00
AS 129 KLAX PANC 10:16PDT 14:01AKDT 2038.38miles 00:00:00
AS 83 KSEA PANC 08:58PDT 11:01AKDT 1257.1miles 00:00:00
CV 132 PASC PANC 11:45AKDT 13:24AKDT 543.469miles 00:00:00
GG 531N PAKN PANC 13:52AKDT 14:48AKDT 250.2miles 00:00:00
KS 3299 PADU PANC 12:37AKDT 14:51AKDT 686.724miles 00:00:00
QX 839G PAEN PANC 15:25AKDT 15:39AKDT 51.3946miles 00:00:00
EH 782F RJOO RJFU 08:02JST 09:01JST 297.672miles 00:00:00
NH 786U RJFU RJOO 17:54JST 18:46JST 297.672miles 00:00:00
JL 610C RJFU RJTT 13:05JST 14:28JST 514.787miles 00:00:00
JL 616J RJFU RJTT 21:06JST 22:35JST 514.787miles 00:00:00
CA 15602 ZSNJ ZBAA 17:35CST 19:11CST 513.629miles 01.37
MU 2727 ZSNJ ZGSD 16:35CST 16:53CST 654.462miles 00:00:00
MU 2817 ZSNJ ZPPP 20:14CST 22:31CST 931.151miles 00:00:00
MU 2845 ZSNJ ZUCK 18:51CST 20:32CST 643.042miles 00:00:00
MU 2886 ZSNJ ZUUU 16:18CST 17:42CST 770.237miles 00:00:00
MU 5595 ZSNJ ZUUU 20:03CST 22:11CST 770.237miles 00:00:00
HU 7210 ZSNJ ZJHK 21:39CST 23:47CST 841.636miles 00:00:00
FM 9357 ZSNJ ZGGG 17:55CST 19:52CST 582.044miles 00:00:00
FM 3822 ZSNJ ZGGG 16:05CST 17:53CST 582.044miles 00:00:00
FM 6546 ZSNJ ZYCC 22:51CST 00:15CST 804.122miles 00:00:00
ZH 9215 ZSNJ ZUGY 16:00CST 18:10CST 705.885miles 00:00:00
ZH 9626 ZSNJ ZGGG 19:13CST 20:51CST 582.044miles 00:00:00
ZH 9654 ZYTX ZHCC 08:34CST 10:37CST 625.073miles
MF 8054 ZSNJ ZSFZ 23:16CST 00:13CST 351.335miles 00:00:00
HO 1657 ZSNJ ZYTL 18:46CST 20:08CST 453.848miles 00:00:00
KY 8204 ZSNJ ZPPP 22:39CST 01:14CST 931.151miles 00:00:00
EU 2760 ZSNJ ZUUU 22:44CST 00:57CST 770.237miles 00:00:00
CA 105 ZYTL VHHH 12:45CST 16:04HKT 1074.94miles 0.00.00
CA 8957 ZYTL ZSNJ 07:21CST 08:38CST 453.848miles 00:00:00
SC 4838 ZYTL ZSQD 12:56CST 13:38CST 171.288miles 00:00:00
MU 2917 ZYTL ZGHA 20:36CST 22:53CST 768.873miles 00:00:00
MU 5626 ZYTL ZSPD 21:10CST 22:31CST 470.308miles 00:00:01
HU 7165 ZYTL ZBYN 12:50CST 13:43CST 426.126miles 00:00:00
HU 7370 ZYTL ZSWF 11:37CST 12:12CST 180.608miles 00:00:00
3U 8812 ZYTL ZSJN 13:22CST 14:15CST 240.933miles 00:00:00
CZ 6121 ZYTL ZBAA 13:46CST 14:48CST 238.377miles 00:00:00
CZ 6139 ZYTL ZBAA 19:59CST 20:49CST 238.377miles 00:00:00
CZ 6299 ZYTL ZGSZ 07:51CST 10:44CST 1058.31miles 00:00:00
CZ 641 ZYTL RJBB 08:01CST 10:53JST 713.498miles 00:00:00
CZ 6523 ZYTL ZSPD 12:26CST 13:48CST 470.308miles 00:00:01
CZ 695 ZYTL RKSI 14:29CST 16:16KST 248.566miles 00:00:00
ZH 9576 ZYTL ZSWX 19:46CST 21:13CST 452.068miles 00:00:00
HO 1658 ZYTL ZSNJ 21:26CST 22:46CST 453.848miles 00:00:00
G5 2762 ZYTL ZBOW 19:47CST 21:48CST 541.377miles 00:00:00
BK 2740 ZYTL ZSYT 10:10CST 10:45CST 94.3291miles 00:00:00
WA 682 YGTH YHAY 09:56AEST 10:31?AEST 63.6319miles 00:00:00
ZL 472 YGTH YSSY 18:43AEST 19:47?AEST 254.912miles 00:00:00
9C 8891 ZSPD VTBS 22:59CST 01:51ICT 1565.71miles 04.15
CK 223 ZSPD KLAX 03:32CST 23:40PDT 5629.95miles 00:00:00
EK 9879 ZSPD OMDW 06:15CST 11:10GST 3505.19miles 00:00:00
FM 9257 ZSPD ZSAM 21:10CST 22:50CST 442.356miles
HO 1271 ZSPD ZJHK 07:32CST 09:57CST 911.068miles 00:00:00
MU 211 ZSPD RPLL 00:49CST 03:50PHT 1000.66miles 00:00:00
EH 303 RJGG ROAH 11:16JST 13:10JST 703.417miles 00:00:00
IT 20Z RJGG RCTP 11:01JST 12:41CST 999.773miles 00:00:00
JL 1601 RJGG RKSI 14:06JST 16:06KST 526.827miles 00:00:00
BC 2B RJFF RJTT 07:21JST 08:41JST 476.496miles 00:00:00
CX 511X RCTP VHHX 13:00CST 15:05HKT 421.022miles 00:00:01
DL 598 RJFF PHNL 19:04JST 08:05HST 3818.5miles 00:00:00
EH 438 RJFF RJGG 11:35JST 12:40JST 325.48miles 00:00:00
MU 2880 RJFF ZSNJ 18:46JST 19:39CST 595.921miles 00:00:00
SQ 655 RJFF WSSS 10:16JST 14:49SGT 2443.14miles 00:00:00
CA 457A ZSFZ ZUCK 17:09CST 19:11CST 728.492miles 00:00:00
FU 6579 ZSFZ ZGHA 08:14CST 09:46CST 371.019miles 00:00:00
MF 8041 ZSFZ ZSJN 08:18CST 10:39CST 668.657miles 00:00:00
MF 8451 ZSFZ ZUUU 17:53CST 20:14CST 876.869miles 00:00:00
MF 8909 ZSFZ VTBS 09:15CST 11:33ICT 1295.69miles 00:00:00
BL 685 VMMC VVDN 17:05CST 18:00ICT 477.092miles 00:00:00
NX 128 VMMC ZSNJ 12:56CST 15:06CST 641.472miles 00:00:00
NX 226 VMMC ZSHC 12:23CST 14:18CST 610.204miles 00:00:00
NX 830 VMMC VVDN 21:25CST 22:00ICT 477.092miles 00:00:00
NX 882 VMMC VTBS 20:44CST 22:19ICT 891.974miles 00:00:00
Z2 89 VMMC RPLL 11:55CST 13:51PHT 625.345miles 00:00:00
EH 1649 RJOO RJOM 20:17JST 20:53JST 147.504miles 00:00:00
EH 1826 RJOM RJGG 14:46JST 15:35JST 213.193miles 00:00:00
NH 1884 ROAH RJOM 14:08JST 15:35JST 528.187miles 00:00:00
NH 590 RJOM RJTT 12:19JST 13:17JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
JL 434 RJOM RJTT 11:54JST 12:57JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
JL 440 RJOM RJTT 19:10JST 20:15JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
CA 858 RJBB ZSPD 16:49JST 18:21CST 706.452miles 00:00:00
FM 8418 RJBB ZGHA 14:12JST 16:22CST 1188.46miles 00:00:00
KE 760 RJBB RKPK 19:24JST 20:30KST 313.893miles 01.7
SC 8826 RJBB ZSQD 18:07JST 18:50CST 736.045miles 00:00:00
ZH 9064 RJBB ZGSZ 15:06JST 18:01CST 1330.85miles 00:00:00
QF 811 YSCB YMML 09:22AEST 10:14AEST 253.844miles 00:00:00
QF 1550 YSCB YBBN 16:56AEST 18:16AEST 516.433miles 00:00:00
VH UNF YSCB YSBK 13:58AEST 14:34AEST 121.537miles 00:00:00
SQ 1X VHHX WSSS 18:30HKT 22:15SGT 1393.67miles 03.48
OX 203X VHHX VTBS 08:15HKT 09:45ICT 926.585miles 00:00:02
TZ 2065X VHHX WSSS 14:00HKT 18:12SGT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
CX 237X VHHX EGLL 00:15HKT 06:20BST 5214.53miles 00:00:13
HX 246X VHHX ZSPD 13:15HKT 15:45CST 669.026miles 00:00:00
HX 252X VHHX RCTP 09:10HKT 11:15CST 421.022miles 00:00:01
CX 257X VHHX EGLL 23:45HKT 05:35BST 5214.53miles 00:00:13
BA 28X VHHX EGLL 23:45HKT 05:35BST 5214.53miles 00:00:13
CX 406X VHHX RCTP 12:15HKT 14:15CST 421.022miles 00:00:01
KA 482X VHHX RCTP 18:15HKT 20:00CST 421.022miles 00:00:01
MU 510X VHHX ZSPD 17:05HKT 20:05CST 669.026miles 00:00:00
CX 580X VHHX RJCC 09:25HKT 14:56 JST 1842.48miles 00:00:05
BR 618KX VHHX ZSAM 09:30HKT 11:00CST 254.63miles 00:00:00
CX 635X VHHX WSSS 20:10HKT 00:10SGT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
TG 639X VHHX VTBS 19:05HKT 20:35ICT 926.585miles 00:00:02
CX 709X VHHX VTBS 22:25HKT 00:15ICT 926.585miles 00:00:02
TK 71X VHHX LTBA 22:55 HKT 04:45 EEST (+1) 4341.74miles 00:00:11
CX 733X VHHX WSSS 16:05HKT 20:00SGT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
CX 806X VHHX KORD 12:39 HKT 14:23 CDT 6764.14miles 00:00:14
KA 834X VHHX ZSPD 15:25HKT 17:50CST 669.026miles 00:00:00
SQ 859X VHHX WSSS 08:40HKT 12:40SGT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
9C 8716X VHHX ZSPD 17:50HKT 20:35CST 669.026miles 00:00:00
KA 876X VHHX ZSPD 09:50HKT 12:15CST 669.026miles 00:00:00
CX 907X VHHX RPLL 07:35HKT 09:45PHT 608.886miles 00:00:01
CA 105X ZYTL VHHX 12:45CST 16:04HKT 1069.21miles 0.00.00
5J 108X RPLL VHHX 21:05PHT 23:25HKT 608.886miles 0.00.01
CX 110X YSSY VHHX 07:30AEST 15:00HKT 3988.12miles 00:00:04
CX 156X YBBN VHHX 23:35AEST 05:58HKT 3746.7miles 00:00:00
HX 1857X RCTP VHHX 18:10:00 421.022miles 00:00:00
VS 206X EGLL VHHX 22:25BST 17:30HKT 5214.53miles 00:00:02
HX 253X RCTP VHHX 12:15CST 14:20HKT 421.022miles 00.00.01
CX 254X EGLL VHHX 22:20BST 17:10HKT 5214.53miles 00:00:13
BA 27X EGLL VHHX 21:55BST 16:40HKT 5214.53miles 00:00:13
BR 2891X RCTP VHHX 20:50:00 21:55 CST 421.022miles 01.23
BR 2895X RCTP VHHX 08:00:00 421.022miles 00:00:00
LD 316X WSSS VHHX 22:45SGT 02:38HKT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
CX 405X RCTP VHHX 16:20CST 18:10HKT 421.022miles 00:00:01
KA 483X RCTP VHHX 21:10CST 22:45HKT 421.022miles 00:00:01
CX 501X RJAA VHHX 10:43 JST 13:51 HKT 1588.53miles 00:00:04
KA 5531X RCTP VHHX 20:00:00 421.022miles 00:00:00
CX 581X RJCC VHHX 09:25HKT 14:56 JST 1842.48miles 00:00:05
CI 677X RCTP VHHX 22:05 CST 23:27HKT 421.022miles 00:00:01
3K 697X WSSS VHHX 10:10SGT 14:10HKT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
TK 70X LTBA VHHX 02:40 EEST 17:04 HKT 4341.74miles 00:00:10
CX 714X WSSS VHHX 01:20SGT 05:10HKT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
CX 720X WMKK VHHX 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 1383.59miles 00:00:00
9W 76X VABB VHHX 07:05ART 09:20CLT 2325.13miles 00:00:00
SQ 7980X WSSS VHHX 12:40SGT 16:45HKT 1393.67miles 00:00:04
SQ 890X WADD VHHX 07:35SGT 11:20HKT 1868.02miles 00:00:04
HX 9020X VVTS VHHX 02:05ICT 05:27HKT 815.927miles 00:00:02
CI 933X RCKH VHHX 16:20 18:35 341.541miles 01.11
CX 934X RPLL VHHX 09:55PHT 12:20HKT 608.886miles 00:00:01
BV 2425A LGSK LIRF 10:00EEST 10:40CEST 537.761miles 00:00:00
OA 82B LGAV LGSK 19:55EEST 20:28EEST 77.4001miles 00:00:00
AI 669 VABB VEBS 12:21IST 14:37IST 736.017miles 00:00:00
G8 347 VABB VOCI 11:31IST 13:07IST 575.124miles 00:00:00
6E 464 VOBL VABB 09:33IST 11:10IST 450.958miles
6E 735 VAAH VOBL 20:36IST 22:33IST 660.506miles
6E 801 VABB VARP 10:09IST 11:45IST 516.006miles 00:00:00
9W 388 VABB VOTV 13:18IST 15:07IST 679.937miles 00:00:00
9W 623 VABB VECC 13:41IST 16:10IST 900.231miles 00:00:00
S2 4081 VOBL VABB 08:25IST 09:55IST 450.958miles
AF 107E RCTP LFPG 23:24CST 05:52CEST 5289.89miles 0.00.00
CZ 3521 ZGGG ZSHC 08:19CST 09:45CST 561.266miles 00:00:00
CZ 399 ZGGG KJFK 01:53CST 04:15EDT 6950miles 2.22
TK 73 ZGGG LTBA 00:15CST 05:41+03 4262.9miles 5.26
ZH 9605 ZGGG ZSJD 23:45CST 01:10CST 413.419miles 00:00:00
ZH 9667 ZGGG ZSCN 07:33CST 08:40CST 357.039miles 00:00:00
ZH 9764 ZGGG ZSWX 23:38CST 01:15CST 617.458miles 00:00:00
EH 355A RJGG RJFK 15:02JST 16:24JST 356.965miles 00:00:00
EH 551B RJOO RJFK 20:02JST 21:01JST 297.361miles 00:00:00
NH 619A RJTT RJFK 06:54JST 08:19JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
NH 623B RJTT RJFK 12:29JST 14:00JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
NH 629B RJTT RJFK 19:13JST 20:39JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
JL 641A RJTT RJFK 06:48JST 08:09JST 505.845miles 00:00:01
JL 645A RJTT VHHH 10:35JST 11:56JST 1568.82miles 04.15
JL 651A RJTT RJFK 15:13JST 16:38JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
GK 625A RJAA RJFK 14:50JST 16:50JST 538.635miles 01.41
BC 301A RJTT RJFK 08:11JST 09:33JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
BC 307A RJTT RJFK 18:33JST 19:49JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
LQ 79A RJTT RJFK 18:27JST 20:12JST 505.845miles 00:00:00
LQ 86A ROAH RJFK 20:40JST 20:55JST 373.071miles 01.16
BR 504F RJFK RJFF 15:02JST 16:24JST 108.307miles 00.36
OZ 157 RJFM RKSI 12:37JST 13:57KST 416.857miles 00:00:00
EH 510 RJFM RJOO 17:25JST 18:26JST 266.105miles 00:00:00
NH 608 RJFM RJTT 11:29JST 12:45JST 471.283miles 00:00:00
JL 696 RJFM RJTT 17:00JST 18:24JST 471.283miles 00:00:00
BR 502F RJOC RJOO 15:02JST 16:24JST 130.789miles 00:00:00
OZ 157T RJOC RJTT 12:37JST 13:57KST 337.267miles 00:00:00
BR 501F RJOO RJOC 15:02JST 16:24JST 130.789miles 00:00:00
OZ 156T RJTT RJOC 12:37JST 13:57KST 337.267miles 00:00:00
JL 259T RJTT RJFO 11:00JST 12:11JST 417.414miles 00:00:00
NH 1681F RJFO RJFM 14:35JST 15:45JST 97.3142miles 00:00:00
JL 1259T RJFO RJTT 11:00JST 12:11JST 417.414miles 00:00:00
EH 1636F RJOM RJOO 09:57JST 10:38JST 147.504miles 00.42
EH 1646T RJOO RJOM 17:07JST 17:48JST 147.504miles 00:00:00
EH 1822B RJGG RJOM 08:50JST 09:41JST 213.193miles 00:00:00
EH 1826H RJGG RJOM 14:42JST 15:34JST 213.193miles 00:00:00
NH 1632P RJOM RJOO 08:13JST 08:47JST 147.504miles 00.42
NH 582X RJTT RJOM 07:56JST 09:10JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
NH 584C RJOM RJTT 09:47JST 11:03JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
NH 592J RJTT RJOM 14:37JST 15:47JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
MU 276X ZSPD RJOM 13:36JST 14:20CST 575.195miles 00:00:00
JL 432B RJTT VHHH 09:39JST 10:57 1568.82miles 04.15
JL 434H RJOM RJTT 11:47JST 12:46JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
JL 440P RJTT RJOM 19:15JST 20:32JST 364.59miles 00:00:00
NH 532 RJOT RJTT 07:40JST 08:36JST 295.052miles 00:00:00
CI 279 RJOT RCTP 11:45JST 13:00CST 863.408miles 00:00:00
GK 416 RJOT RJAA 18:27JST 19:52JST 327.376miles 00:00:00
EH 1615 RJOO RJOK 17:59JST 18:32JST 115.193miles 00:00:00
EH 1687 RJOO RJFO 10:50JST 11:40JST 200.488miles 00:00:00
EH 1853B RJOO RJSA 11:57JST 13:26JST 435.575miles 00:00:00
EH 521 RJOO RJFT 07:50JST 08:56JST 257.115miles 00:00:00
EH 551 RJOO RJFK 19:59JST 20:53JST 297.361miles 00:00:00
EH 785 RJOO RJFU 19:09JST 20:07JST 297.672miles 00:00:00
NH 1659B RJOO RJSN 12:14JST 13:01JST 260.288miles 00:00:00
NH 22 RJOO RJTT 11:09JST 12:05JST 218.158miles 00:00:00
NH 30 RJOO RJTT 15:06JST 16:01JST 218.158miles 00:00:00
NH 421 RJOO RJFF 08:11JST 09:01JST 258.376miles 00:00:00
NH 731 RJOO RJSS 08:26JST 09:23JST 332.604miles 00:00:00
NH 767 RJOO ROAH 14:35JST 16:17JST 654.448miles 00:00:00
NH 986 RJOO RJTT 07:13JST 08:03JST 218.158miles 00:00:00
JL 114 RJOO RJTT 11:41JST 12:39JST 218.158miles 00:00:00
JL 126 RJOO RJTT 16:40JST 17:29JST 218.158miles 00:00:00
JL 2005 RJOO RJCC 10:19JST 11:47JST 562.29miles 00:00:00
JL 3002 RJOO RJAA 08:10JST 09:12JST 250.167miles 00:00:00
EH 1696F RJSF RJOO 08:12JST 09:07JST 283.504miles 00:00:00
EH 1698T RJSF RJOO 18:38JST 19:29JST 283.504miles 00:00:00
EH 1698A RJSF RJOO 18:20JST 19:20JST 283.504miles 00:00:00
NH 1113G RJSF RJCC 09:56JST 11:01JST 339.102miles 00:00:00
NH 1113N RJSF RJCC 10:03JST 11:08JST 339.102miles 00:00:00
EH 1221E RJSS RJCC 08:33JST 09:26JST 281.536miles 00:00:00
EH 368Y RJSS RJGG 18:48JST 19:58JST 279.524miles 00:00:00
EH 740E RJSS RJOO 19:00JST 20:12JST 332.604miles 00:00:00
NH 734K RJSS RJOO 10:16JST 11:18JST 332.604miles 00:00:00
JL 574 RJCB RJTT 15:35JST 17:05JST 460.339miles 00:00:00
EH J106 RJFO ROIG 15:35JST 17:05JST 672.859miles 00:00:00
NH J117 RJCW ROIG 14:20JST 15:11JST 1523.35miles 00:00:00
OZ J123 RJOA ROIG 18:48JST 19:58JST 754.94miles 00:00:00
GE J129 ROAH ROAH 19:00JST 20:12JST 0miles 00:00:00
B7 J135 RJOO ROAH 10:16JST 11:18JST 654.448miles 00:00:00
HD J141 RJCB ROAH 19:59JST 20:53JST 1253.2miles 00:00:00
NH J147 RJSN ROAH 19:09JST 20:07JST 914.629miles 00:00:00
OZ J153 RCTP RJFK 12:14JST 13:01JST 643.348miles 01.57
GE J159 RJOM RJFK 11:09JST 12:05JST 157.777miles 00:00:00
B7 J165 RJSS RJFK 15:06JST 16:01JST 629.743miles 00:00:00
HD J171 RJCH RJFK 08:11JST 09:01JST 770.544miles 00:00:00
NH J177 RJFF RJFK 20:16JST 21:01JST 108.307miles 00:00:00
OZ J183 RJFM RJFM 08:26JST 09:23JST 0miles 00:00:00
GE J189 RJTT RJFM 14:35JST 16:17JST 471.283miles 00:00:00
B7 J195 RJCW RJFM 07:13JST 08:03JST 945.209miles 00:00:00
HD J201 RJOA RJFM 11:41JST 12:39JST 170.97miles 00.46
NH J207 ROAH RJFO 16:40JST 17:29JST 486.06miles 00:00:00
OZ J213 RJOO RJFO 10:19JST 11:47JST 200.488miles 00:00:00
GE J219 RJCB RJFO 08:10JST 09:12JST 775.944miles 00:00:00
B7 J225 RJSN RJFO 13:50JST 15:20JST 449.274miles 00:00:00
HD J231 RCTP RJOM 10:26JST 12:13JST 797.055miles 00:00:00
NH J237 RJOM RJOM 14:20JST 15:11JST 0miles 00:00:00
OZ J243 RJSS RJOM 18:48JST 19:58JST 475.834miles 00:00:00
GE J249 RJCH RJOM 19:00JST 20:12JST 613.01miles 00:00:00
B7 J255 RJFF RJOM 10:16JST 11:18JST 113.759miles 00:00:00
HD J261 RJFM RJOT 19:59JST 20:53JST 191.342miles 00:00:00
NH J267 RJTT RJOT 19:09JST 20:07JST 295.052miles 00:00:00
OZ J273 RJCW RJOT 12:14JST 13:01JST 761.116miles 00:00:00
GE J279 RJOA RJOT 11:09JST 12:05JST 56.1965miles 00:00:00
B7 J285 ROAH RJOO 15:06JST 16:01JST 654.448miles 00:00:00
HD J291 RJOA RJOO 08:11JST 09:01JST 126.367miles 00.00.00
NH J297 RJCB RJOO 20:16JST 21:01JST 600.012miles 00:00:00
OZ J303 RJSN RJOO 08:26JST 09:23JST 260.288miles 00:00:00
GE J309 RCTP RJGG 14:35JST 16:17JST 999.773miles 00:00:00
B7 J315 RJOM RJGG 07:13JST 08:03JST 213.193miles 00:00:00
HD J321 RJSS RJGG 11:41JST 12:39JST 279.524miles 00:00:00
NH J327 RJCH RJGG 16:40JST 17:29JST 456.389miles 00:00:00
OZ J333 RJFF RJGG 10:19JST 11:47JST 325.48miles 00:00:00
GE 1339 RJFM RJTT 08:10JST 09:12JST 471.283miles 01.31
B7 J345 RJTO RJTT 13:50JST 15:20JST 50.5384miles 00.00.00
HD J351 RJCW RJTT 10:26JST 12:13JST 599.157miles 00:00:00
NH J357 RJOA RJTT 14:20JST 15:11JST 344.281miles 00:00:00
OZ J363 ROAH RJSF 18:48JST 19:58JST 928.86miles 00:00:00
GE J369 RJOO RJSF 19:00JST 20:12JST 283.504miles 00:00:00
B7 J375 RJCB RJSF 10:16JST 11:18JST 354.768miles 00:00:00
HD J381 RJSN RJSF 19:59JST 20:53JST 76.4137miles 00:00:00
NH J387 RCTP RJSS 19:09JST 20:07JST 1272.5miles 00:00:00
OZ J393 RJOM RJSS 12:14JST 13:01JST 475.834miles 01.31
B7 J405 RJCH RJSS 15:06JST 16:01JST 218.596miles 00:00:00
HD J411 RJFF RJSS 08:11JST 09:01JST 578.173miles 00:00:00
NH J417 RJFM RJSI 20:16JST 21:01JST 654.956miles 00:00:00
OZ J423 RJTT RJSI 08:26JST 09:23JST 241.951miles 00:00:00
GE J429 RJCW RJSI 14:35JST 16:17JST 360.1miles 00:00:00
B7 J435 RJOA RJSI 07:13JST 08:03JST 495.354miles 00:00:00
HD J441 ROAH RJCB 11:41JST 12:39JST 1253.2miles 00:00:00
NH J447 RJOO RJCB 16:40JST 17:29JST 600.012miles 00:00:00
OZ J453 RJCB RJCB 10:19JST 11:47JST 0miles 00:00:00
GE J459 RJSN RJCB 08:10JST 09:12JST 343.158miles 00:00:00
EH J470 RJFO RJCM 15:35JST 17:05JST 853.119miles 00:00:00
NH J481 RJCW RJCM 14:20JST 15:11JST 136.119miles 00:00:00
OZ J487 RJOA RJCM 18:48JST 19:58JST 770.897miles 00:00:00
GE J493 ROAH RJCW 19:00JST 20:12JST 1339.57miles 00:00:00
B7 J499 RJOO RJCW 10:16JST 11:18JST 701.006miles 00:00:00
HD J505 RJCB RJCW 19:59JST 20:53JST 171.592miles 00:00:00
NH J511 RJSN RJCW 19:09JST 20:07JST 463.499miles 00:00:00
OZ J517 RCTP RJEC 12:14JST 13:01JST 1526.24miles 00:00:00
GE J523 RJOM RJEC 11:09JST 12:05JST 746.434miles 00:00:00
B7 J529 RJSS RJEC 15:06JST 16:01JST 339.714miles 00:00:00
HD J535 RJCH RJEC 08:11JST 09:01JST 134.971miles 00:00:00
NH J541 RJFF RJEC 20:16JST 21:01JST 825.935miles 00:00:00
OZ J547 RJFM RJCH 08:26JST 09:23JST 745.452miles 00:00:00
B7 J559 RJCW RJCH 07:13JST 08:03JST 221.981miles 00.53
HD J565 RJOA RJCH 11:41JST 12:39JST 577.285miles 00:00:00
NH J571 ROAH RJSK 16:40JST 17:29JST 1023.45miles 00:00:00
OZ J577 RJOO RJSK 10:19JST 11:47JST 369.383miles 00:00:00
GE J583 RJCB RJSK 08:10JST 09:12JST 231.141miles 00:00:00
B7 J589 RJSN RJSK 13:50JST 15:20JST 112.607miles 00:00:00
HD J595 RCTP RJSN 10:26JST 12:13JST 1195.24miles 00:00:00
NH J601 RJOM RJSN 14:20JST 15:11JST 398.35miles 00:00:00
OZ J607 RJSS RJSN 18:48JST 19:58JST 86.1321miles 00:00:00
GE J613 RJCH RJSN 19:00JST 20:12JST 242.84miles 00.56
B7 J619 RJFF RJSN 10:16JST 11:18JST 497.014miles 00:00:00
HD J625 RJFM RJNT 19:59JST 20:53JST 404.19miles 00:00:00
NH J631 RJTT RJNT 19:09JST 20:07JST 141.933miles 00:00:00
OZ J637 RJCW RJNT 12:14JST 13:01JST 566.017miles 00:00:00
GE J643 RJOA RJNT 11:09JST 12:05JST 247.297miles 00:00:00
B7 J649 ROAH RJOA 15:06JST 16:01JST 565.217miles 00:00:00
HD J655 RJOO RJOA 08:11JST 09:01JST 126.367miles 00:00:00
NH J661 RJCB RJOA 20:16JST 21:01JST 693.488miles 00:00:00
OZ J667 RJSN RJOA 08:26JST 09:23JST 367.069miles 00:00:00
GE J673 RCTP RJOC 14:35JST 16:17JST 865.913miles 00:00:00
B7 J679 RJOM RJOC 07:13JST 08:03JST 95.69miles 00:00:00
HD J685 RJSS RJOC 11:41JST 12:39JST 419.568miles 00:00:00
NH J691 RJCH RJOC 16:40JST 17:29JST 533.241miles 00:00:00
OZ J697 RJFF RJOC 10:19JST 11:47JST 163.254miles 00:00:00
GE J703 RJFM RJFF 08:10JST 09:12JST 114.767miles 00:00:00
B7 J709 RJTT RJFF 13:50JST 15:20JST 476.496miles 00:00:00
HD J715 RJCW RJFF 10:26JST 12:13JST 881.851miles 00:00:00
NH J721 RJOA RJFF 14:20JST 15:11JST 133.324miles 00:00:00
OZ J727 ROAH RJFU 18:48JST 19:58JST 420.238miles 00:00:00
GE J733 RJOO RJFU 19:00JST 20:12JST 297.672miles 00:00:00
B7 J739 RJCB RJFU 10:16JST 11:18JST 862.18miles 00:00:00
HD J745 RJSN RJFU 19:59JST 20:53JST 542.262miles 00:00:00
NH J751 RPLI RCTP 19:09JST 20:07JST 416.687miles 00.00.00
OZ J757 RJOM RCTP 12:14JST 13:01JST 797.055miles 00:00:00
GE J763 RJSS RCTP 11:09JST 12:05JST 1272.5miles 00:00:00
B7 J769 RJCH RCTP 15:06JST 16:01JST 1397.59miles 00:00:00
HD J775 RJFF RCTP 08:11JST 09:01JST 702.702miles 00:00:00
NH J781 RJFM RCSS 20:16JST 21:01JST 663.34miles 00:00:00
OZ J787 RJTT RCSS 08:26JST 09:23JST 1133.38miles 00:00:00
GE J793 RJCW RCSS 14:35JST 16:17JST 1565.84miles 00:00:00
B7 J799 RJOA RCSS 07:13JST 08:03JST 816.889miles 00:00:00
HD J805 ROAH RCKH 11:41JST 12:39JST 455.323miles 01.28
NH J811 RJOO RCKH 16:40JST 17:29JST 1080.32miles 00:00:00
OZ J817 RJCB RCKH 10:19JST 11:47JST 1664.65miles 00:00:00
GE J823 RJSN RCKH 08:10JST 09:12JST 1337.91miles 00:00:00
2P 2384 RPVM RPVI 12:48PHT 13:33PHT 93.4172miles 00:00:00
5J 416 RPVM RPVK 18:01PHT 18:41PHT 125.431miles 00:00:00
5J 591 RPVM RPMD 14:20PHT 15:17PHT 215.578miles 00:00:00
5J 869 RPVM RPMO 11:06PHT 11:45PHT 128.59miles 00:00:00
PR 1860 RPVM RPLL 17:51PHT 18:56PHT 306.596miles 00:00:00
PR 436 RPVM RJAA 13:16PHT 18:29JST 1773.02miles 00:00:00
Z2 768 RPVM RPLL 23:54PHT 01:13PHT 306.596miles 01.6
BR 53 RCTP VABB 17:00 23:16 2704miles 07.06
BR 54 VABB RCTP 17:00 23:16 2704miles 00:00:07
AF 1643 LSGG LFPG 10:43CEST 11:32CEST 220.331miles 00:00:00
BA 729 LSGG EGLL 13:53CEST 14:11BST 407.434miles 01.21
CL 1225 LSGG EDDF 19:01CEST 19:54CEST 247.727miles 00:00:00
DS 1305 LSGG LFKJ 07:12CEST 08:12CEST 284.183miles 00:00:00
DS 1455 LSGG LPPR 13:30CEST 14:32WEST 707.384miles 00:00:00
DS 8475 LSGG EGKK 16:06CEST 16:19BST 386.452miles 00:00:00
4U 7745 LSGG EDDH 17:16CEST 18:35CEST 468.818miles 00:00:00
LO 778 LSGG LGAV 14:08CEST 17:19EEST 935.867miles 00:00:00
LX 1126 LSGG EDDM 17:28CEST 18:24CEST 263.576miles 00:00:00
LX 348 LSGG EGLL 16:04CEST 16:23BST 407.434miles 00:00:00
TK 1922 LSGG LTBA 07:16CEST 10:46EEST 1033.4miles 02.55
PS 485 UKBB LSGG 11:48EEST 12:26CEST 1016.32miles 00:00:00
SN 2725 EBBR LSGG 21:44CEST 22:31CEST 287.598miles 00:00:00
F7 27 LSZH LSGG 19:18CEST 19:53CEST 124.465miles 00:00:00
F7 421 LIEO LSGG 15:49CEST 16:54CEST 353.522miles 00:00:00
DS 1384 LFMN LSGG 16:11CEST 16:57CEST 162.048miles 00:00:00
U2 7283 EGGP LSGG 13:28BST 16:07CEST 549.387miles 00:00:00
LX 1947 LEBL LSGG 21:57CEST 23:07CEST 344.593miles 00:00:00
LX 2818 LSZH LSGG 23:04CEST 23:54CEST 124.465miles 00:00:00
LX 355 EGLL LSGG 15:18BST 17:20CEST 407.434miles 01.21
EK 83 OMDB LSGG 15:16GST 20:05CEST 2659.29miles 06.59
5O 5843 LFPG LFLL 01:48CEST 02:33CEST 222.686miles 00:00:00
A5 1274 LFPG ENGM 19:26CEST 21:14CEST 733.849miles 00:00:00
A5 1476 LFPG LEBB 09:55CEST 11:11CEST 411.326miles 00:00:00
A5 7656 LFPG LFBZ 16:51CEST 17:54CEST 373.626miles 00:00:00
AF 10 LFPG KJFK 17:34CEST 19:01EDT 3153.43miles 0.00.00
AF 1064 LFPG EGBB 13:02CEST 12:56BST 263.663miles 0.00.00
AF 1164 LFPG EGBB 08:15CEST 08:13BST 263.663miles 00:00:00
AF 1248 LFPG LEBL 18:30CEST 19:46CEST 464.023miles 01.30
AF 1340 LFPG EHAM 08:14CEST 09:02CEST 215.665miles 00:00:00
AF 1462 LFPG ESSA 20:36CEST 22:33CEST 832.24miles 00:00:00
AF 1580 LFPG EGLL 10:51CEST 10:49BST 187.553miles 00:00:00
AF 166 LFPG VTBS 14:59CEST 06:24ICT 5107.2miles 00:00:00
AF 1814 LFPG LSZH 16:39CEST 17:30CEST 257.888miles 00:00:00
AF 26 LFPG KIAD 18:06CEST 20:00EDT 3349.85miles 00:00:00
AF 38Z LFPG ZBAA 23:57CEST 15:17CST 4427.24miles 00:00:00
AF 688 LFPG KATL 14:33CEST 17:08EDT 3813.87miles 00:00:00
AF 7630 LFPG LFBD 21:38CEST 22:36CEST 284.748miles 00:00:00
AF 7702 LFPG LFMN 10:00CEST 11:13CEST 375.321miles 00:00:00
AF 90 LFPG KMIA 14:05CEST 17:02EDT 3984.44miles #VALUE!
AF 946 LFPG MUHA 17:10CEST 20:25CDT 4186.04miles 00:00:00
AV 887 LFPG CYYZ 10:00CEST 11:53EDT 3253.89miles 00:00:00
BA 309 LFPG EGLL 12:20CEST 12:13BST 187.553miles 00.48
CA 834 LFPG ZSPD 12:54CEST 05:40CST 5009.32miles 00:00:00
DL 89 LFPG KSLC 11:06CEST 13:43MDT 4407.37miles 00:00:00
EY 38 LFPG OMAA 22:19CEST 06:33GST 2839miles 00:00:00
KL 1228 LFPG EHAM 09:55CEST 10:46CEST 215.665miles 00:00:00
QR 40 LFPG OTHH 16:57CEST 23:42AST 2686.89miles 00:00:00
SK 834 LFPG ENGM 15:08CEST 17:00CEST 733.849miles 00:00:00
TB 2523 LFPG LIEO 06:52CEST 08:32CEST 570.04miles 00:00:00
U2 3723 LFPG LFKB 13:44CEST 15:37CEST 484.502miles 00:00:00
U2 3905 LFPG LEMD 13:38CEST 15:53CEST 574.127miles 00:00:00
U2 8324 LFPG EGKK 17:37CEST 17:34BST 166.336miles 00:00:00
VY 8504 LFPG LEXJ 19:08CEST 20:43CEST 427.153miles 00:00:00
WX 1558 LFPG EGNT 21:48CEST 22:10BST 394.613miles 00:00:00
UX 1619 LEBL LGRP 16:56CEST 20:47EEST 1247.34miles 00:00:00
UX 9143 LEBL GCXO 12:29CEST 14:38WEST 1186.25miles 00:00:00
SU 263D LEBL UUEE 12:48CEST 17:36MSK 1631.12miles 00:00:00
SU 1549 LEBL LFPG 18:09CEST 19:33CEST 464.023miles 00:00:00
AV 19 LEBL SKBO 17:00CEST 20:25COT 4602.01miles 00:00:00
BA 471 LEBL EGLL 23:23CEST 01:23BST 620.332miles 00:00:00
BA 485 LEBL EGLL 13:46CEST 14:35BST 620.332miles 00:00:00
AB 8947 LEBL EDDL 20:47CEST 22:34CEST 630.637miles 00:00:00
AH 479 LEBL KJFK 14:10CEST 16:15EDT 3324.57miles 00:00:00
LH 1135 LEBL EDDF 17:05CEST 18:41CEST 590.292miles 00:00:00
LH 1815 LEBL EDDM 18:49CEST 20:24CEST 591.396miles 00:00:00
LY 394 LEBL LLBG 14:28CEST 19:35IDT 1665.84miles 00:00:00
U2 1076 LEBL LFSB 07:34CEST 09:25CEST 444.483miles 0.00.00
U2 2268 LEBL EGGW 22:41CEST 23:33BST 643.692miles 00:00:00
U2 4416 LEBL LFLL 12:43CEST 14:14CEST 296.586miles 00:00:00
U2 6030 LEBL EGGD 00:26CEST 01:12BST 637.731miles 00:00:00
U2 8572 LEBL EGKK 12:48CEST 13:58BST 599.523miles 00:00:00
AY 3270 LEBL EFHK 12:30CEST 16:50EEST 1420.57miles 00:00:00
IB 1001 LEBL LEMD 10:19CEST 11:13CEST 260.945miles 0.00.00
IB 1731 LEBL LEMD 17:49CEST 18:42CEST 260.945miles 00:00:00
IB 2711 LEBL LEMD 17:49CEST 18:42CEST 260.945miles 00:00:00
IB 2731 LEBL LEMD 13:39CEST 14:34CEST 260.945miles 00:00:00
IB 721 LEBL LEMD 07:44CEST 08:35CEST 260.945miles 00:00:00
D8 5756 LEBL GCXO 08:47CEST 11:17WEST 1186.25miles 00:00:00
KL 1674 LEBL EHAM 17:46CEST 19:34CEST 671.065miles 00:00:00
HG 8951 LEBL LOWW 11:05CEST 12:55CEST 740.46miles 00:00:00
QR 142 LEBL OTHH 00:39CEST 07:26AST 2628.58miles 00:00:00
FR 12K LEBL EDDH 06:37CEST 09:08CEST 806.836miles 00:00:00
FR 4585 LEBL LPPR 10:25CEST 10:59WEST 485.777miles 00:00:00
FR 6365 LEBL LIME 20:27CEST 21:45CEST 423.727miles 00:00:00
FR 6386 LEBL LEMG 11:49CEST 12:58CEST 414.04miles 00:00:00
FR 6874 LEBL EIDW 10:47CEST 12:03IST 802.788miles 00:00:00
FR 7545 LEBL EGCC 22:52CEST 23:50BST 745.737miles 00:00:00
FR 9015 LEBL EGSS 14:26CEST 15:14BST 640.909miles 00:00:00
FR 9368 LEBL LIPE 23:42CEST 00:55CEST 449.391miles 00:00:00
SK 4622 LEBL ENGM 19:01CEST 21:55CEST 1184miles 00:00:00
JJ 8115 LEBL SBGR 22:22CEST 04:18BRT 4737.95miles 00:00:00
TU 515 LEBL DTTA 13:38CEST 14:07CET 464.43miles 00:00:00
TK 1856 LEBL LTBA 19:12CEST 23:10EEST 1205.67miles 00:00:00
EK 188 LEBL OMDB 22:50CEST 07:09GST 2797.84miles 00:00:00
VY 1009 LEBL LEMD 09:40CEST 10:44CEST 260.945miles 0.00.00
VY 1265 LEBL ESSA 13:42CEST 16:45CEST 1251.36miles 00:00:00
VY 1302 LEBL LEAL 17:47CEST 18:35CEST 218.294miles 00:00:00
VY 1524 LEBL LFRN 09:09CEST 10:22CEST 438.347miles 00:00:00
VY 1816 LEBL EDDM 18:20CEST 19:55CEST 591.396miles 00:00:00
VY 1870 LEBL EKCH 10:23CEST 13:13CEST 955.953miles 00:00:00
VY 1898 LEBL EDDL 18:44CEST 20:33CEST 630.637miles 00:00:00
VY 2115 LEBL LEMG 08:42CEST 09:42CEST 414.04miles 00:00:00
VY 2252 LEBL LEZL 10:43CEST 12:08CEST 437.454miles 00:00:00
VY 2472 LEBL GCRR 14:12CEST 15:51WEST 1067.13miles 00:00:00
VY 2915 LEBL LFBD 18:41CEST 19:41CEST 245.135miles 00:00:00
VY 3218 LEBL GCXO 21:38CEST 23:40WEST 1186.25miles 00:00:00
VY 3518 LEBL LEIB 20:07CEST 20:45CEST 149.265miles 00:00:00
VY 3730 LEBL LEMH 23:02CEST 23:35CEST 130.299miles 00:00:00
VY 3912 LEBL LEPA 19:41CEST 20:17CEST 109.166miles 00:00:00
VY 600W LEBL LIRQ 14:30CEST 15:55CEST 431.136miles 00:00:00
VY 6142 LEBL LIEO 07:24CEST 08:34CEST 337.719miles 00:00:00
VY 6246 LEBL LSZH 07:15CEST 09:03CEST 462.88miles 00:00:00
VY 6400 LEBL LIPZ 07:08CEST 08:27CEST 514.491miles 00:00:00
VY 6770 LEBL LIRP 11:03CEST 12:15CEST 395.237miles 00:00:00
VY 7813 LEBL EGPH 19:09CEST 20:25BST 906.3miles 00:00:00
VY 7842 LEBL EGLL 18:10CEST 18:59BST 620.332miles 00:00:00
VY 8010 LEBL LFPO 06:20CEST 07:51CEST 446.724miles 00:00:00
VY 8022 LEBL LFPO 20:06CEST 21:35CEST 446.724miles 00:00:00
VY 8244 LEBL LFPG 18:19CEST 20:03CEST 464.023miles 00:00:00
VY 8336 LEBL EHRD 18:55CEST 20:42CEST 648.012miles 00:00:00
VY 8478 LEBL LPPR 12:50CEST 13:20WEST 485.777miles 00:00:00
VY 8710 LEBL LOWW 12:32CEST 14:28CEST 740.46miles 00:00:00
VY 8802 LEBL LHBP 12:01CEST 14:16CEST 822.788miles 00:00:00
VY 8990 LEBL EBBR 00:16CEST 01:55CEST 585.849miles 00:00:00
JP 365 LSZH LJLJ 10:23CEST 11:02CEST 253.684miles 00:00:00
OS 2906 LSZH LSZA 13:04CEST 13:32CEST 88.6065miles 00:00:00
OS 566 LSZH LOWW 20:03CEST 20:57CEST 325.789miles 00:00:00
AB 7648 LSZH LEPA 11:40CEST 13:05CEST 538.292miles 00:00:00
AB 8575 LSZH EDDT 21:53CEST 22:55CEST 356.815miles 00:00:00
AB 8814 LSZH LICC 08:09CEST 09:48CEST 665.765miles 00:00:00
CJ 8764 LSZH EGLC 10:20CEST 10:36BST 411.112miles 00:00:00
OU 465 LSZH LDZA 20:19CEST 21:36CEST 326.813miles 00:00:00
LH 1199 LSZH EDDF 20:05CEST 20:43CEST 154.369miles 00.43
WK 336 LSZH LGSR 14:59CEST 18:34EEST 1003.33miles 00:00:00
EI 349 LSZH EIDW 22:43CEST 23:40IST 668.779miles 00:00:00
U2 2046 LSZH EGGW 16:31CEST 17:16BST 436.521miles 00:00:00
GM 3040 LSZH LGRP 08:07CEST 12:07EEST 1092.1miles 00:00:00
4U 7761 LSZH EDDH 09:13CEST 10:20CEST 374.991miles 00:00:00
IB 3475 LSZH LEMD 07:44CEST 09:39CEST 669.637miles 00:00:00
KL 1962 LSZH EHAM 17:56CEST 19:04CEST 326.356miles 00:00:00
HG 8603 LSZH LOWW 09:18CEST 10:10CEST 325.789miles 00:00:00
2L 1216 LSZH ENGM 17:27CEST 19:32CEST 770.675miles 00:00:00
2L 1512 LSZH LOWG 19:09CEST 19:55CEST 282.32miles 00:00:00
2L 2250 LSZH LHBP 07:59CEST 09:12CEST 434.605miles 00:00:00
2L 456 LSZH EGLC 11:22CEST 11:40BST 411.112miles 00:00:00
WY 154 LSZH OOMS 22:00CEST 06:30GST 2761.35miles 00:00:00
SK 842 LSZH ENGM 20:09CEST 22:08CEST 770.675miles 00:00:00
LX 1058 LSZH EDDH 16:55CEST 18:01CEST 374.991miles 0.00.00
LX 1108 LSZH EDDM 15:33CEST 16:28CEST 140.434miles 00:00:00
LX 1226 LSZH ESGG 17:08CEST 19:23CEST 628.049miles 00:00:00
LX 1272 LSZH EKCH 17:33CEST 18:57CEST 513.582miles 00:00:00
LX 1416 LSZH LYBE 12:52CEST 14:16CEST 514.009miles 00:00:00
LX 1582 LSZH LOWW 17:12CEST 18:09CEST 325.789miles 00:00:00
LX 1628 LSZH LIMC 12:57CEST 14:29CEST 110.084miles 00:00:00
LX 1710 LSZH LIRN 06:52CEST 08:37CEST 465.74miles 00:00:00
LX 18 LSZH KEWR 17:34CEST 20:07EDT 3423.39miles 00:00:00
LX 188 LSZH ZSPD 13:21CEST 06:54CST 4882.06miles 00:00:12
LX 1958 LSZH LEBL 16:44CEST 18:06CEST 462.88miles 00:00:00
LX 2064 LSZH LPPR 12:03CEST 13:24WEST 827.082miles 00:00:00
LX 2138 LSZH LEVC 21:52CEST 23:40CEST 619.47miles 00:00:00
LX 2254 LSZH LHBP 12:31CEST 14:11CEST 434.605miles 00:00:00
LX 2552 LSZH LEST 06:37CEST 08:55CEST 767.611miles 00:00:00
LX 424 LSZH EGBB 17:20CEST 18:20BST 498.153miles 00:00:00
LX 562 LSZH LFMN 09:06CEST 10:03CEST 235.243miles 00:00:00
LX 646 LSZH LFPG 21:04CEST 22:19CEST 257.888miles 00:00:00
LX 754 LSZH ELLX 13:46CEST 14:46CEST 160.259miles 00:00:00
LX 814 LSZH EDDV 08:03CEST 09:23CEST 303.84miles 00:00:00
LX 966 LSZH EDDT 12:58CEST 14:08CEST 356.815miles 00:00:00
TP 917 LSZH LPPR 16:49CEST 18:04WEST 827.082miles 00:00:00
TK 1912 LSZH LTBA 07:56CEST 11:31EEST 952.089miles 00:00:00
VY 6247 LSZH LEBL 09:57CEST 11:18CEST 462.88miles 00:00:00
CX 580F VHHH RJFF 09:25HKT 14:56 JST 1106.51miles 04.58
H2 104H SCEL SCSE 12:05CLT 13:00CLT 210.04miles 0.00.00
DG 6281 RPVE RPVM 15:00PHT 15:55PHT 153.944miles 00:00:00
T6 127 RPEN RPLL 12:00 13:15 219.951miles 00:00:00
AE 787 RCMQ RCQC 19:20CST 19:47CST 67.6991miles 00:00:00
CI 1841 RCMQ VHHH 17:17CST 18:47HKT 387.048miles 01.18
GE 52 RCYU RCMQ 10:34CST 10:59CST 57.439miles 00:00:00
DL 288 PTRO RJAA 04:37PWT 09:42JST 1737.41miles 00:00:00
DA 7607 RCLY RCKH 11:10 12:10 73.8924miles 00:00:00
JD 5172 ZUCK ZGGG 10:48CST 12:28CST 522.163miles 00:00:00
CA 1762 ZUCK ZSHC 20:50CST 22:46CST 718.594miles 00:00:00
CA 4141 ZUCK ZBAA 14:06CST 16:14CST 791.924miles 00:00:00
CA 4319 ZUCK ZGGG 07:56CST 09:42CST 522.163miles 01.38
CA 4349 ZUCK ZGGG 13:42CST 15:17CST 522.163miles 00:00:00
CA 4397 ZUCK ZUJZ 07:13CST 08:11CST 242.06miles 00:00:00
CA 4545 ZUCK ZSNJ 07:38CST 09:19CST 643.042miles 00:00:00
CA 4597 ZUCK ZGHA 19:26CST 20:43CST 357.843miles 00:00:00
SC 4767 ZUCK ZSJN 14:38CST 16:24CST 682.111miles 00:00:00
SC 4837 ZUCK ZSQD 07:17CST 09:28CST 795.56miles 00:00:00
SC 8880 ZUCK ZSQD 01:45CST 03:57CST 795.56miles 00:00:00
MU 2262 ZUCK ZLXY 16:39CST 17:47CST 303.327miles 00:00:00
MU 5472 ZUCK ZSJN 23:45CST 01:21CST 682.111miles 00:00:00
PN 6201 ZUCK ZSNJ 17:42CST 19:15CST 643.042miles 00:00:00
PN 6257 ZUCK ZBYN 19:09CST 20:40CST 567.451miles 00:00:00
PN 6267 ZUCK ZSQD 18:46CST 20:54CST 795.56miles 00:00:00
PN 6285 ZUCK ZLAN 07:26CST 08:41CST 404.497miles 00:00:00
PN 6345 ZUCK ZPWS 21:49CST 23:17CST 390.63miles 00:00:00
HU 7250 ZUCK ZLAN 11:06CST 12:23CST 404.497miles 00:00:00
HU 7634 ZUCK ZGHA 23:33CST 00:37CST 357.843miles 00:00:00
HU 8898 ZUCK ZSPD 12:36CST 14:38CST 790.031miles 00:00:00
3U 8119 ZUCK ZUHY 06:10CST 07:04CST 6275.36miles 00:00:00
3U 8513 ZUCK ZLAN 09:47CST 11:10CST 404.497miles 00:00:00
3U 8741 ZUCK ZGGG 07:13CST 08:49CST 522.163miles 00:00:00
3U 8795 ZUCK ZHHH 08:04CST 09:06CST 398.09miles 00:00:00
3U 8829 ZUCK ZBAA 07:09CST 09:11CST 791.924miles 00:00:00
3U 8863 ZUCK ZBTJ 13:45CST 15:58CST 774.95miles 00:00:00
3U 8907 ZUCK ZGHA 07:46CST 08:51CST 357.843miles 00:00:00
3U 8955 ZUCK ZGDY 13:27CST 14:10CST 202.832miles 00:00:00
3U 8971 ZUCK ZSPD 07:40CST 09:55CST 790.031miles 00:00:00
FM 9422 ZUCK ZSSS 15:05CST 17:10CST 765.961miles 00:00:00
CZ 3304 ZUCK ZGGG 11:38CST 13:19CST 522.163miles 00:00:00
CZ 3464 ZUCK ZGGG 19:25CST 21:21CST 522.163miles 00:00:00
CZ 3486 ZUCK ZGGG 22:31CST 00:10CST 522.163miles 00:00:00
CZ 3860 ZUCK ZGOW 11:45CST 13:45CST 662.083miles 00:00:00
CZ 6291 ZUCK ZPLJ 18:03CST 19:20CST 385.133miles 00:00:00
CZ 6460 ZUCK ZYCC 19:08CST 22:16CST 1249.29miles 00:00:00
CZ 6938 ZUCK ZWWW 18:56CST 22:33CST 1250.41miles 00:00:00
ZH 9367 ZUCK ZSNJ 13:43CST 15:29CST 643.042miles 00:00:00
MF 8252 ZUCK ZSQZ 20:29CST 22:45CST 703.116miles 00:00:00
MF 8408 ZUCK ZHHH 12:23CST 13:35CST 398.09miles 01.20
MF 8486 ZUCK ZSFZ 21:05CST 22:59CST 728.492miles 00:00:00
HO 1248 ZUCK ZSPD 01:05CST 03:06CST 790.031miles 00:00:00
GS 7666 ZUCK ZLXY 17:40CST 18:58CST 303.327miles 00:00:00
KA 847 ZUCK VHHH 12:23CST 14:35HKT 593.727miles 00:00:00
G5 2667 ZUCK ZLGY 09:30CST 11:52ULAST 382.867miles 00:00:00
G5 2825 ZUCK ZUAS 07:51CST 09:43ULAST 211.855miles 00:00:00
G5 2843 ZUCK ZLLV 15:51CST 09:20UTC 6275.36miles 00:00:00
8L 9864 ZUCK ZPPP 16:44CST 17:51CST 341.132miles 01.11
MI 977 ZUCK WSSS 00:40CST 05:09SGT 1711.06miles 00:00:00
ZV 86F ROAH RJFK 20:40JST 20:55JST 373.071miles 00:00:01
BR 86GR ROAH RJFK 20:40JST 20:55JST 373.071miles 00:00:01
OZ 1261 RJNS RJCC 16:41JST 18:07JST 507.468miles
JD 370 RJNS ZSHC 20:36JST 22:15CST 938.543miles
MU 2090 RJNS ZSNB 13:49JST 15:27CST 898.894miles
OZ 125A RJNS RKSI 12:56JST 14:39KST 591.539miles
EH 1261G RJNS RJCC 16:27JST 17:54JST 507.468miles
EH 1263M RJNS ROAH 13:23JST 15:28JST 750.163miles
B7 169T RJNS RCTP 20:19JST 22:44CST 1055.93miles
JD 440A RJNS ZYTX 18:40JST 20:45CST 804.501miles
MU 2026G RJNS ZSHC 13:48JST 15:22CST 938.543miles
MU 2872M RJNS ZSNJ 14:19JST 16:01CST 986.065miles
MM 1261F RJTO RJCC 16:41JST 18:07JST 493.261miles 01.34
MM 370Y RJTO ZSHC 20:36JST 22:15CST 995.501miles
CZ 2020E RJTO ZSSS 16:01JST 17:22CST 932.539miles
CZ 2090K RJTO ZSNB 13:49JST 15:27CST 955.23miles
JL 54ZH RJFK RJTO 07:47JST 09:10JST 469.453miles 01.30
JL E896 RJTH RJGG 17:15JST 18:05JST 181.239miles
LQ A894 RJTH RJOO 14:05JST 14:50JST 238.813miles
GK E796 RJGG RJTH 16:15JST 17:05JST 181.239miles
LQ C792 RJTQ RJTH 09:01JST 09:46JST 58.6335miles
GK E696 RJGG RJTO 16:15JST 17:05JST 125.666miles
LQ C692 RJTQ RJTO 09:01JST 09:46JST 43.6855miles
GK E596 RJTO RJGG 16:15JST 17:05JST 125.666miles
LQ C592 RJTO RJTQ 09:01JST 09:46JST 43.6855miles
LQ C582 RJOM RJTQ 09:01JST 09:46JST 341.993miles
LQ C572 RJTQ RJOM 09:01JST 09:46JST 341.993miles
EK 399 WADD OMDB 01:51WITA 04:50GST 4049.51miles
GA 409 WADD WIII 14:15WITA 14:47WIB 531.204miles
GA 620 WADD WAAA 17:52WITA 18:44WITA 342.881miles
JT 27 WADD WIII 22:06WITA 22:35WIB 531.204miles
JT 927 WADD WIDD 10:02WITA 11:10CXT 888.669miles
KL 836 WSSS EHAM 01:17+08 07:42CEST 5682.49miles #VALUE!
QG 7300 WADD WPDL 09:29WITA 12:14TLT 615.678miles
QZ 7521 WADD WIII 13:27WITA 13:54WIB 531.204miles
TR 2289 WADD WSSS 18:58WITA 21:31SGT 904.156miles
NH 742L RJCK RJTT 13:52 JST 15:14 JST 494.98miles 01.34
GA 140 WIII WITT 06:50WIB 09:15CXT 971.966miles
GA 184 WIII WIMM 09:32WIB 11:20ICT 749.844miles
GA 218 WIII WAHH 19:47WIB 20:32CXT 6404.85miles
GA 262 WIII FLZB 09:04WIB 03:39UTC 4948.05miles
GA 332 WIII WARR 23:30WIB 00:31WIB 373.732miles
GA 440 WIII WADL 16:32WIB 19:05WITA 594.866miles
GA 552 WIII WAGG 15:09WIB 17:30WITA 6404.85miles
GA 626 WIII WAMM 13:35WIB 17:40WITA 1189.71miles
GA 816 WIII WMKK 13:44WIB 16:30MYT 610.981miles
GA 898 WIII ZGGG 09:08WIB 14:50CST 1817.08miles
ID 6658 WIII WADL 14:42WIB 17:37WITA 594.866miles
JT 210 WIII WIMM 05:27WIB 07:27ICT 749.844miles
JT 290 WIII WIBB 11:19WIB 12:44CXT 504.486miles
JT 358 WIII WIEE 12:03WIB 13:28WIB 6404.85miles
JT 526 WIII WAOO 17:03WIB 19:23WITA 511.783miles
JT 600 WIII WIJJ 05:54WIB 06:50CXT 6404.85miles
JT 712 WIII WIOO 09:42WIB 11:47WITA 395.32miles
JT 770 WIII WAMM 18:14WIB 22:04WITA 1189.71miles
KE 628 WIII RKSI 22:17WIB 07:00KST 2845.15miles
QG 813 WIII WARR 16:49WIB 18:08WIB 373.732miles
QG 870 WIII WAOO 13:24WIB 15:51WITA 511.783miles
SJ 234 WIII WAHH 19:16WIB 20:01CXT 6404.85miles
SJ 76 WIII WIKK 17:37WIB 18:22CXT 6404.85miles
XT 222 WIII WMKP 13:08WIB 16:28MYT 786.13miles
9W 17 WSSS VIDP 19:54+08 22:17IST 2247.4miles 2.23
AF 257 WSSS LFPG 22:53+08 05:40CEST 5796.7miles #VALUE!
BA 15 WSSS YSSY 19:34+08 05:02AEST 3402.4miles #VALUE!
EK 349 WSSS VCBI 01:13+08 1:53+0530 1486.06miles #VALUE!
EK 353 WSSS OMDB 10:42+08 13:18+04 3159.88miles 2.36
KE 642 WSSS RKSI 01:35+08 08:57KST 2499.96miles 7.22
KL 835 WSSS WADD 17:17+08 19:26WITA 904.156miles #VALUE!
MI 274 WSSS WAMM 10:03SGT 13:15WITA 1257.93miles
MI 412 WSSS VNKT 09:28SGT 11:43NPT 1911.83miles
NH 802 WSSS RJAA 06:12+08 13:58JST 2896.07miles 7.46
SQ 12 WSSS RJAA 09:39+08 17:27JST 2896.07miles 7.48
SQ 211 WSSS YSSY 09:54+08 18:26AEST 3402.4miles #VALUE!
SQ 227 WSSS YMML 21:31+08 05:50AEST 3261.97miles #VALUE!
SQ 237 WSSS YMML 00:32+08 08:53AEST 3261.97miles #VALUE!
SQ 241 WSSS YSSY 07:27+08 15:51AEST 3402.4miles #VALUE!
SQ 285 WSSS NZAA 21:34+08 10:13NZST 4545.85miles #VALUE!
SQ 306 WSSS EGLL 01:36+08 07:29BST 5882.07miles 5.53
SQ 318 WSSS EGLL 12:49+08 18:39BST 5882.07miles 5.50
SQ 326 WSSS EDDF 14:14+08 20:09CEST 5556.93miles #VALUE!
SQ 424 WSSS VABB 19:13+08 21:32IST 2119.43miles 2.19
SQ 494 WSSS OMDB 15:46+08 18:09+04 3159.88miles 2.23
SQ 634 WSSS RJTT 14:37+08 21:43JST 2864.17miles 7.06
SQ 636 WSSS RJTT 23:23+08 06:35JST 2864.17miles 7.12
SQ 638 WSSS RJAA 00:13+08 07:25JST 2896.07miles 7.12
SQ 806 WSSS ZBAA 17:05+08 22:31CST 2426.92miles 5.26
SQ 826 WSSS ZSPD 01:35+08 06:43CST 2056.74miles 5.08
SQ 828 WSSS ZSPD 08:24+08 13:53CST 2056.74miles 5.29
TK 55 WSSS LTBA 23:47+08 05:11+03 4685.63miles 5.24
TZ 502 WSSS VOMM 23:24SGT 00:17IST 1580.32miles
A3 993F LTBA LGAV 16:22EEST 17:15EEST 290.535miles 01.04
J2 8078R LTBA UCFM 22:59EEST 03:34AZST 2920.34miles
PS 718Y LTBA UKOO 14:39EEST 15:58EEST 337.448miles
BA 679E LTBA EGLL 14:05EEST 15:57BST 1358.21miles
LH 1299L LTBA EDDF 14:15EEST 15:56CEST 1007.54miles
GF 44R LTBA OBBI 15:08EEST 18:33AST 1397.92miles
KU 154Y LTBA OKBK 16:28EEST 19:25AST 1172.84miles
KK 6204E LTBA UDYZ 00:41EEST 03:01AST 712.32miles
KK 6570L LTBA DAAG 23:18EEST 03:15IRDT 1221.27miles
KL 1610R LTBA EHAM 06:04EEST 08:02CEST 1194.6miles
LN 193Y LTBA HLLT 16:05EEST 18:15EET 901.751miles
MS 206E LTBA LCEN 18:17EEST 19:31EEST 414.002miles
PC 2817L LTBA LTBJ 20:15EEST 21:14EEST 178.613miles
SQ 391R LTBA WSSS 13:57EEST 05:08SGT 4685.63miles
SV 260Y LTBA UWUU 22:07EEST 01:36AST 1350.34miles
LX 1805E LTBA LSZH 17:59EEST 19:30CEST 952.089miles
TK 1005L LTBA LWSK 20:06EEST 20:05CEST 329.228miles
TK 1027R LTBA LBSF 08:08EEST 08:56EEST 263.067miles
TK 1041Y LTBA LTCG 00:13EEST 01:00EEST 497.673miles
TK 1061E LTBA LJLJ 07:12EEST 08:02CEST 698.588miles
TK 1081L LTBA LYBE 08:13EEST 08:22CEST 439.645miles
TK 118R LTBA LTAC 00:40EEST 07:26PKT 197.608miles
TK 1305Y LTBA LEMG 09:23EEST 12:51CEST 1571.5miles
TK 1325E LTBA LIPE 16:33EEST 18:01CEST 800.746miles
TK 1339L LTBA EDDP 15:16EEST 16:37CEST 928.81miles
TK 1361R LTBA OEYN 22:26EEST 23:32CEST 1113.32miles
TK 1377Y LTBA EDDG 08:01EEST 09:39CEST 1094.32miles
TK 1389E LTBA LFBD 09:42EEST 12:10CEST 1313.13miles
TK 1411L LTBA DABC 13:43EEST 14:36CET 1076.5miles
TK 1443R LTBA EDSB 08:34EEST 10:05CEST 995.41miles
TK 1485Y LTBA EKBI 11:45EEST 13:31CEST 1176.64miles
TK 1505E LTBA EDDN 16:23EEST 17:47CEST 905.643miles
TK 1529L LTBA EDDL 18:19EEST 20:11CEST 1101.15miles
TK 1587R LTBA EDDF 08:21EEST 09:46CEST 1007.54miles
TK 1611Y LTBA EDDF 04:32EEST 06:04CEST 1007.54miles
TK 1651E LTBA EDDH 04:41EEST 06:11CEST 1074.08miles
TK 1671L LTBA EDDK 06:37EEST 08:20CEST 1077.44miles
TK 17R LTBA CYYZ 14:41EEST 17:44EDT 4431.79miles
TK 1723Y LTBA EDDT 17:15EEST 18:39CEST 941.253miles
TK 1753E LTBA ENGM 14:25EEST 16:36CEST 1328.81miles
TK 1765L LTBA EPWA 12:48EEST 13:39CEST 745.629miles
TK 1771R LTBA LKPR 12:30EEST 13:35CEST 819.743miles
TK 1787Y LTBA EKCH 20:28EEST 22:13CEST 1086.22miles
TK 1799E LTBA ESGG 15:09EEST 16:56CEST 1186.99miles
TK 1813L LTBA LFMN 08:47EEST 10:33CEST 970.531miles
TK 1825R LTBA LFPG 13:00EEST 15:08CEST 1208.58miles
TK 1843Y LTBA LGAV 20:00EEST 20:54EEST 290.535miles 01.04
TK 1855E LTBA LEBL 15:00EEST 17:13CEST 1205.67miles
TK 1863L LTBA LIRF 18:00EEST 19:05CEST 747.625miles
TK 1873R LTBA LIMC 07:46EEST 09:10CEST 919.207miles
TK 1883Y LTBA LOWW 08:56EEST 09:40CEST 676.412miles
TK 1895E LTBA LIMC 12:07EEST 13:33CEST 919.207miles
TK 1913L LTBA LSZH 11:57EEST 13:26CEST 952.089miles
TK 1925R LTBA LFSB 15:43EEST 17:20CEST 994.301miles
TK 1951Y LTBA EHAM 07:30EEST 09:21CEST 1194.6miles
TK 1967E LTBA EGBB 07:54EEST 09:21BST 1420.93miles
TK 1977L LTBA EIDW 13:18EEST 15:07IST 1593.6miles
TK 1985R LTBA EGLL 13:14EEST 14:32BST 1358.21miles
TK 1997Y LTBA EGKK 14:13EEST 15:51BST 1343.37miles
TK 2020K LTBA LTAU 17:48EEST 18:50EEST 335.393miles
TK 2134W LTBA LTAC 09:34EEST 10:16EEST 197.608miles
TK 2150C LTBA LTAC 13:32EEST 14:11EEST 197.608miles
TK 2162J LTBA LTAC 16:17EEST 16:55EEST 197.608miles
TK 2182R LTBA LTCC 22:06EEST 22:47EEST 559.63miles
TK 2204W LTBA LTCN 15:34EEST 16:54EEST 431.237miles
TK 2226C LTBA LTAJ 18:40EEST 19:55EEST 471.502miles
TK 2254J LTBA LTDA 17:10EEST 18:27EEST 446.612miles
TK 2318R LTBA LTBJ 10:31EEST 11:15EEST 178.613miles
TK 2328W LTBA LTBJ 16:25EEST 17:12EEST 178.613miles
TK 2336C LTBA LTBJ 19:21EEST 20:03EEST 178.613miles
TK 2410J LTBA LTAI 08:58EEST 09:47EEST 262.067miles
TK 2418R LTBA LTAI 16:41EEST 17:29EEST 262.067miles
TK 2430W LTBA LTAI 16:27EEST 17:17EEST 262.067miles
TK 2458C LTBA LTAF 09:02EEST 10:04EEST 385.71miles
TK 2468J LTBA LTAF 18:02EEST 19:11EEST 385.71miles
TK 2506R LTBA LTFE 13:07EEST 14:02EEST 230.257miles
TK 2516W LTBA LTFE 16:54EEST 17:45EEST 230.257miles
TK 2554C LTBA LTBS 09:39EEST 10:33EEST 256.241miles
TK 2580J LTBA OPKC 01:12EEST 02:07EEST 2139.23miles
TK 2606R LTBA LTCC 16:49EEST 18:18EEST 559.63miles
TK 2644W LTBA UTAA 22:54EEST 00:15EEST 1375.84miles
TK 2660C LTBA LTAR 16:46EEST 17:51EEST 376.696miles
TK 2676J LTBA LTCR 16:11EEST 17:41EEST 594.981miles
TK 2704R LTBA LTCE 06:13EEST 07:35EEST 567.861miles
TK 2718W LTBA LTCT 06:41EEST 08:21EEST 2920.34miles
TK 2806C LTBA LTFH 05:30EEST 06:27EEST 350.83miles
TK 2828J LTBA LTCG 10:54EEST 12:09EEST 497.673miles
TK 2834R LTBA LTCG 18:29EEST 19:44EEST 497.673miles
TK 2852W LTBA LTCB 16:10EEST 17:23EEST 2920.34miles
TK 302C LTBA ORBI 10:33EEST 12:51AST 870.492miles
TK 328J LTBA UBBN 02:06EEST 06:07AZST 771.755miles
TK 338R LTBA UBBB 01:48EEST 05:59AZST 965.344miles
TK 370W LTBA UTTT 18:59EEST 00:49UZT 1815.65miles
TK 392C LTBA UGSB 16:40EEST 19:10GET 578.138miles
TK 419J LTBA LTAC 00:59EEST 03:17MSK 197.608miles
TK 459R LTBA UKBB 18:18EEST 19:47EEST 569.823miles
TK 493W LTBA DAOO 13:18EEST 14:52CET 1418.06miles
TK 56C LTBA WIII 02:47EEST 18:21WIB 5105.79miles
TK 603J LTBA HTDA 19:44EEST 02:32EAT 2933.06miles
TK 625R LTBA DNMM 14:52EEST 19:12WAT 2478.07miles
TK 64W LTBA VTBS 20:25EEST 09:26ICT 4057.4miles
TK 655C LTBA LTAY 22:21EEST 23:36CET 196.149miles
TK 676J LTBA HAAB 18:36EEST 23:45EAT 1995.55miles
TK 694R LTBA HECA 19:11EEST 19:56EET 664.524miles
TK 706W LTBA OAKB 04:22EEST 10:14AFT 1939.91miles
TK 72C LTBA ZGGG 02:15EEST 17:08CST 4262.9miles
TK 766J LTBA OKBK 09:53EEST 13:02AST 1172.84miles
TK 774R LTBA OOMS 18:54EEST 00:07GST 1811.59miles
TK 786W LTBA LLBG 13:52EEST 15:34IDT 613.162miles
TK 794C LTBA LLBG 11:20EEST 13:00IDT 613.162miles
TK 81J LTBA KBOS 15:26EEST 18:31EDT 4190.26miles
TK 824R LTBA OLBA 12:47EEST 14:06EEST 535.071miles
TK 870W LTBA OIIE 09:54EEST 13:46IRDT 1103.28miles
TK 4C LTBA OISS 20:37EEST 01:19IRDT 1347.75miles
TK 90J LTBA RKSI 01:41EEST 17:09KST 4290.48miles
TK 962R LTBA LCEN 18:45EEST 19:53EEST 414.002miles
TK 98W LTBA OEMA 01:36EEST 04:38AST 1128.06miles
ID 6275F WAMM WIII 19:40WITA 21:55WIB 1189.71miles
GA 470M WAMM WASS 06:20WITA 08:25PWT 7508.14miles
GA 601T WAMM WIII 16:30WITA 18:20WIB 1189.71miles
GA 603A WAMM WIII 12:30WITA 14:30WIB 1189.71miles
GA 603G WAMM WIII 11:10WITA 13:00WIB 1189.71miles
GA 607N WAMM WIII 06:36WITA 08:40WIB 1189.71miles
GA 625U WAMM WADD 08:20WITA 10:27WITA 851.348miles
GA 627B WAMM WIII 18:40WITA 20:28WIB 1189.71miles
GA 683H WAMM WAAA 15:35WITA 17:00WITA 511.81miles
GA 684P WAMM WAEE 11:53WITA 13:15WIT 7508.14miles
GA 684W WAMM WAEE 11:28WITA 13:05WIT 7508.14miles
JT 771C WAMM WIII 06:25WITA 08:38WIB 1189.71miles
MI 273J WAMM WSSS 17:39WITA 21:02SGT 1257.93miles
PG 712F VRMM VTBS 13:23MVT 18:55ICT 1711.93miles
Q2 364M VRMM VTBD 22:17MVT 04:42ICT 1707.76miles
FZ 559T VRMM VCBI 08:45MVT 10:20IST 420.383miles
SG 92A VRMM VOCI 14:34MVT 16:29IST 397.076miles
TR 2509G VRMM WSSS 21:28MVT 04:57SGT 1836.54miles
EK 653N VRMM OMDB 00:03MVT 02:25GST 1643.7miles 04.27
AB 2882 EDDM LEPA 17:28CEST 19:31CEST 656.897miles
AB 6184 EDDM EDDT 09:56CEST 10:41CEST 259.34miles
AB 7620 EDDM LEPA 12:26CEST 14:18CEST 656.897miles
BM 1711 EDDM LSZB 06:25CEST 07:26CEST 193.639miles
CL 1634 EDDM EPWR 22:26CEST 23:17CEST 258.228miles
CL 1704 EDDM LBSF 16:07CEST 18:35EEST 595.415miles
CL 2146 EDDM EDDS 11:55CEST 12:22CEST 103.624miles
CL 2226 EDDM LFPG 06:55CEST 08:02CEST 368.073miles
CL 2310 EDDM EHAM 20:58CEST 22:07CEST 358.655miles
DE 1576 EDDM LEIB 06:26CEST 08:32CEST 726.399miles
EN 2292 EDDM EBBR 18:41CEST 19:38CEST 322.278miles
HV 9625 EDDM LICJ 07:25CEST 09:05CEST 614.438miles
JP 713 EDDM LATI 16:42CEST 18:05CEST 536.49miles
LH 111 EDDM EDDF 15:52CEST 16:27CEST 161.923miles
LH 1702 EDDM LBSF 09:43CEST 12:10EEST 595.415miles
LH 1816 EDDM LEBL 20:21CEST 22:04CEST 591.396miles
LH 1928 EDDM LIRN 15:51CEST 17:06CEST 461.521miles
LH 2024 EDDM EDDL 22:28CEST 23:17CEST 262.172miles
LH 2090 EDDM EDDV 06:57CEST 07:41CEST 259.498miles
LH 2414 EDDM ESSA 09:07CEST 10:51CEST 712.147miles
LH 2512 EDDM EGBB 22:17CEST 22:44BST 572.53miles
LH 452 EDDM KLAX 12:36CEST 15:18PDT 5197.73miles
NH 218 EDDM RJTT 21:54CEST 15:44JST 5059.35miles 12.59
S4 563 EDDM LPPD 14:32CEST 16:53AZOST 1744.3miles
SV 170 EDDM OERK 12:01CEST 18:29AST 2162.36miles
X3 2406 EDDM LEPA 00:21CEST 02:17CEST 656.897miles
AB 2882K EGCC LEPA 17:28CEST 19:31CEST 854.657miles
AB 6184B EGCC EDDT 09:56CEST 10:41CEST 564.411miles
AB 7620S EGCC LEPA 12:26CEST 14:18CEST 854.657miles
BM 1711Q EGCC LSZB 06:25CEST 07:26CEST 539.061miles
CL 1634G EGCC EPWR 22:26CEST 23:17CEST 716.01miles
CL 1704X EGCC LBSF 16:07CEST 18:35EEST 1205.08miles
CL 2146V EGCC EDDS 11:55CEST 12:22CEST 516.309miles
CL 2226L EGCC LFPG 06:55CEST 08:02CEST 317.957miles
CL 2310C EGCC EHAM 20:58CEST 22:07CEST 263.223miles
DE 1576A EGCC LEIB 06:26CEST 08:32CEST 883.283miles
EN 1672R EGCC LRCL 22:20CEST 00:40EEST 1069.19miles
EN 2292H EGCC EBBR 18:41CEST 19:38CEST 289.598miles
EN 8246F EGCC LIPE 22:05CEST 22:51CEST 751.071miles
HV 9625W EGCC LICJ 07:25CEST 09:05CEST 1111.76miles
KL 1790M EGCC EHAM 07:30CEST 08:32CEST 263.223miles 00.59
LH 1654K EGCC LROP 15:46CEST 18:17EEST 1227.15miles
LH 1806K EGCC LEMD 20:52CEST 23:10CEST 774.775miles
LH 1856B EGCC LIMC 11:52CEST 12:38CEST 631.104miles
LH 2010S EGCC EDDL 11:39CEST 12:56CEST 354.31miles
LH 2076Q EGCC EDDH 16:20CEST 17:52CEST 438.305miles
LH 2118G EGCC EDDW 21:23CEST 22:12CEST 398.304miles
LH 2328X EGCC LOWW 11:59CEST 12:35CEST 779.849miles
LH 2484V EGCC EGLL 22:03CEST 22:24BST 131.428miles
LH 412L EGCC KEWR 16:37CEST 19:02EDT 2909.94miles
LH 602C EGCC OIIE 22:49CEST 05:26IRDT 2463.95miles
LX 1125A EGCC LSGG 16:12CEST 17:04CEST 536.591miles
QR 60R EGCC OTHH 12:04CEST 18:01AST 2924.82miles
ST 4067H EGCC EDLW 18:07CEST 18:48CEST 378.375miles
VY 1817W EGCC LEBL 22:03CEST 23:49CEST 745.737miles
BR 172 RCKH RKSI 16:05CST 19:38KST 948.714miles
CI 597 RCKH ZSCN 17:23CST 19:46CST 447.409miles
GE 2093 RCKH RCBS 15:56CST 16:51CST 156.161miles
GE 3664 RCKH ZSFZ 09:11CST 10:54CST 205.084miles
KA 437 RCKH VHHH 15:45CST 16:49HKT 357.389miles 01.14
KA 583 RCKH VVTS 15:00CST 16:53ICT 1056.97miles 02.59
4U 7215 ESSA EDDH 09:06CEST 10:25CEST 446.238miles
6F 711 ESSA LEAM 06:57CEST 11:17CEST 1579miles
AB 8007 ESSA EDDT 19:40CEST 20:55CEST 453.35miles
AF 1463 ESSA LFPG 06:41CEST 08:56CEST 832.24miles
BA 777 ESSA EGLL 12:24CEST 13:44BST 790.49miles
BE 1127 ESSA ESDF 18:32CEST 19:32CEST 220.276miles
BE 197 ESSA ESMQ 17:48CEST 18:39CEST 185.56miles
BE 4228A ESSA EFVA 15:12CEST 17:13EEST 232.338miles
BE 60 ESSA ESNN 22:23CEST 23:13CEST 173.568miles
DK 133 ESSA LTAI 08:04CEST 12:49EEST 1455.35miles
DY 3215 ESSA EKCH 21:06CEST 21:58CEST 295.64miles
DY 4035 ESSA ESPA 08:43CEST 09:55CEST 372.626miles
DY 4051 ESSA ESMS 17:30CEST 18:20CEST 287.243miles
DY 4087 ESSA ESGG 19:48CEST 20:25CEST 212.975miles
DY 4281 ESSA EFHK 06:51CEST 08:29EEST 215.052miles
DY 4321 ESSA LFMN 09:41CEST 12:43CEST 1037.81miles
DY 4395 ESSA LGSA 06:32CEST 11:15EEST 1469.99miles
DY 4547 ESSA EVRA 21:11CEST 22:54EEST 251.548miles
DY 7205 ESSA VTBS 17:15CEST 09:20ICT 4484.09miles
EK 158 ESSA OMDB 15:17CEST 23:21GST 2586.46miles
FI 307B ESSA BIKF 14:47CEST 15:36GMT 1158.76miles
J4 1744 ESSA EETN 17:11CEST 19:16EEST 210.959miles
KL 1118 ESSA EHAM 20:03CEST 21:38CEST 622.67miles
LH 2421 ESSA EDDM 06:44CEST 08:31CEST 712.147miles
LO 454 ESSA EPWA 10:19CEST 11:52CEST 461.266miles
LX 1251B ESSA LSZH 17:35CEST 19:39CEST 803.743miles
OS 314 ESSA LOWW 17:17CEST 19:13CEST 694.911miles
PS 172B ESSA UKBB 15:56CEST 18:43EEST 713.518miles
SK 1012 ESSA ESNS 08:32CEST 09:23CEST 311.783miles
SK 1044A ESSA ESNQ 15:06CEST 16:25CEST 495.293miles
SK 1409 ESSA EKCH 20:52CEST 21:39CEST 295.64miles
SK 1427 ESSA EKCH 23:06CEST 23:56CEST 295.64miles
SK 1523 ESSA EGLL 17:12CEST 18:24BST 790.49miles
SK 1573 ESSA LEAL 15:01CEST 18:49CEST 1465.62miles
SK 165 ESSA ESGG 19:02CEST 19:43CEST 212.975miles
SK 181 ESSA ESTA 08:23CEST 09:12CEST 258.354miles
SK 1833A ESSA LGAV 06:12CEST 10:32EEST 1325.46miles
SK 1897 ESSA LIRF 20:28CEST 23:00CEST 1093.49miles
SK 24 ESSA ESNU 08:31CEST 09:18CEST 257.826miles
SK 2645 ESSA EDDH 06:50CEST 08:04CEST 446.238miles
SK 493 ESSA ENGM 20:20CEST 21:01CEST 208.045miles
SK 533 ESSA EGLL 19:51CEST 21:02BST 790.49miles
SK 579 ESSA LFPG 18:49CEST 20:55CEST 832.24miles
SK 673 ESSA EDDF 19:49CEST 21:34CEST 661.912miles
SK 8 ESSA ESPA 11:47CEST 12:49CEST 372.626miles
SK 867B ESSA ENGM 16:54CEST 17:38CEST 208.045miles
SK 963B ESSA VHHH 15:42CEST 07:41HKT 4436.82miles
TK 1792 ESSA LTBA 08:10CEST 12:21EEST 1194.13miles
UA 69 ESSA KEWR 09:32CEST 11:36EDT 3409.62miles
WY 121B ESSA ESMS 20:40CEST 21:30CEST 287.243miles
WY 34 ESSA ESNU 14:38CEST 15:22CEST 257.826miles
WY 724 ESSA EFHK 21:02CEST 22:39EEST 215.052miles
AF 6217 LFMN LFPO 15:31CEST 16:37CEST 365.238miles
AF 7711 LFMN LFPG 07:20CEST 08:32CEST 375.321miles
BA 351 LFMN EGLL 20:39CEST 21:07BST 562.562miles
DY 4322 LFMN ESSA 14:27CEST 17:10CEST 1037.81miles
LG 8258 LFMN ELLX 21:45CEST 22:59CEST 361.112miles
LX 565 LFMN LSZH 07:13CEST 08:11CEST 235.243miles
SN 3622 LFMN EBBR 16:09CEST 17:25CEST 449.264miles
U2 1390 LFMN LSGG 11:11CEST 12:05CEST 162.048miles
U2 3354 LFMN LIPZ 18:02CEST 18:56CEST 246.251miles
VY 1516 LFMN LEBL 09:54CEST 10:53CEST 268.29miles
YW 8159 LFMN LEMG 12:07CEST 13:53CEST 681.326miles
AA 1080 KDFW KLGA 09:28CDT 13:24EDT 1206.19miles
AA 1164 KDFW KLGA 17:54CDT 22:06EDT 1206.19miles
AA 1214 KDFW KSAN 17:49CDT 18:12PDT 1016.49miles
AA 1264 KDFW CYVR 10:12CDT 12:06PDT 1524.05miles
AA 132 KDFW KEWR 18:55CDT 22:50EDT 1191.83miles
AA 1403 KDFW KMIA 05:08CDT 08:36EDT 974.272miles
AA 1704 KDFW KCLT 18:01CDT 21:03EDT 812.576miles
AA 2091 KDFW KCLT 10:46CDT 13:47EDT 812.576miles
AA 2222 KDFW KAUS 12:43CDT 13:15CDT 165.622miles
AA 2322 KDFW KPBI 22:08CDT 01:33EDT 957.94miles
AA 2354 KDFW KIAD 10:40CDT 14:10EDT 1017.7miles
AA 2425 KDFW KLAX 11:26CDT 12:01PDT 1072.08miles
AA 2477 KDFW KLAX 23:05CDT 23:49PDT 1072.08miles
AA 2524 KDFW KONT 17:54CDT 18:24PDT 1031.58miles
AA 2584 KDFW CYYZ 00:50CDT 04:16EDT 1042.65miles
AA 2621 KDFW KEGE 17:41CDT 18:23MDT 626.71miles
AA 542 KDFW KPHX 11:15CDT 11:11MST 753.471miles
AA 944 KDFW KTUS 17:35CDT 17:18MST 705.713miles
A8 1320 KDFW KTUL 08:36CDT 09:27CDT 206.451miles
AA 1080W KLAX KLGA 09:28CDT 13:24EDT 2143.57miles
AA 1164W KLAX KLGA 17:54CDT 22:06EDT 2143.57miles
AA 1214W KLAX KSAN 17:49CDT 18:12PDT 94.9688miles
AA 1264W KLAX CYVR 10:12CDT 12:06PDT 941.242miles
AA 132W KLAX KEWR 18:55CDT 22:50EDT 2130.43miles
AA 1403W KLAX KMIA 05:08CDT 08:36EDT 2034.1miles
AA 1556W KLAX KIAD 08:39CDT 12:07EDT 1986.04miles
AA 1704W KLAX KCLT 18:01CDT 21:03EDT 1844.75miles
AA 2091W KLAX KCLT 10:46CDT 13:47EDT 1844.75miles
AA 2222W KLAX KAUS 12:43CDT 13:15CDT 1078.11miles
AA 2289W KLAX KSAN 07:21CDT 07:50PDT 94.9688miles
AA 2322W KLAX KPBI 22:08CDT 01:33EDT 2023.22miles
AA 2354W KLAX KIAD 10:40CDT 14:10EDT 1986.04miles
AA 239W KLAX KMSP 21:47CDT 23:41CDT 1333.8miles
AA 2425W KLAX KDFW 11:26CDT 12:01PDT 1072.08miles
AA 2524W KLAX KONT 17:54CDT 18:24PDT 40.8483miles
AA 2584W KLAX CYYZ 00:50CDT 04:16EDT 1889.02miles
AA 2621W KLAX KEGE 17:41CDT 18:23MDT 649.864miles
AA 281W KLAX RKSI 11:59CDT 15:22KST 5203.88miles
AA 397W KLAX KSFO 23:07CDT 00:22PDT 293.867miles
AA 542W KLAX KPHX 11:15CDT 11:11MST 321.335miles
AA 70W KLAX EDDF 17:06CDT 08:56CEST 5038.79miles
AA 71W KLAX KDFW 17:51CDT 18:28PDT 1072.08miles
AA 944W KLAX KTUS 17:35CDT 17:18MST 392.029miles 01.19
A8 1320W KLAX KTUL 08:36CDT 09:27CDT 1113.66miles
YV 5651 KDFW KDAY 15:44CDT 18:40EDT 748.399miles
YV 5691 KELP KDFW 11:24MDT 13:41CDT 478.82miles
YV 5735 KDFW KMKE 07:30CDT 09:22CDT 742.502miles
YV 5794 KDFW KGSP 19:10CDT 22:00EDT 748.336miles
YV 5817 KDFW KGRR 20:12CDT 23:08EDT 809.949miles
YV 5895 KDFW KMAF 16:33CDT 17:18CDT 268.193miles
EV 2788 KDFW KAEX 16:41CDT 17:32CDT 247.179miles
EV 2817 KDFW KVPS 13:34CDT 15:11CDT 556.62miles
EV 2844 KDFW KLCH 21:08CDT 21:58CDT 256.766miles
EV 2879 KDFW KLCH 12:43CDT 13:29CDT 256.766miles
EV 2901 KDFW KBTR 23:14CDT 00:12CDT 332.847miles
4B 903 KDFW KDTO 10:28CDT 10:37CDT 19.9664miles
DL 1710 KDFW KATL 12:10CDT 14:52EDT 634.929miles
MQ 261 KDFW KRAP 19:51CDT 20:55MDT 726.992miles
MQ 3228 KDFW KBMI 21:19CDT 22:55CDT 600.152miles
MQ 3354 KDFW KABI 15:07CDT 15:36CDT 136.942miles
MQ 3413 KDFW KCHS 19:48CDT 23:08EDT 856.913miles
MQ 3526 KDFW KSUX 12:50CDT 14:24CDT 572.213miles
MQ 3594 KDFW KCLL 15:01CDT 15:28CDT 142.956miles
MQ 3658 KDFW KCLL 22:39CDT 23:06CDT 142.956miles
MQ 3744 KDFW KDSM 17:43CDT 19:03CDT 543.59miles
YV 5651W KLAX KDAY 15:44CDT 18:40EDT 1670.79miles
YV 5691W KLAX KELP 10:02CDT 10:11MDT 620.187miles
YV 5735W KLAX KMKE 07:30CDT 09:22CDT 1524.77miles
YV 5794W KLAX KGSP 19:10CDT 22:00EDT 1785.57miles
YV 5817W KLAX KGRR 20:12CDT 23:08EDT 1627.23miles
YV 5895W KLAX KMAF 16:33CDT 17:18CDT 825.43miles
EV 2788W KLAX KAEX 16:41CDT 17:32CDT 1314.84miles
EV 2817W KLAX KVPS 13:34CDT 15:11CDT 1628.18miles
EV 2844W KLAX KLCH 21:08CDT 21:58CDT 1300.27miles
EV 2879W KLAX KLCH 12:43CDT 13:29CDT 1300.27miles
EV 2901W KLAX KBTR 23:14CDT 00:12CDT 1396.8miles
4B 903W KLAX KDTO 10:28CDT 10:37CDT 1061.33miles
DL 1710W KLAX KATL 12:10CDT 14:52EDT 1689.71miles
MQ 261W KLAX KRAP 19:51CDT 20:55MDT 937.023miles
MQ 3228W KLAX KBMI 21:19CDT 22:55CDT 1457.91miles
NK 254 KDFW KBOS 07:59CDT 12:08EDT 1356.42miles
NK 869 KDFW KLAX 20:07CDT 20:39PDT 1072.08miles
SY 503 KDFW MMUN 11:19CDT 13:41EST 895.815miles
SQ 7969 KDFW KATL 20:36CDT 23:17EDT 634.929miles
UA 1826 KDFW KEWR 09:55CDT 14:06EDT 1191.83miles
5X 2785 KDFW KSDF 08:57CDT 11:44EDT 636.673miles
AA 1080K KJFK KLGA 09:28CDT 13:24EDT 9.30124miles
AA 1164K KJFK KLGA 17:54CDT 22:06EDT 9.30124miles
AA 1214K KJFK KSAN 17:49CDT 18:12PDT 2123.36miles
AA 1264K KJFK CYVR 10:12CDT 12:06PDT 2124.53miles
AA 132K KJFK KEWR 18:55CDT 22:50EDT 18.0612miles
AA 1403K KJFK KMIA 05:08CDT 08:36EDT 949.621miles
AA 1556K KJFK KIAD 08:39CDT 12:07EDT 197.78miles
AA 1704K KJFK KCLT 18:01CDT 21:03EDT 470.582miles
AA 2091K KJFK KCLT 10:46CDT 13:47EDT 470.582miles
AA 2222K KJFK KAUS 12:43CDT 13:15CDT 1321.93miles
AA 2289K KJFK KSAN 07:21CDT 07:50PDT 2123.36miles
AA 2322K KJFK KPBI 22:08CDT 01:33EDT 895.791miles
AA 2354K KJFK KIAD 10:40CDT 14:10EDT 197.78miles
AA 239K KJFK KMSP 21:47CDT 23:41CDT 892.624miles
AA 2425K KJFK KLAX 11:26CDT 12:01PDT 2148.38miles
AA 2477K KJFK KLAX 23:05CDT 23:49PDT 2148.38miles
AA 2524K KJFK KONT 17:54CDT 18:24PDT 2108.8miles
AA 2584K KJFK CYYZ 00:50CDT 04:16EDT 317.985miles
AA 2621K KJFK KEGE 17:41CDT 18:23MDT 1514.89miles
AA 306K KJFK KIND 07:18CDT 10:05EDT 576.953miles
AA 37K KJFK KSFO 17:30CDT 18:35PDT 2244.44miles
AA 465K KJFK KPHX 06:19CDT 06:14MST 1869.34miles
AA 606K KJFK KPHX 19:14CDT 19:13MST 1869.34miles
AA 783K KJFK KCLT 07:30CDT 10:31EDT 470.582miles
AA 980K KJFK SPJC 22:36CDT 05:10PET 3170.82miles
YV 5627K KJFK MMGL 12:57CDT 14:54CDT 1932.48miles
YV 5669K KJFK KABQ 17:43CDT 18:03MDT 1584.64miles
YV 5709K KJFK KHOU 22:18CDT 23:01CDT 1241.19miles
YV 5758K KJFK KGJT 15:16CDT 15:54MDT 1594.94miles
YV 5781K KJFK MMSP 11:07CDT 12:42CDT 1764.73miles
YV 5806K KJFK KBRO 15:35CDT 16:45CDT 1473.91miles
YV 5843K KJFK KSDF 21:54CDT 00:39EDT 574.241miles
YV 6239K KJFK KIAH 11:16CDT 12:02CDT 1230.95miles
EV 2800K KJFK KGGG 17:43CDT 18:11CDT 1122.58miles
EV 2861K KJFK KVPS 07:30CDT 09:11CDT 870.659miles
EV 2891K KJFK KMOB 11:54CDT 13:12CDT 923.253miles
EV 809K KJFK KTYS 07:34CDT 10:22EDT 562.394miles
CP 5735K KJFK KLAX 16:20CDT 17:01PDT 2148.38miles
DL 2110K KJFK KATL 13:27CDT 16:08EDT 660.447miles
MQ 3166K KJFK KCOU 13:09CDT 14:16CDT 857.871miles
MQ 3234K KJFK KICT 23:01CDT 23:59CDT 1113.76miles
MQ 3317K KJFK KLIT 21:44CDT 22:36CDT 944.293miles
MQ 3402K KJFK KMHK 10:01CDT 11:03CDT 1056.6miles
MQ 3481K KJFK KFWA 12:22CDT 15:19EDT 519.418miles
MQ 3544K KJFK KCHS 12:24CDT 15:31EDT 554.086miles
MQ 3644K KJFK KTYR 14:26CDT 14:47CDT 1153.3miles
MQ 3706K KJFK KSGF 22:12CDT 23:08CDT 937.068miles
FY 1004K KJFK KEWR 23:28CDT 03:15EDT 18.0612miles
9E 4138K KJFK KMSP 10:00CDT 11:54CDT 892.624miles
MRA 138K KJFK MMGL 08:45CDT 10:43CDT 1932.48miles
NK 470K KJFK KFLL 18:09CDT 21:34EDT 931.548miles
YX 3327K KJFK KAUS 17:38CDT 18:14CDT 1321.93miles
OO 4857K KJFK KMSP 16:47CDT 18:42CDT 892.624miles
S5 3337K KJFK KLGA 20:03CDT 00:02EDT 9.30124miles
5X 2038K KJFK KEWR 15:17CDT 19:17EDT 18.0612miles
Y4 893K KJFK MMGL 23:52CDT 01:48CDT 1932.48miles
AA 2377 KTUS KDFW 11:13MST 15:00CDT 705.713miles
YV 5618 KTUS KPHX 20:13MST 20:39MST 96.0921miles
CP 5793 KTUS KLAX 18:38MST 19:59PDT 392.029miles
FX 1344 KTUS KMEM 18:52MST 23:27CDT 1062.35miles
AX 524HC KTUS KLAS 13:16MST 14:17PDT 317.639miles
OO 3013 KTUS KLAX 11:55MST 13:04PDT 392.029miles
OO 3083 KTUS KPHX 10:38MST 11:06MST 96.0921miles
OO 5339 KTUS KSFO 07:51MST 09:35PDT 653.388miles
OO 5856 KTUS KDEN 06:18MST 08:55MDT 556.166miles
WN 1583 KTUS KSAN 09:24MST 10:19PDT 319.285miles
WN 185 KTUS KFTW 09:01MST 12:52CDT 689.338miles
FX 1625 KELP KIND 20:24MDT 00:48EDT 1085.74miles
KE 472 VYYY RKSI 10:27CEST 11:22CEST 2021.93miles
AI 608 VOBL VABB 17:56IST 19:47IST 450.958miles 01.28
AI 977 VOBL VOHS 17:15IST 18:01IST 246.54miles
LH 755 VOBL EDDF 03:18IST 08:36CEST 4002.04miles
G8 272 VOBL VEPT 09:19IST 11:45IST 853.89miles
G8 395 VOBL VABB 08:32IST 09:45IST 450.958miles
I5 1456 VOBL VOVZ 16:37IST 18:12IST 4690.56miles
6E 106 VOBL VIDP 22:42IST 01:14IST 923.775miles
6E 142 VOBL VIDP 23:01IST 01:19IST 923.775miles
6E 233 VOBL VOMM 06:40IST 07:19IST 145.371miles
6E 316 VOBL VOHS 21:11IST 21:59IST 246.54miles
6E 389 VOBL VOMM 12:54IST 13:33IST 145.371miles
6E 422 VOBL VECC 12:35IST 14:48IST 836.163miles
6E 474 VECC VIDP 06:10IST 07:52IST 709.445miles
6E 482 VOBL VABB 06:19IST 07:34IST 450.958miles
6E 546 VOBL VOHS 00:58IST 01:44IST 246.54miles
6E 614 VOBL VABB 15:12IST 16:34IST 450.958miles
6E 729 VOBL VOMM 20:03IST 20:44IST 145.371miles
6E 944 VOBL VIDP 04:21IST 06:45IST 923.775miles
9W 2847 VOBL VAPO 13:41IST 14:55IST 390.657miles
9W 448 VOBL VABB 19:39IST 21:22IST 450.958miles
9W 810 VOBL VIDP 07:22IST 09:39IST 923.775miles
LB 655 VOBL VOBZ 20:17IST 21:17IST 268.978miles
QR 573 VOBL OTHH 03:51IST 04:50AST 1644.23miles
SG 3310 VOBL VOMM 21:56IST 22:38IST 145.371miles
MI 423 VOBL WSSS 09:55IST 16:47SGT 1718.21miles
EK 569 VOBL OMDB 05:09IST 06:53GST 1456.85miles
JP 124A LJLJ EDDF 18:09CEST 19:16CEST 329.29miles
JP 306 LJLJ LSZH 19:07CEST 20:00CEST 253.684miles
JP 450 LJLJ EGKK 15:39CEST 16:38BST 650.71miles
JP 726 LJLJ LATI 23:20CEST 00:20CEST 368.132miles
A5 1187A LJLJ LFPG 15:31CEST 17:02CEST 510.136miles
EY 222 OPKC OMAA 03:59PKT 04:40GST 683.652miles
GF 751 OPKC OBBI 06:37PKT 06:42AST 899.105miles
PK 306 OPKC OPLA 19:18PKT 21:03PKT 552.195miles
SV 715 OPKC OERK 11:01PKT 11:38AST 1114.13miles
EK 603 OPKC OMDB 23:03PKT 23:42GST 642.265miles 01.56
AQ 222 PHNL PHOG 04:33HST 04:53HST 87.6508miles
AA 108 PHNL KLAX 07:30HST 15:31PDT 2220.62miles
AA 631 PHNL KPHX 21:28HST 06:02MST 2534.37miles
G4 571 PHNL KLAS 11:44HST 20:19PDT 2400.22miles
NZ 9 PHNL NZAA 10:22HST 16:41NZST 3832.08miles
AS 892 PHNL KSAN 15:40HST 23:47PDT 2270.69miles
EM 610 PHNL PHMK 06:04HST 06:20HST 47.5763miles
EM 624 PHNL PHNY 18:50HST 19:06HST 8997.12miles
K4 367 PHNL PHMK 05:58HST 06:21HST 47.5763miles
DL 611 PHNL RJGG 14:18HST 17:26JST 3495.08miles
FX 75 PHNL NZAA 10:25HST 16:21NZST 3832.08miles
HA 112 PHNL PHOG 19:22HST 19:44HST 87.6508miles
HA 122 PHNL PHTO 07:26HST 08:01HST 188.444miles
HA 156 PHNL PHOG 07:05HST 07:26HST 87.6508miles
HA 173 PHNL PHLI 14:14HST 14:36HST 88.1692miles
HA 193 PHNL PHLI 06:54HST 07:16HST 88.1692miles
HA 208 PHNL PHKO 11:49HST 12:17HST 142.374miles
HA 228 PHNL PHKO 10:09HST 10:37HST 142.374miles
HA 276 PHNL PHOG 15:54HST 16:15HST 87.6508miles
HA 306 PHNL PHOG 07:38HST 08:00HST 87.6508miles
HA 328 PHNL PHOG 11:42HST 12:03HST 87.6508miles
HA 343 PHNL PHLI 12:29HST 12:52HST 88.1692miles
HA 366 PHNL PHOG 09:08HST 09:28HST 87.6508miles
HA 386 PHNL PHOG 11:09HST 11:31HST 87.6508miles
HA 44 PHNL KSJC 13:34HST 21:20PDT 2100.44miles
HA 459 PHNL RKSI 15:22HST 19:40KST 3975.01miles
HA 513 PHNL PHLI 18:54HST 19:18HST 88.1692miles
HA 548 PHNL PHKO 13:04HST 13:33HST 142.374miles
JQ 4 PHNL YSSY 08:58HST 15:09AEST 4416.65miles
MW 224 PHNL PHMK 18:40HST 19:02HST 47.5763miles
MW 518 PHNL PHJH 16:38HST 17:09HST 73.4766miles
WP 109 PHNL PHLI 06:27HST 06:58HST 88.1692miles
WP 428 PHNL PHOG 13:56HST 14:28HST 87.6508miles
WP 82 PHNL PHKO 11:05HST 11:45HST 142.374miles
UA 14 PHNL KEWR 15:24HST 06:22EDT 4310miles
UA 218 PHNL KORD 16:30HST 04:59CDT 3685.99miles
UA 72 PHNL KSFO 06:30HST 14:12PDT 2084.65miles
IR 426C OIII OISS 07:10IRDT 08:41IRDT 375.257miles
AK 156 WMKK ZGKL 06:45MYT 10:10CST 1433.85miles
CA 1797 ZSHC ZGKL 17:54CST 19:42CST 629.467miles
CZ 3252 ZSPD ZGKL 22:44CST 00:53CST 717.164miles
EU 2251 ZHCC ZGNN 13:55CST 16:13CST 775.64miles
FM 9369 ZSPD ZGKL 17:24CST 19:21CST 717.164miles
GJ 4929 ZHCC ZGKL 10:02CST 11:42CST 593.02miles
HU 7372 ZGKL ZJHK 22:02CST 23:03CST 318.047miles
JD 5520 ZGKL ZJHK 16:53CST 17:50CST 318.047miles
MF 8387A ZSFZ ZGKL 19:07CST 20:35CST 523.397miles
QW 9785 ZGKL ZJHK 11:51CST 12:55CST 318.047miles
CA 1798 ZGKL ZSHC 20:37CST 22:29CST 629.467miles
SC 4646 ZGKL ZSHC 20:31CST 22:11CST 629.467miles
MU 5270 ZGKL ZSNB 22:20CST 01:04CST 668.162miles
FM 9350 ZGKL ZSPD 23:59CST 01:52CST 717.164miles
CZ 3281 ZGKL ZBAA 08:01CST 10:30CST 952.32miles
CZ 8597 ZGKL ZSWZ 12:20CST 14:08CST 602.97miles
MF 8388 ZGKL ZSFZ 21:49CST 23:21CST 523.397miles
JD 5520F VHHH ZJHK 16:53HKT 17:50CST 240.467miles
CA 1798M VHHH ZSHC 20:37HKT 22:29CST 591.815miles
SC 4646S VHHH ZSHC 20:31HKT 22:11CST 591.815miles
MU 5270Y VHHH ZSNB 22:20HKT 01:04CST 608.031miles
FM 9350L VHHH ZSPD 23:59HKT 01:52CST 678.851miles
CZ 3247R VHHH ZPPP 18:39HKT 19:34CST 627.51miles
CZ 3281X VHHH ZBAA 08:01HKT 10:30CST 1076.96miles
CZ 8597D VHHH ZSWZ 12:20HKT 14:08CST 505.725miles
MF 8388K VHHH ZSFZ 21:49HKT 23:21CST 383.304miles
KA 704B VMMC ZGKL 08:34CST 18:40CST 267.405miles 01.00
G5 2790T VHHH ZUCK 13:48HKT 14:59CST 593.727miles
DR 6536Z VHHH ZPPP 23:05HKT 00:15CST 627.51miles
JD 5520F6 VMMC ZJHK 16:53CST 17:50CST 219.781miles
CA 1798M3 VMMC ZSHC 20:37CST 22:29CST 610.204miles
SC 4646S9 VMMC ZSHC 20:31CST 22:11CST 610.204miles
MU 5270Y6 VMMC ZSNB 22:20CST 01:04CST 627.293miles
HU 7372 VMMC ZJHK 22:02CST 23:03CST 219.781miles
FM 9350L9 VMMC ZSPD 23:59CST 01:52CST 697.546miles
CZ 3247R6 VMMC ZPPP 18:39CST 19:34CST 612.27miles
CZ 3281X3 VMMC ZBAA 08:01CST 10:30CST 1088.27miles
CZ 8597D9 VMMC ZSWZ 12:20CST 14:08CST 525.812miles
MF 8388K6 VMMC ZSFZ 21:49CST 23:21CST 404.034miles
G5 2790T9 VMMC ZUCK 11:51CST 14:59CST 588.781miles
DR 6536Z6 VMMC ZPPP 17:52CST 00:15CST 612.27miles
JM 2584 VHHH CYYZ 00:50CDT 04:16EDT 6783.31miles
JM 70W VHHH EDDF 17:06CDT 08:56CEST 4949.22miles 12.56
JM 1704 VHHH KCLT 18:01CDT 21:03EDT 7259.61miles
JM 2621 VHHH KEGE 17:41CDT 18:23MDT 6447.57miles
JM 2621K VHHH KEGE 17:41CDT 18:23MDT 6447.57miles
JM 2621W VHHH KEGE 17:41CDT 18:23MDT 6447.57miles
JM 1556 VHHH KIAD 08:39CDT 12:07EDT 7081.87miles
JM 2354 VHHH KIAD 10:40CDT 14:10EDT 7081.87miles
JM 1556K VHHH KIAD 08:39CDT 12:07EDT 7081.87miles
JM 2354K VHHH KIAD 10:40CDT 14:10EDT 7081.87miles
JM 1556W VHHH KIAD 08:39CDT 12:07EDT 7081.87miles
JM 2354W VHHH KIAD 10:40CDT 14:10EDT 7081.87miles
JM 306K VHHH KIND 07:18CDT 10:05EDT 6922.43miles
JM 94 VHHH KJFK 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 7011.33miles 00.00.00
JM 257 VHHH KLAS 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 6337.8miles 00.00.00
JM 2425 VHHH KLAX 11:26CDT 12:01PDT 6305.29miles
JM 2477 VHHH KLAX 23:05CDT 23:49PDT 6305.29miles
JM 2425K VHHH KLAX 11:26CDT 12:01PDT 6305.29miles
JM 2477K VHHH KLAX 23:05CDT 23:49PDT 6305.29miles
JM 2550 VHHH KLAX 22:28CDT 00:05PDT 6305.29miles 00.00.00
JM 108 VHHH KLAX 07:30HST 15:31PDT 6305.29miles
JM 1080 VHHH KLGA 09:28CDT 13:24EDT 7002.56miles
JM 1164 VHHH KLGA 17:54CDT 22:06EDT 7002.56miles
JM 1080K VHHH KLGA 09:28CDT 13:24EDT 7002.56miles
JM 1164K VHHH KLGA 17:54CDT 22:06EDT 7002.56miles
JM 1080W VHHH KLGA 09:28CDT 13:24EDT 7002.56miles
JM 1164W VHHH KLGA 17:54CDT 22:06EDT 7002.56miles
JM 350 VHHH KLGA 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 7002.56miles 00.00.00
JM 57 VHHH KMIA 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 7811.87miles 00.00.00
JM 1403 VHHH KMIA 05:08CDT 08:36EDT 7811.87miles
JM 1403K VHHH KMIA 05:08CDT 08:36EDT 7811.87miles
JM 1403W VHHH KMIA 05:08CDT 08:36EDT 7811.87miles
JM 1070 VHHH KMIA 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 7811.87miles 00.00.00
JM 2524 VHHH KONT 17:54CDT 18:24PDT 6331.15miles
JM 2524K VHHH KONT 17:54CDT 18:24PDT 6331.15miles
JM 2524W VHHH KONT 17:54CDT 18:24PDT 6331.15miles
JM 2322 VHHH KPBI 22:08CDT 01:33EDT 7763.89miles
JM 2322K VHHH KPBI 22:08CDT 01:33EDT 7763.89miles
JM 2322W VHHH KPBI 22:08CDT 01:33EDT 7763.89miles
JM 397W VHHH KSFO 23:07CDT 00:22PDT 6015.15miles
JM 167 VHHH RJAA 02:15CDT 04:56AKDT 1601.61miles 04.20
JM 281 VHHH RKSI 11:59CDT 15:22KST 1118.06miles
JM 281W VHHH RKSI 11:59CDT 15:22KST 1118.06miles
JM 955 VHHH SAEZ 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 9968.95miles 00.00.00
JM 215 VHHH SBGR 07:05ART 09:20CLT 9732.14miles 00.00.00
JM 917 VHHH SPIM 06:00CDT 07:46PDT 9934.97miles 00.00.00
JM 980K VHHH SPJC 22:36CDT 05:10PET 9934.97miles
A3 447 LIMC LGIR 09:39CEST 13:03EEST 970.478miles
SU 2613 LIMC UUEE 15:21CEST 19:17MSK 1241.5miles
AZ 786 LIMC RJAA 16:00CEST 10:05JST 5269.47miles
BA 581 LIMC EGLL 22:20CEST 22:51BST 505.928miles
BE 7326 LIMC EDDV 18:50CEST 20:55CEST 412.265miles
B2 882 LIMC UMMS 14:58CEST 18:08MSK 894.267miles
CA 950 LIMC ZBAA 21:23CEST 13:33CST 4374.69miles
AH 2027 LIMC DAAG 14:49CEST 15:20CET 592.056miles
LH 1857 LIMC EDDM 13:34CEST 14:16CEST 205.867miles
LH 255 LIMC EDDF 19:03CEST 19:55CEST 264.327miles
EY 88 LIMC OMAA 11:21CEST 18:54GST 2548.05miles
U2 2573 LIMC LEAL 08:14CEST 10:14CEST 605.323miles
U2 2605 LIMC LGAV 07:18CEST 10:39EEST 821.843miles
U2 2685 LIMC EGPH 18:21CEST 19:39BST 769.76miles
U2 2715 LIMC LPPT 11:54CEST 13:26WEST 893.016miles
U2 2745 LIMC LEPA 15:47CEST 17:22CEST 451.099miles
U2 2783 LIMC LFPG 14:08CEST 15:33CEST 323.351miles
U2 2811 LIMC LICJ 19:23CEST 20:42CEST 488.547miles
U2 2865 LIMC LICA 19:53CEST 21:20CEST 524.022miles
U2 2903 LIMC LIEO 11:28CEST 12:39CEST 286.511miles
U2 2931 LIMC LDSP 06:51CEST 07:54CEST 347.424miles
U2 2953 LIMC LGMK 11:33CEST 15:00EEST 892.732miles
U2 2987 LIMC LEMH 15:13CEST 16:41CEST 399.618miles
U2 5294 LIMC EGKK 13:20CEST 14:28BST 485.898miles
LG 6992 LIMC ELLX 08:25CEST 09:41CEST 260.89miles
MS 704 LIMC HECA 14:59CEST 18:10EET 1414.53miles
FR 8732 LIMC LEZL 12:32CEST 14:41CEST 820.417miles
LX 1623 LIMC LSZH 19:15CEST 20:15CEST 110.084miles
TP 803 LIMC LPPT 11:31CEST 12:46WEST 893.016miles
TG 941 LIMC VTBS 15:19CEST 06:12ICT 4907.83miles
TK 1902 LIMC LTFJ 13:03CEST 16:14EEST 941.982miles
UA 18 LIMC KEWR 10:57CEST 13:07EDT 3479.24miles
VY 6337 LIMC LEBL 22:05CEST 23:19CEST 389.647miles
W6 2334 LIMC LHBP 08:15CEST 09:25CEST 448.255miles
A3 447L LIML LGIR 09:39CEST 13:03EEST 945.101miles
SU 2613L LIML UUEE 15:21CEST 19:17MSK 1231.27miles
AZ 786L LIML RJAA 16:00CEST 10:05JST 5264.24miles
BA 581L LIML EGLL 22:20CEST 22:51BST 529.85miles
BE 7326L LIML EDDV 18:50CEST 20:55CEST 422.004miles
B2 882L LIML UMMS 14:58CEST 18:08MSK 884.224miles
CA 950L LIML ZBAA 21:23CEST 13:33CST 4364.24miles
AH 2027L LIML DAAG 14:49CEST 15:20CET 593.138miles
LH 1857L LIML EDDM 13:34CEST 14:16CEST 202.687miles
LH 255L LIML EDDF 19:03CEST 19:55CEST 276.96miles
EY 88L LIML OMAA 11:21CEST 18:54GST 2522.93miles
U2 2573L LIML LEAL 08:14CEST 10:14CEST 614.913miles
U2 2605L LIML LGAV 07:18CEST 10:39EEST 796.238miles
U2 2685L LIML EGPH 18:21CEST 19:39BST 791.521miles
U2 2715L LIML LPPT 11:54CEST 13:26WEST 910.788miles
U2 2745L LIML LEPA 15:47CEST 17:22CEST 457.312miles
U2 2783L LIML LFPG 14:08CEST 15:33CEST 348.128miles
U2 2811L LIML LICJ 19:23CEST 20:42CEST 469.01miles
U2 2865L LIML LICA 19:53CEST 21:20CEST 500.378miles
U2 2903L LIML LIEO 11:28CEST 12:39CEST 273.477miles
U2 2931L LIML LDSP 06:51CEST 07:54CEST 321.985miles
U2 2953L LIML LGMK 11:33CEST 15:00EEST 867.1miles
U2 2987L LIML LEMH 15:13CEST 16:41CEST 403.035miles
U2 5294L LIML EGKK 13:20CEST 14:28BST 509.975miles
AY 794L LIML EFHK 11:38CEST 15:14EEST 1053.65miles
LG 6992L LIML ELLX 08:25CEST 09:41CEST 280.376miles
MS 704L LIML HECA 14:59CEST 18:10EET 1389.12miles
QR 124L LIML OTHH 10:50CEST 17:04AST 2366.17miles
FR 8732L LIML LEZL 12:32CEST 14:41CEST 834.509miles
LX 1623L LIML LSZH 19:15CEST 20:15CEST 124.633miles
TP 803L LIML LPPT 11:31CEST 12:46WEST 910.788miles
TG 941L LIML VTBS 15:19CEST 06:12ICT 4887.25miles
TK 1902L LIML LTFJ 13:03CEST 16:14EEST 917.273miles
UA 18L LIML KEWR 10:57CEST 13:07EDT 3504.88miles
VY 6337L LIML LEBL 22:05CEST 23:19CEST 401.093miles
W6 2334L LIML LHBP 08:15CEST 09:25CEST 429.967miles
A3 447B OMDB LGIR 09:39CEST 13:03EEST 1671.56miles
SU 2613B OMDB UUEE 15:21CEST 19:17MSK 2006.38miles
PS 312A OMDB UKBB 13:53CEST 17:09EEST 1885.85miles
AZ 786B OMDB RJAA 16:00CEST 10:05JST 4313.35miles
BA 581B OMDB EGLL 22:20CEST 22:51BST 2971.71miles
BE 7326B OMDB EDDV 18:50CEST 20:55CEST 2625.08miles
B2 882B OMDB UMMS 14:58CEST 18:08MSK 2109.43miles
CA 950B OMDB ZBAA 21:23CEST 13:33CST 3160.39miles
AH 2027B OMDB DAAG 14:49CEST 15:20CET 2739.75miles
LH 1857B OMDB EDDM 13:34CEST 14:16CEST 2467.58miles
LH 255B OMDB EDDF 19:03CEST 19:55CEST 2618.98miles
EY 88B OMDB OMAA 11:21CEST 18:54GST 62.8473miles
U2 2573B OMDB LEAL 08:14CEST 10:14CEST 2917.68miles
U2 2605B OMDB LGAV 07:18CEST 10:39EEST 1768.69miles
U2 2685B OMDB EGPH 18:21CEST 19:39BST 3122.93miles
U2 2715B OMDB LPPT 11:54CEST 13:26WEST 3317.92miles
U2 2745B OMDB LEPA 15:47CEST 17:22CEST 2763.51miles
U2 2783B OMDB LFPG 14:08CEST 15:33CEST 2831.89miles
U2 2811B OMDB LICJ 19:23CEST 20:42CEST 2274.27miles
U2 2847A OMDB LICC 14:09CEST 15:54CEST 2175.66miles
U2 2865B OMDB LICA 19:53CEST 21:20CEST 2134.85miles
U2 2903B OMDB LIEO 11:28CEST 12:39CEST 2460.21miles
U2 2931B OMDB LDSP 06:51CEST 07:54CEST 2199.43miles
U2 2953B OMDB LGMK 11:33CEST 15:00EEST 1696.1miles
U2 2987B OMDB LEMH 15:13CEST 16:41CEST 2695.88miles
U2 5294B OMDB EGKK 13:20CEST 14:28BST 2958.59miles
AY 794B OMDB EFHK 11:38CEST 15:14EEST 2453.15miles
IB 3253A OMDB LEMD 15:38CEST 17:13CEST 3053.74miles
LG 6992B OMDB ELLX 08:25CEST 09:41CEST 2699.6miles
MS 704B OMDB HECA 14:59CEST 18:10EET 1305.76miles 03.50
QR 124B OMDB OTHH 10:50CEST 17:04AST 203.974miles 00.51
FR 8732B OMDB LEZL 12:32CEST 14:41CEST 3173.55miles
FV 6674A OMDB ULLI 13:11CEST 16:56MSK 2324.75miles
LX 1623B OMDB LSZH 19:15CEST 20:15CEST 2577.04miles
TP 803B OMDB LPPT 11:31CEST 12:46WEST 3317.92miles
TG 941A OMDB VTBS 15:19CEST 06:12ICT 2650.65miles
TK 1902B OMDB LTFJ 13:03CEST 16:14EEST 1603.79miles
UA 18B OMDB KEWR 10:57CEST 13:07EDT 5957.37miles
VY 6337B OMDB LEBL 22:05CEST 23:19CEST 2797.84miles
W6 2334B OMDB LHBP 08:15CEST 09:25CEST 2167.2miles
AI 986 OOMS VABB 02:30GST 06:18IST 859.64miles
EY 387 OOMS OMAA 18:20GST 19:10GST 205.766miles
FZ 44 OOMS OMDB 08:55GST 10:00GST 188.327miles
9W 533 OOMS VOCI 11:30GST 16:42IST 1315.91miles
WY 123 OOMS EDDM 14:46GST 18:45CEST 2650.35miles
WY 201 OOMS VABB 01:30GST 06:07IST 859.64miles
WY 231 OOMS VOHS 08:40GST 13:38IST 1195.8miles
WY 283 OOMS VOBL 10:10GST 15:30IST 1269.59miles
WY 331 OOMS VNKT 02:30GST 09:05NPT 1484.59miles
WY 373 OOMS VCBI 08:50GST 14:36IST 1589.22miles
WY 3915 OOMS OOSA 20:39GST 21:40GST 459.346miles
WY 413 OOMS OJAI 15:45GST 17:37EEST 1280.23miles
WY 603 OOMS OMDB 08:45GST 09:55GST 188.327miles
WY 631 OOMS OMAA 14:35GST 15:30GST 205.766miles
WY 645 OOMS OKBK 14:26GST 14:53AST 649.96miles
WY 657 OOMS OBBI 02:00GST 03:23AST 446.884miles
WY 673 OOMS OEJN 22:07GST 23:49AST 1067miles
WY 693 OOMS OEDF 14:40GST 15:15AST 493.323miles
WY 823 OOMS WMKK 09:00GST 20:09MYT 2815.2miles
WY 909 OOMS OOSA 18:30GST 19:35GST 459.346miles
WY 939 OOMS OOKB 13:25GST 14:15GST 190.847miles
QR 1149 OOMS OTHH 04:55GST 05:04AST 378.552miles
AI 986B OMDB VABB 02:30GST 06:18IST 1041.15miles 02.56
EY 387B OMDB OMAA 18:20GST 19:10GST 62.8473miles
FZ 44B OMDB OOMS 08:55GST 10:00GST 188.327miles
9W 533B OMDB VOCI 11:30GST 16:42IST 1504.11miles
WY 123B OMDB EDDM 14:46GST 18:45CEST 2467.58miles
WY 201B OMDB VABB 01:30GST 06:07IST 1041.15miles
WY 231B OMDB VOHS 08:40GST 13:38IST 1376.34miles
WY 283B OMDB VOBL 10:10GST 15:30IST 1456.85miles
WY 331B OMDB VNKT 02:30GST 09:05NPT 1616.5miles
WY 373B OMDB VCBI 08:50GST 14:36IST 1777.41miles
WY 3915B OMDB OOSA 20:39GST 21:40GST 498.884miles
WY 413B OMDB OJAI 15:45GST 17:37EEST 1092.82miles
WY 603B OMDB OOMS 08:45GST 09:55GST 188.327miles
WY 631B OMDB OMAA 14:35GST 15:30GST 62.8473miles
WY 645B OMDB OKBK 14:26GST 14:53AST 461.674miles
WY 657B OMDB OBBI 02:00GST 03:23AST 263.347miles
WY 673B OMDB OEJN 22:07GST 23:49AST 918.963miles
WY 693B OMDB OEDF 14:40GST 15:15AST 309.861miles 01.06
WY 823B OMDB WMKK 09:00GST 20:09MYT 2999.04miles
WY 909B OMDB OOSA 18:30GST 19:35GST 498.884miles
WY 939B OMDB OOKB 13:25GST 14:15GST 72.7206miles
QR 1149B OMDB OTHH 04:55GST 05:04AST 203.974miles
WN 1024 KDAL KSEA 07:25CDT 09:13PDT 1451.12miles
WN 1130 KDAL KSTL 22:36CDT 23:52CDT 474.795miles
WN 1310 KSAN KSMF 17:08PDT 18:20PDT 417.652miles
WN 1514 KDAL KMCO 13:05CDT 16:17EDT 845.548miles
WN 18 KDAL KABQ 12:12CDT 12:34MDT 503.836miles
WN 2084 KDAL KMAF 18:38CDT 19:26CDT 276.898miles
WN 2846 KDAL KSNA 09:21CDT 10:25PDT 1055.65miles
WN 3231 KDAL KMSY 22:46CDT 23:50CDT 379.12miles
WN 473 KDAL KSAT 14:52CDT 15:33CDT 215.83miles
WN 589 KDAL KSAT 17:40CDT 18:22CDT 215.83miles
WN 8608 KDAL KGPT 10:09CDT 11:20CDT 424.273miles
VX 883 KDAL KLAX 15:06CDT 15:46PDT 1081.84miles
AF 1327 LIPZ LFPG 07:06CEST 08:28CEST 451.558miles
AZ 1460 LIPZ LIRF 06:43CEST 07:37CEST 222.771miles
AZ 1699 LIPZ LICC 22:32CEST 23:59CEST 498.313miles
BA 2589 LIPZ EGKK 02:40CEST 03:26BST 603.947miles
SN 3208 LIPZ EBBR 07:26CEST 08:45CEST 451.73miles
CJ 8480 LIPZ EGLC 19:43CEST 20:29BST 606.878miles
DL 8205 LIPZ EDDM 17:23CEST 18:00CEST 172.839miles
F7 1290 LIPZ EDLP 11:51CEST 13:22CEST 395.985miles
U2 1864 LIPZ EGCC 13:31CEST 15:01BST 738.839miles
U2 3363 LIPZ LFSB 12:31CEST 13:43CEST 235.41miles
U2 3798 LIPZ LFPG 22:13CEST 23:40CEST 451.558miles
U2 4658 LIPZ EDDB 19:01CEST 20:10CEST 415.784miles
U2 990 LIPZ LIRN 06:54CEST 08:03CEST 290.339miles
IB 3245 LIPZ LEMD 19:07CEST 21:12CEST 760.169miles
LO 310 LIPZ EPWA 14:08CEST 15:42CEST 525.058miles
QR 126 LIPZ OTHH 18:57CEST 01:11AST 2243.83miles
TU 473 LIPZ DTTA 17:58CEST 18:31CET 528.942miles
VY 1538 LIPZ LEBB 14:02CEST 16:01CEST 667.588miles
V7 1238 LIPZ LDDU 10:40CEST 11:46CEST 310.795miles
A3 925 LLBG LGAV 19:51IDT 21:29EEST 645.258miles
SU 517 LLBG UUEE 20:25IDT 00:05MSK 1444.16miles
IZ 271 LLBG LEBL 18:05IDT 21:03CEST 1665.84miles
PS 788 LLBG UKOO 01:31IDT 03:56EEST 888.034miles
BA 162 LLBG EGLL 07:28IDT 10:25BST 1939.64miles
B2 748 LLBG UMMS 00:47IDT 04:11MSK 1347.28miles
LY 1 LLBG KJFK 01:28IDT 06:11EDT 4928.32miles
LY 313 LLBG EGGW 19:30IDT 22:25BST 1946.45miles
LY 331 LLBG EBBR 06:29IDT 09:58CEST 1757.31miles
LY 347 LLBG LSZH 08:30IDT 11:35CEST 1518.22miles
LY 363 LLBG LOWW 16:10IDT 18:18CEST 1276.75miles
LY 393 LLBG LEBL 09:20IDT 12:34CEST 1665.84miles
LY 543 LLBG LGAV 20:03IDT 21:46EEST 645.258miles
LY 613 LLBG UUDD 15:33IDT 19:11MSK 1412.15miles
ET 405 LLBG HAAB 01:14IDT 05:21EAT 1401.57miles
U2 3738 LLBG LFPG 20:32IDT 00:01CEST 1775.33miles
IB 3321 LLBG LEMD 06:39IDT 10:30CEST 1915.92miles
6H 891 LLBG UGTB 21:41IDT 00:49GET 754.881miles
ZB 1027 LLBG EGGW 18:53IDT 21:36BST 1946.45miles
PC 788 LLBG LTAI 09:00IDT 10:11EEST 356.719miles
FV 6628 LLBG ULLI 14:01IDT 18:20MSK 1680.56miles
TK 787 LLBG LTBA 17:17IDT 19:08EEST 613.162miles
TK 811 LLBG LTBA 07:37IDT 09:27EEST 613.162miles
QS 1287 LLBG LKPR 06:03IDT 08:28CEST 1424.18miles
FE 895 RCTP EGJJ 18:37CST 19:10BST 5427.17miles
FE 472 RCTP KPWA 14:56CST 15:31CDT 6558.42miles
FE N350LL RCTP KOKC 10:16CST 10:58CDT 6566.56miles
FE 1024 RCTP KSEA 07:25CST 09:13PDT 5273.99miles
FE 1130 RCTP KSTL 22:36CST 23:52CDT 6590.91miles
FE 1514 RCTP KMCO 13:05CST 16:17EDT 7349.08miles
FE 2084 RCTP KMAF 18:38CST 19:26CDT 6581.9miles
FE 214 RCTP LPFR 14:45CST 16:55WEST 6109.85miles
FE 2846 RCTP KSNA 09:21CST 10:25PDT 5935.25miles
FE 3231 RCTP KMSY 22:46CST 23:50CDT 7044.23miles
FE 473 RCTP KSAT 14:52CST 15:33CDT 6816.92miles
FE 51 RCKH SCTC 09:09CST 10:10CLT 9639.97miles
FE 589 RCTP KSAT 17:40CST 18:22CDT 6816.92miles
FE 8608 RCTP KGPT 10:09CST 11:20CDT 7055.32miles
DA 612 KCOS RCTP 16:40MDT 16:09CST 7093.4miles
DA 472 KPWA RCTP 15:31CDT 14:56CST 6558.42miles
DA N350LL KOKC RCTP 10:58CDT 10:16CST 6566.56miles
DA 1024 KSEA RCTP 09:13PDT 07:25CST 5273.99miles
DA 1130 KSTL RCTP 23:52CDT 22:36CST 6590.91miles
DA 1514 KMCO RCTP 16:17EDT 13:05CST 7349.08miles
DA 18 KABQ RCTP 12:34MDT 12:12CST 6295.34miles
DA 2084 KMAF RCTP 19:26CDT 18:38CST 6581.9miles
DA 2846 KSNA RCTP 10:25PDT 09:21CST 5935.25miles
DA 3231 KMSY RCTP 23:50CDT 22:46CST 7044.23miles
DA 473 KSAT RCTP 15:33CDT 14:52CST 6816.92miles
DA 589 KSAT RCTP 18:22CDT 17:40CST 6816.92miles
DA 8608 KGPT RCTP 11:20CDT 10:09CST 7055.32miles
DA 883 KLAX RCTP 15:46PDT 15:06CST 5904.12miles
A3 210 LGAV LGRP 16:53EEST 17:32EEST 218.648miles
A3 358 LGAV LGSR 17:18EEST 17:48EEST 118.07miles
A3 614 LGAV LFPG 17:43EEST 19:55CEST 1139.85miles
A3 856 LGAV LBSF 09:01EEST 09:50EEST 287.17miles
A3 932 LGAV UDYZ 00:15EEST 03:24AMT 961.794miles
A3 992 LGAV LTBA 14:15EEST 15:15EEST 290.535miles
BA 631 LGAV EGLL 08:09EEST 09:35BST 1311.55miles
LH 1755 LGAV EDDM 06:24EEST 07:23CEST 820.707miles
TB 1564 LGAV EBBR 19:48EEST 21:48CEST 1135.91miles
OA 870 LGAV LDSP 09:27EEST 10:11CEST 484.039miles
FR 1196 LGAV EBCI 06:27EEST 08:45CEST 1121.58miles
FR 16 LGAV LGTS 19:09EEST 19:51EEST 161.755miles
TK 1846 LGAV LTBA 10:15EEST 11:24EEST 290.535miles
FE 110 RCKH SCAT 08:20CST 07:31PET 10151.2miles
FE 358 RCTP LGSR 17:18CST 17:48EEST 4791.87miles
FE 614 RCTP LFPG 17:43CST 19:55CEST 5289.89miles
FE 852 RCTP UMMS 14:46CST 19:07MSK 4314.84miles
FE 856 RCTP LBSF 09:01CST 09:50EEST 4727.34miles
FE 992 RCTP LTBA 14:15CST 15:15EEST 4542.74miles
FE 631 RCTP EGLL 08:09CST 09:35BST 5288.37miles
FE 1755 RCTP EDDM 06:24CST 07:23CEST 5008.46miles
FE 1564 RCTP EBBR 19:48CST 21:48CEST 5161.97miles
FE 870 RCTP LDSP 09:27CST 10:11CEST 4985.83miles
FE 1196 RCTP EBCI 06:27CST 08:45CEST 5178.5miles
FE 16 RCTP LGTS 19:09CST 19:51EEST 4798.83miles
FE 2778 RCTP EGJJ 20:04CST 20:37BST 5427.17miles
FE 1846 RCTP LTBA 10:15CST 11:24EEST 4542.74miles
DK 358 LGSR RCTP 17:48EEST 17:18CST 4791.87miles
DK 614 LFPG RCTP 19:55CEST 17:43CST 5289.89miles
DK 856 LBSF RCTP 09:50EEST 09:01CST 4727.34miles
DK 932 UDYZ RCTP 03:24AMT 00:15CST 3875.31miles
DK 992 LTBA RCTP 15:15EEST 14:15CST 4542.74miles
DK 631 EGLL RCTP 09:35BST 08:09CST 5288.37miles
DK 1755 EDDM RCTP 07:23CEST 06:24CST 5008.46miles
DK 1564 EBBR RCTP 21:48CEST 19:48CST 5161.97miles
DK 870 LDSP RCTP 10:11CEST 09:27CST 4985.83miles
DK 1196 EBCI RCTP 08:45CEST 06:27CST 5178.5miles
DK 16 LGTS RCTP 19:51EEST 19:09CST 4798.83miles
DK 1846 LTBA RCTP 11:24EEST 10:15CST 4542.74miles
CM 210 SEQM MPTO 06:26ECT 08:01EST 9215miles
XL 1519 SEQM SEGU 18:24ECT 19:06ECT 9474.15miles
ZV 1006 EDDF KJFK 2200 0530 3344.97miles 08.50
GR 605 EGKK EGJB 11:57BST 12:29BST 138.477miles
BA 2155 EGKK TBPB 11:39BST 14:33AST 3653.53miles
BA 2263 EGKK MKJP 12:37BST 15:15EST 4074.11miles
BA 2552 EGKK LGIR 15:45BST 21:12EEST 1448.67miles
BA 2586 EGKK LIPZ 11:44BST 14:21CEST 603.947miles
BA 2600 EGKK LIRP 11:52BST 14:27CEST 620.559miles
BA 2630 EGKK LEAL 07:05BST 10:09CEST 773.497miles
BA 2658 EGKK LOWW 16:43BST 19:22CEST 675.672miles
BA 2706 EGKK LEBL 07:17BST 09:55CEST 599.523miles
BA 2762 EGKK EHAM 16:59BST 18:39CEST 197.333miles
BA 2778 EGKK EGJJ 20:04BST 20:37BST 139.839miles
BA 2940 EGKK EGPH 12:52BST 13:52BST 310.116miles
B2 852 EGKK UMMS 14:46BST 19:07MSK 1038.16miles
EI 239 EGKK EIDW 14:38BST 15:36IST 261.392miles
U2 5015 EGKK LFBD 16:24BST 18:48CEST 380.453miles
U2 5155 EGKK LGMK 08:19BST 13:54EEST 1361.85miles
U2 5201 EGKK LEMH 06:28BST 09:37CEST 702.98miles
U2 5235 EGKK LIRP 12:39BST 15:33CEST 620.559miles
U2 5263 EGKK LIPZ 08:41BST 11:46CEST 603.947miles
U2 5285 EGKK LIML 13:07BST 15:50CEST 509.975miles
U2 5295 EGKK LIMC 15:27BST 18:11CEST 485.898miles
U2 5335 EGKK LFBO 12:35BST 15:18CEST 456.325miles
U2 5365 EGKK EKCH 07:26BST 10:07CEST 531.857miles
U2 5407 EGKK EDDB 06:47BST 09:38CEST 514.671miles
U2 5453 EGKK LCPH 07:39BST 14:04EEST 1722.11miles
U2 5481 EGKK LEMD 18:44BST 21:43CEST 655.664miles
U2 813 EGKK EGPH 20:30BST 21:33BST 310.116miles
U2 835 EGKK EGAA 14:28BST 15:56BST 303.478miles
U2 837 EGKK EGAA 19:09BST 20:16BST 303.478miles
U2 8415 EGKK LFLL 08:34BST 11:06CEST 387.616miles
U2 8435 EGKK LFSB 16:04BST 18:33CEST 369.872miles
U2 8511 EGKK EPKK 09:53BST 13:06CEST 762.231miles
U2 855 EGKK EGNS 19:55BST 20:46BST 239.299miles
U2 8577 EGKK LEBL 17:47BST 20:26CEST 599.523miles
U2 8611 EGKK LEMG 17:39BST 21:02CEST 889.336miles
U2 8647 EGKK LEIB 05:27BST 08:41CEST 740.774miles
U2 867 EGKK EGPE 21:30BST 22:47BST 407.256miles
U2 8719 EGKK LPPT 17:51BST 20:13WEST 833.908miles
U2 8767 EGKK LGSR 14:22BST 20:01EEST 1411.16miles
U2 8831 EGKK LTFE 07:27BST 13:32EEST 1448.28miles
U2 887 EGKK EGPF 15:59BST 17:18BST 321.759miles
U2 889 EGKK EGPF 20:24BST 21:29BST 321.759miles
U2 891 EGKK EGJJ 07:05BST 07:59BST 139.839miles
U2 895 EGKK EGJJ 18:37BST 19:10BST 139.839miles
U2 8989 EGKK LIPE 07:24BST 10:22CEST 609.05miles
D8 2806 EGKK ENGM 16:15BST 19:20CEST 662.966miles
D8 6055 EGKK LEMD 20:10BST 23:37CEST 655.664miles
DY 1319 EGKK ENBR 21:33BST 00:01CEST 578.922miles
DY 7093 EGKK KLAX 13:45BST 16:35PDT 4755.74miles
MT 1012 EGKK GCTS 14:57BST 19:27WEST 1574.35miles
TK 1964 EGKK LTFJ 12:21BST 17:44EEST 1364.45miles
BY 39 EGKK LIRN 15:15BST 18:19CEST 860.649miles
TS 777 EGKK CYVR 09:57BST 11:47PDT 4118.18miles
VS 49 EGKK KMCO 11:26BST 14:48EDT 3779.32miles
VY 7389 EGKK LEST 21:55BST 00:55CEST 598.848miles
WS 2 EGKK CYYC 14:07BST 16:10MDT 3813.43miles
ZV 1007 LLBG OMDB 16:00 19:05 1151.9miles 02.00
FE 605 RCTP EGJB 11:57CST 12:29BST 5430.21miles
FE 2155 RCTP TBPB 11:39CST 14:33AST 8525.63miles
FE 2263 RCTP MKJP 12:37CST 15:15EST 8026.95miles
FE 2552 RCTP LGIR 15:45CST 21:12EEST 4830.93miles
FE 2586 RCTP LIPZ 11:44CST 14:21CEST 5075.34miles
FE 2600 RCTP LIRP 11:52CST 14:27CEST 5203.85miles
FE 2630 RCTP LEAL 07:05CST 10:09CEST 5796.07miles
BR 9009 RCTP LOWW 16:43CST 19:22CEST 4847.69miles 12.27
FE 2706 RCTP LEBL 07:17CST 09:55CEST 5588.07miles
FE 2762 RCTP EHAM 16:59CST 18:39CEST 5104miles
FE 2940 RCTP EGPH 12:52CST 13:52BST 5191.94miles
FE 239 RCTP EIDW 14:38CST 15:36IST 5368.37miles
FE 5015 RCTP LFBD 16:24CST 18:48CEST 5551.25miles
FE 5155 RCTP LGMK 08:19CST 13:54EEST 4772.7miles
FE 5201 RCTP LEMH 06:28CST 09:37CEST 5561.63miles
FE 5235 RCTP LIRP 12:39CST 15:33CEST 5203.85miles
FE 5263 RCTP LIPZ 08:41CST 11:46CEST 5075.34miles
FE 5285 RCTP LIML 13:07CST 15:50CEST 5187.6miles
FE 5295 RCTP LIMC 15:27CST 18:11CEST 5200.96miles
FE 5335 RCTP LFBO 12:35CST 15:18CEST 5526.92miles
FE 5365 RCTP EKCH 07:26CST 10:07CEST 4762.47miles
FE 5407 RCTP EDDB 06:47CST 09:38CEST 4829.94miles
FE 5453 RCTP LCPH 07:39CST 14:04EEST 4512.15miles
FE 5481 RCTP LEMD 18:44CST 21:43CEST 5816.52miles
FE 813 RCTP EGPH 20:30CST 21:33BST 5191.94miles
FE 835 RCTP EGAA 14:28CST 15:56BST 5316.08miles
FE 837 RCTP EGAA 19:09CST 20:16BST 5316.08miles
FE 8415 RCTP LFLL 08:34CST 11:06CEST 5324.24miles
FE 8435 RCTP LFSB 16:04CST 18:33CEST 5177.43miles
FE 8511 RCTP EPKK 09:53CST 13:06CEST 4682.1miles
FE 855 RCTP EGNS 19:55CST 20:46BST 5299.26miles
FE 8577 RCTP LEBL 17:47CST 20:26CEST 5588.07miles
FE 8611 RCTP LEMG 17:39CST 21:02CEST 6001.74miles
FE 8647 RCTP LEIB 05:27CST 08:41CEST 5703miles
FE 867 RCTP EGPE 21:30CST 22:47BST 5144.56miles
FE 8719 RCTP LPPT 17:51CST 20:13WEST 6074.67miles
FE 8767 RCTP LGSR 14:22CST 20:01EEST 4791.87miles
FE 8831 RCTP LTFE 07:27CST 13:32EEST 4675.11miles
FE 887 RCTP EGPF 15:59CST 17:18BST 5221.59miles
FE 889 RCTP EGPF 20:24CST 21:29BST 5221.59miles
FE 891 RCTP EGJJ 07:05CST 07:59BST 5427.17miles
FE 8989 RCTP LIPE 07:24CST 10:22CEST 5144.07miles
FE 2806 RCTP ENGM 16:15CST 19:20CEST 4671.04miles
FE 6055 RCTP LEMD 20:10CST 23:37CEST 5816.52miles
FE 264 RCTP LEAL 16:11CST 19:15CEST 5796.07miles
FE 294 RCTP LEIB 21:49CST 00:51CEST 5703miles
FE 1319 RCTP ENBR 21:33CST 00:01CEST 4816.83miles
AM 11 SCEL MMMX 23:21CLT 04:59CDT 3565.85miles
G3 7661 SCEL SBGR 07:20CLT 10:33BRT 1413.05miles
LA 142 SCEL SCCF 07:11CLT 09:00CLT 662.389miles
LA 700 SCEL SBGR 16:57CLT 20:32BRT 1413.05miles
LA 97 SCEL SCCI 03:11CLT 06:11CLT 1178.7miles
H2 15 SCEL SCTE 14:29CLT 15:43CLT 495.974miles
ZV 51 RCTP SCTC 09:09CST 10:10CLT 9736.92miles
ZV 110 RCTP SCAT 08:20CST 07:31PET 10158.5miles
ZV 170 RCTP SCDA 07:20CST 09:28CLT 10130.8miles
ZV 530 RCTP SPJC 21:18CST 22:38PET 9514.81miles
ZV 841 RCTP SCIP 10:07CST 13:26EAST 8101.33miles
FE 170 RCKH SCDA 07:20CST 09:28CLT 10218.5miles
FE 530 RCKH SPJC 21:18CST 22:38PET 9635.36miles
FE 841 RCKH SCIP 10:07CST 13:26EAST 8108.61miles
ZV 1052 KJFK RCTP 1:30 17:00 6781.02miles 17.20
J4 4144 ENBR ENAL 07:50CEST 08:37CEST 138.828miles
DY 605 ENBR ENGM 07:30CEST 08:05CEST 175.522miles
SK 278 ENBR ENGM 16:55CEST 17:31CEST 175.522miles
SK 4139 ENBR ENZV 08:29CEST 08:52CEST 86.1063miles
J4 4144B BIKF ENAL 07:50GMT 08:37CEST 774.87miles
CX 32580 ZSAM ZSPD 08:14 CST 09:27 CST 442.356miles 01.25
SK 4139B BIKF ENZV 08:29GMT 08:52CEST 859.792miles
AA 1280 KSAN KPHX 19:40PDT 20:27MST 264.127miles
AA 2549 KSAN KPHX 16:49PDT 17:38MST 264.127miles
AS 239 KSAN KSEA 19:43PDT 22:01PDT 914.834miles
AS 798 KSAN KBOS 08:38PDT 16:34EDT 2246.52miles
CP 5785 KSAN KSEA 07:19PDT 10:12PDT 914.834miles
DL 1864 KSAN KMSP 06:42PDT 11:49CDT 1331.29miles
1I 683 KSAN KCMA 12:10PDT 12:40PDT 130.486miles
FX 3613 KSAN KIND 06:52PDT 13:18EDT 1547.23miles
5Y 105 KSAN KPHX 18:41PDT 19:27MST 264.127miles
B6 620 KSAN KBOS 11:50PDT 19:47EDT 2246.52miles
NK 356 KSAN KLAS 15:43PDT 16:31PDT 225.262miles
NK 905 KSAN KEKO 10:58PDT 12:35PDT 490.964miles
RV 1884 KSAN CYYZ 23:25PDT 06:31EDT 1873.32miles
OO 3483 KSAN KBOI 15:54PDT 18:47MDT 652.604miles
OO 5338 KSAN KSFO 06:31PDT 07:47PDT 388.834miles
WN 1668 KSAN KSMF 14:00PDT 15:14PDT 417.652miles
WN 179 KSAN KSAT 11:37PDT 16:08CDT 980.783miles
WN 1988 KSAN KSFO 11:09PDT 12:15PDT 388.834miles
WN 2250 KSAN KSJC 21:08PDT 22:08PDT 362.926miles
WN 2380 KSAN KSJC 18:02PDT 19:03PDT 362.926miles
WN 2483 KSAN KPHX 07:12PDT 08:00MST 264.127miles
WN 2567 KSAN KSFO 21:34PDT 22:40PDT 388.834miles
WN 2677 KSAN KSJC 18:56PDT 19:58PDT 362.926miles
WN 2813 KSAN KPHX 16:40PDT 17:28MST 264.127miles
WN 292 KSAN KRNO 18:50PDT 19:58PDT 425.433miles
WN 3111 KSAN KPHX 08:10PDT 08:58MST 264.127miles
WN 3568 KSAN KMDW 06:57PDT 12:21CDT 1500.6miles
WN 408 KSAN KLAS 10:23PDT 11:10PDT 225.262miles
WN 5447 KSAN KSJC 06:56PDT 07:56PDT 362.926miles
UA 1098 KSAN KSFO 12:35PDT 13:43PDT 388.834miles
UA 1479 KSAN KSFO 16:17PDT 17:24PDT 388.834miles
UA 736 KSAN KSFO 17:12PDT 18:15PDT 388.834miles
VX 352 KSAN KSFO 08:15PDT 09:26PDT 388.834miles
AF 1751 EKCH LFPG 10:03CEST 11:34CEST 542.637miles
SN 2258 EKCH EBBR 12:29CEST 13:39CEST 407.649miles
CL 2447 EKCH EDDM 06:19CEST 07:31CEST 437.833miles
J4 1217 EKCH EKYT 16:40CEST 17:19CEST 128.677miles
J4 1894 EKCH ESSL 22:59CEST 23:54CEST 194.681miles
LO 460 EKCH EPWA 07:14CEST 08:24CEST 359.951miles
DY 3212 EKCH ESSA 17:19CEST 18:10CEST 295.64miles
FR 7403 EKCH EGGW 07:34CEST 08:10BST 513.499miles
SK 1458 EKCH ENGM 11:59CEST 12:49CEST 279.448miles
SK 1726 EKCH EFHK 22:01CEST 00:18EEST 482.232miles
SK 2870 EKCH ENBR 21:11CEST 22:13CEST 367.203miles
SK 537 EKCH EIDW 10:11CEST 11:07IST 670.175miles
LX 1273 EKCH LSZH 20:36CEST 22:02CEST 513.582miles
VY 8635 EKCH LFPG 09:54CEST 11:29CEST 542.637miles
MN 105 FAOR FACT 16:26SAST 18:36SAST 687.013miles
MN 125 FAOR FACT 21:16SAST 23:26SAST 687.013miles
MN 623 FAOR FALE 13:25SAST 14:30SAST 258.886miles
MN 6285 FAOR FVFA 11:38SAST 12:56CAT 501.438miles
MN 6413 FAOR FACT 09:25SAST 11:19SAST 687.013miles
MN 901 FAOR FAGG 15:09SAST 17:04SAST 562.481miles
XZ 1701 FAOR FYWB 12:54SAST 13:59WAT 766.683miles
SW 724 FAOR FYWH 12:04SAST 12:48WAT 629.304miles
QR 1364 FAOR OTHH 14:31SAST 23:33AST 3373.96miles
SA 188 FAOR HTDA 14:00SAST 18:04EAT 1316.9miles
SA 222 FAOR SBGR 11:31SAST 16:07BRT 4021.15miles
SA 313 FAOR FACT 08:29SAST 10:20SAST 687.013miles
SA 343 FAOR FACT 14:21SAST 16:12SAST 687.013miles
SA 365 FAOR FACT 18:54SAST 20:52SAST 687.013miles
SA 375 FAOR FACT 21:11SAST 23:02SAST 687.013miles
SA 405 FAOR FAPE 11:03SAST 12:22SAST 491.028miles
SA 475 FAOR FAEL 15:29SAST 16:40SAST 415.243miles
SA 535 FAOR FALE 08:06SAST 08:58SAST 258.886miles
SA 555 FAOR FALE 13:11SAST 13:55SAST 258.886miles
SA 575 FAOR FALE 18:00SAST 18:43SAST 258.886miles
SA 62 FAOR FLKK 10:43SAST 12:23CAT 2267.99miles
SA 76 FAOR FYWH 13:29SAST 14:10WAT 629.304miles
SA 8741 FAOR FAPM 17:14SAST 17:53SAST 240.209miles
FA 103 FAOR FACT 21:14SAST 23:24SAST 687.013miles
TK 38 FAOR FQMA 11:47SAST 12:29CAT 234.298miles
EK 768 FAOR OMDB 09:35SAST 19:06GST 3466.73miles
MN 6302 FALE FACT 09:16SAST 11:18SAST 690.158miles
SA 554 FALE FAOR 13:16SAST 14:10SAST 258.886miles
BA 493 LXGB EGLL 15:56CEST 17:19BST 944.401miles
ZB 63 LXGB EGGW 12:39CEST 14:15BST 968.744miles
1I 251 KIAD KPWM 17:02EDT 18:10EDT 428.356miles 01.08
AA 1930 KPDX KCLT 00:05PDT 07:17EDT 1980.89miles
AS 408 KPDX KSJC 11:15PDT 12:35PDT 495.364miles
AS 624 KPDX KLAS 21:16PDT 23:04PDT 663.376miles
DL 1852 KPDX KMSP 06:41PDT 11:20CDT 1237.18miles
DL 50 KSLC EGLL 20:31MDT 12:31BST 4222.25miles
DL 816 KPDX KATL 13:30PDT 20:35EDT 1885.99miles
KS 191 KPDX KOTH 10:36PDT 11:13PDT 148.415miles
OO 3488 KPDX KBUR 18:26PDT 20:18PDT 711.595miles
QX 2018 KPDX KSEA 11:35PDT 12:10PDT 112.527miles
QX 2141 KPDX KRNO 09:07PDT 10:23PDT 386.824miles
QX 2362K KPDX KPDX 22:04PDT 22:52PDT 0miles
QX 2563 KPDX KOAK 16:46PDT 18:36PDT 473.193miles
UA 794 KSFO KORD 12:30PDT 17:53CDT 1602.23miles 5.23
WN 169 KPDX KDEN 16:02PDT 18:59MDT 860.669miles
WN 2770 KPDX KDEN 10:56PDT 13:56MDT 860.669miles
DL 2841J KFYJ KLAX 16:10EDT 18:05PDT 2026.8miles
UA 1820J KFYJ KSFO 10:21EDT 11:41PDT 2150.98miles
VX 801J KFYJ KSFO 12:08EDT 13:30PDT 2150.98miles
WN 2427J KFYJ KOAK 10:55EDT 12:09PDT 2142.22miles
WN 4257J KFYJ KOAK 17:26EDT 18:44PDT 2142.22miles
DL 2841G KPVG KLAX 16:10EDT 18:05PDT 2047.52miles
UA 1820G KPVG KSFO 10:21EDT 11:41PDT 2177.18miles
VX 801G KPVG KSFO 12:08EDT 13:30PDT 2177.18miles
WN 2427G KPVG KOAK 10:55EDT 12:09PDT 2168.5miles
WN 4257G KPVG KOAK 17:26EDT 18:44PDT 2168.5miles
DL 2841F KORF KLAX 16:10EDT 18:05PDT 2058.37miles
UA 1820F KORF KSFO 10:21EDT 11:41PDT 2186.8miles
VX 801F KORF KSFO 12:08EDT 13:30PDT 2186.8miles
WN 2427F KORF KOAK 10:55EDT 12:09PDT 2178.11miles
WN 4257F KORF KOAK 17:26EDT 18:44PDT 2178.11miles
CA 4431 ZUUU ZUNZ 07:30CST 09:22CST 506.333miles
CX 32380 ZSPD ZSAM 07:55CST 09:30CST 442.356miles
AS 67 PAKT PASI 16:48AKDT 17:23AKDT 158.757miles
AA 2643 KSLC KORD 07:14MDT 10:50CDT 1084.36miles
A8 1896 KSLC KBYI 07:26MDT 08:11MDT 132.684miles
4B 740 KSLC KVEL 07:12MDT 07:48MDT 114.527miles
DL 1123 KSLC KATL 07:22MDT 12:37EDT 1380.29miles
DL 1356 KSLC KRNO 21:06MDT 21:10PDT 366.094miles
DL 1674 KSLC KPDX 23:22MDT 23:53PDT 546.915miles
DL 1909 KSLC KSAN 22:39MDT 23:11PDT 545.074miles
DL 2318 KSLC KSFO 22:19MDT 22:45PDT 520.088miles 01.38
DL 918 KSLC KJAC 21:15MDT 21:54MDT 178.202miles
FX 1859 KSLC KBOI 06:17MDT 06:58MDT 252.124miles
B6 802 KSLC KMCO 23:16MDT 05:09EDT 1677.52miles
OO 3480 KSLC KSAN 14:06MDT 15:06PDT 545.074miles
OO 4463 KSLC KMSY 20:17MDT 00:12CDT 1241.26miles
OO 4537 KSLC KIAH 14:44MDT 18:19CDT 1039.09miles
OO 4609 KSLC KBOI 20:34MDT 21:22MDT 252.124miles
OO 4675 KSLC KSEA 06:47MDT 07:20PDT 598.292miles
OO 4760 KSLC KGTF 20:53MDT 21:52MDT 403.185miles
OO 4842 KSLC KGPI 21:59MDT 23:03MDT 462.488miles
OO 7362 KSLC KBTM 22:11MDT 23:08MDT 311.365miles
OO 7397 KSLC KEKO 22:05MDT 21:40PDT 173.525miles
WN 1264 KSLC KDAL 06:27MDT 09:42CDT 868.468miles
UA 320 KSLC KORD 13:09MDT 16:43CDT 1084.36miles
JD 5384 ZWWW ZBSJ 18:25CST 21:41CST 1272.24miles
CA 1478 ZWWW ZBAA 20:12CST 23:23CST 1314.38miles
SC 4938 ZWWW ZSJN 07:34CST 11:24CST 1417.35miles
MU 2770 ZWWW ZLXY 15:54CST 18:42CST 1138.57miles
HU 7694 ZWWW ZHCC 17:30CST 20:32CST 1343.63miles
HU 7819 ZWWW ZLXY 17:21CST 20:03CST 1138.57miles
3U 8526 ZWWW ZUUU 18:22CST 21:28CST 1120.35miles
CZ 3169 ZWWW ZWKL 14:23CST 14:57CST 145.447miles
CZ 3940 ZWWW ZHCC 13:29CST 16:47CST 1343.63miles
CZ 6069 ZWWW OMDB 19:52CST 21:13GST 1925.07miles
CZ 6492 ZWWW ZLAN 16:44CST 18:51CST 888.722miles
CZ 6681 ZWWW ZWKM 08:27CST 09:10CST 142.8miles
CZ 6815 ZWWW ZWTN 15:03CST 16:34CST 539.422miles
CZ 6853 ZWWW ZWTN 09:51CST 11:55CST 539.422miles
CZ 6889 ZWWW ZGHA 09:47CST 13:51CST 1556.42miles
CZ 6926 ZWWW ZWKL 20:37CST 21:05CST 145.447miles
CZ 6954 ZWWW ZBSJ 09:09CST 12:43CST 1272.24miles
CZ 6975 ZWWW ZSPD 13:41CST 18:00CST 1790.58miles
MF 8246 ZWWW ZSJN 08:06CST 12:07CST 1417.35miles
GS 7563 ZWWW ZWSH 07:36CST 09:11CST 576.225miles
FY 2269 WMSA WMKJ 20:09MYT 20:57MYT 155.684miles
OD 1164 WMSA WMKP 07:53MYT 08:39MYT 150.906miles
OD 1254 WMSA WMSA 06:50MYT 09:40MYT 0miles
OD 1822 WMSA WMKE 07:16MYT 07:56MYT 140.831miles
LA 133 SCFA SCEL 10:34CLT 12:17CLT 598.239miles 01.50
H2 157 SCFA SCEL 18:48CLT 20:21CLT 598.239miles 01.50
LA 1270 SCFA SCSE 20:12CLT 21:54CLT 391.1miles 01.50
CX 767 VHHH VVTS 21:15 23:25 806.897miles 02.28
OS 285 LOWI EDDF 10:44CEST 11:39CEST 200.017miles 01.00
SU 2353 LOWW UUEE 18:18CEST 21:41MSK 898.594miles
OS 121 LOWW EDDF 07:27CET 08:38CET 335.964miles
OS 173 LOWW EDDH 13:00CET 14:25CET 414.518miles
OS 331 LOWW ENGM 20:46CEST 23:07CEST 750.421miles
OS 415 LOWW LFPG 13:24CEST 15:05CEST 559.434miles
OS 529 LOWW LIPZ 17:25CEST 18:19CEST 233.782miles
OS 601 LOWW UUDD 10:09CET 14:33MSK 901.643miles
OS 67 LOWW VHHH 18:39CEST 11:02HKT 4703.69miles
OS 713 LOWW LHBP 10:13CET 10:56CET 116.024miles
OS 763 LOWW LBWN 10:11CET 12:36EET 555.726miles
OS 809 LOWW LGTS 12:55CET 15:20EET 532.783miles
OS 87 LOWW KJFK 11:00CET 15:15EDT 3678.26miles
BR 9010 LOWW RCTP 17:30CEST 08:17CST 4847.69miles 12.27
BR 9030 LOWW RCTP 09:44CET 23:30CST 4847.69miles 12.27
OS 929 LOWW LOWK 20:55CEST 21:24CEST 126.838miles
OS 97 LOWW KMIA 10:56CET 16:32EDT 4531.48miles
DE 791 LOWW LROP 15:33CEST 17:51EEST 448.909miles
EI 661 LOWW EIDW 11:37CET 13:10GMT 919.359miles
E2 5938 LOWW LPFR 13:12CEST 15:19WEST 1266.26miles
LG 8852 LOWW ELLX 09:45CET 11:25CET 418.984miles
HG 2600 LOWW GCTS 14:49CEST 18:29WEST 1953.29miles
XQ 191 LOWW LTAI 14:06CEST 17:19EEST 920.314miles
EK 126 LOWW OMDB 23:00CEST 05:59GST 2283.01miles
BR 381 RCTP VVTS 19:43CST 21:37+07 1193.45miles 1.54
9C 8578 RJFS ZSPD 13:00JST 13:34CST 448.617miles
IJ 601 RJAA RJFS 15:09JST 16:25JST 524.059miles
BR 382 VVTS RCTP 01:50 06:10 1193.45miles 03.20
JQ 220 NZQN YMML 20:32NZDT 21:52AEDT 1159.76miles
NZ 643 NZAA NZQN 14:42NZDT 16:14NZDT 553.997miles
NZ 418 NZWN NZAA 10:51NZDT 11:35NZDT 4708.58miles
NZ 484 NZWN NZAA 14:53NZDT 15:39NZDT 4708.58miles
NM 5095 NZWN NZCH 13:38NZDT 14:32NZDT 5099.64miles
NM 5810 NZWN NZHN 06:35NZDT 07:33NZDT 209.53miles
IL 8109 NZWN NZNS 10:28NZDT 10:55NZDT 4967.21miles
IL 8452 NZWN NZNR 13:43NZDT 14:26NZDT 4857.62miles
JQ 390 NZWN NZNS 11:15NZDT 11:43NZDT 4967.21miles
SQ 292 NZWN YSCB 21:20NZDT 22:37AEDT 4818.08miles
FJ 853 NSFA PHNL 16:53TOT 00:15HST 2270.61miles
AB 8511 LOWS EDDT 06:39CET 07:38CET 286.705miles
EJM 46 LOWS KSWF 06:04CET 19:38EST 3541.55miles
ZV 1091 VHHH NZAA 20:30 12:20 4956.87miles 12.50
ZV 1086 RJFF RCKH 23:00 01:40 850.65miles 02.40
ZV 5400 ZJSY RCKH 07:58CST 10:40CST 666.81miles 02.00
SC 4970 ZWKL ZHCC 16:30CST 20:00CST 1372.83miles
MU 5254 ZLIC ZHCC 14:03CST 15:24CST 426.581miles
MU 5824 ZHCC ZPPP 21:34CST 00:17CST 801.838miles
PN 6293 ZHCC ZULS 06:29CST 10:16CST 1209.08miles
FM 9324 ZHCC ZSSS 21:25CST 23:04CST 427.922miles
CZ 3397 ZGGG ZHCC 11:46CST 13:38CST 669.21miles
CZ 3597 ZBDS ZHCC 16:19CST 17:27CST 354.52miles
CZ 3981 ZHCC ZJSY 16:45CST 19:55CST 1003.1miles
CZ 6297 ZHCC ZUGY 16:59CST 18:44CST 602.094miles
MF 8028 ZYCC ZHCC 14:15CST 16:40CST 791.078miles
MF 8250 ZLIC ZHCC 17:34CST 18:56CST 426.581miles
GS 6506 ZHCC ZJSY 21:44CST 00:50CST 1003.1miles
GS 7531 ZWWW ZHCC 08:40CST 12:06CST 1343.63miles
GS 7843 ZHCC LPFR 16:18 18:07 5428.96miles 13.54
KY 8212 ZHCC ZPPP 20:59CST 23:42CST 801.838miles
8L 9820 ZHCC ZPLJ 22:05CST 00:40CST 845.734miles
PN 6244 ZGSD ZHCC 10:08CST 12:18CST 752.546miles
PN 6326 ZGOW ZHCC 19:00CST 21:39CST 684.075miles
CX 51 ZSPD ZHCC 06:33CST 08:13CST 450.438miles
FM 9375 ZSSS ZHCC 15:14CST 17:27CST 427.922miles 1.48
CZ 6236 ZGSZ ZHCC 20:38CST 22:37CST 714.256miles
CZ 6336 ZGSZ ZHCC 15:36CST 17:42CST 714.256miles
CZ 6490 ZGSD ZHCC 13:15CST 15:20CST 752.546miles
CZ 8382 RJBB ZHCC 13:54JST 16:10CST 1058.49miles
8L 9572 ZGNN ZHCC 23:18CST 01:28CST 775.64miles
EU 2227 ZUUU ZHCC 11:02CST 12:29CST 554.309miles
HA 19 KIAD KSEA 18:00 22:55 2000.67miles 04.55
HU 7817 ZJSY ZBSJ 16:33CST 19:40CST 1232.31miles
CZ 6749 ZJSY ZGGG 01:32CST 02:32CST 376.173miles
HU 7825 ZJSY ZHCC 08:28CST 11:11CST 1003.1miles
HU 7878 ZJSY ZLXY 20:26CST 23:15CST 970.378miles
CZ 6900 ZJSY ZSHC 15:37CST 18:13CST 936.54miles
MU 5382 ZJSY ZSSS 22:04CST 00:27CST 1010.25miles
3U 8756 ZJSY ZUUU 23:24CST 01:42CST 795.129miles
CL 397 ELLX EDDF 18:35CEST 19:12CEST 93.5448miles
LG 4595 ELLX EGLC 15:10CEST 15:15BST 260.651miles
LG 6997 ELLX LIMC 19:10CEST 20:15CEST 260.89miles
QR 8132 ELLX OTHH 06:00CEST 12:50+03 2558.86miles
WF 148 ENSG ENOV 18:35CEST 19:12CEST 68.6154miles
CZ 6292 ZPLJ ZUCK 18:03CST 19:20CST 385.133miles 01.18
VN 155 VVNB VVDN 06:07+07 07:03+07 339.035miles
VN 171 VVNB VVDN 13:18+07 14:15+07 339.035miles
VN 259 VVNB VVTS 17:11+07 19:00+07 627.074miles
VN 506 VVNB ZGGG 12:54+07 15:24CST 437.255miles
VN 7157 VVNB VVDN 06:48+07 07:47+07 339.035miles
VN 957 VVNB VYYY 16:56+07 18:04+0630 607.241miles
BL 781 VVNB VVTS 12:35+07 14:40+07 627.074miles
VJ 135 VVNB VVTS 06:02+07 07:47+07 627.074miles
VJ 463 VVNB VVCT 07:25+07 09:15+07 669.237miles
VJ 537 VVNB VVDN 07:12+07 08:16+07 339.035miles
AD 43439 SBJD SBDN 05:22?-03 06:06?-03 255.703miles
G3 13334 SBDN SBSP 05:31?-03 06:24?-03 278.027miles
9W 234 VIDP EHAM 03:31IST 08:14CEST 3440miles
A5 1437 EHAM LFST 21:36CEST 22:23CEST 251.754miles
AF 1893 EHAM LFRS 20:35CEST 21:44CEST 396.568miles
BA 431 EHAM EGLL 11:54CEST 11:53BST 200.168miles
BE 1371 EHAM EGLC 16:49CEST 16:35BST 181.308miles
BR OE-LBJ EHAM LOWW 18:42CEST 20:07CEST 518.272miles
BT 622 EHAM EETN 10:59CEST 13:54EEST 795.447miles
CZ 308 EHAM ZGGG 13:49CEST 06:59CST 4940.52miles
DL 47 EHAM KJFK 10:31CEST 12:28EDT 3161.05miles
EI 611B EHAM EIDW 22:24CEST 22:33IST 404.944miles
FR 3103 EHAM EIDW 14:28CEST 14:54IST 404.944miles
HV 52N EHAM LFMM 13:46CEST 15:23CEST 3153.47miles
I2 3725 EHAM LEMD 19:28CEST 21:37CEST 788.626miles
KL 1063 EHAM EGFF 16:32CEST 16:45BST 305.955miles
KL 1131 EHAM EKCH 14:30CEST 15:26CEST 342.041miles
KL 1169 EHAM EFHK 14:14CEST 17:06EEST 821.99miles
KL 1233 EHAM LFPG 12:55CEST 13:37CEST 215.665miles
KL 1305 EHAM LFBO 09:50CEST 11:21CEST 539.346miles
KL 1351 EHAM LKPR 06:55CEST 08:05CEST 380.979miles
KL 1429 EHAM EGBB 19:02CEST 18:57BST 239.152miles
KL 1507 EHAM EGSH 14:05CEST 13:37BST 129.421miles
KL 1591 EHAM LIPE 15:14CEST 16:43CEST 534.339miles
KL 1671 EHAM LEBL 10:42CEST 12:29CEST 671.065miles
KL 1711 EHAM LEAL 14:09CEST 16:14CEST 872.165miles
KL 1767 EHAM EDDF 13:19CEST 14:00CEST 197.664miles
KL 1823 EHAM EDDT 10:27CEST 11:22CEST 312.374miles
KL 1891 EHAM EDDN 21:44CEST 22:32CEST 292.348miles
KL 1959 EHAM LSZH 12:36CEST 13:41CEST 326.356miles
KL 427 EHAM OMDB 15:01CEST 22:52+04 2793.87miles
KL 677 EHAM CYYC 12:43CEST 13:05MDT 3874.55miles
KL 807A EHAM RCTP 21:07CEST 14:52CST 5104miles
KL 919 EHAM EGHI 16:46CEST 16:42BST 242.624miles
KQ 117A EHAM HKJK 22:19CEST 07:18EAT 3609.56miles
LX 729 EHAM LSZH 15:39CEST 16:41CEST 326.356miles
OR 209 EHAM LGMT 15:29CEST 19:17EEST 1205.9miles
PC 1256 EHAM LTFJ 01:19CEST 05:35+03 1214.53miles
SK 822 EHAM ENGM 11:09CEST 12:31CEST 518.331miles
TP 663 EHAM LPPT 14:27CEST 16:00WEST 998.51miles
U2 3004 EHAM EGSS 14:02CEST 13:56BST 169.305miles
U2 8870 EHAM EGKK 09:23CEST 09:18BST 197.333miles
VY 8323 EHAM LEBL 20:16CEST 21:57CEST 671.065miles
XQ 541 EHAM LTAI 11:01CEST 15:14+03 1435.01miles
GC 1021 VNLK RPLN 07:30NPT 09:00NPT 2075.57miles 0.00.00
GC 1033 VNKT RKNW 16:40NPT 18:15NPT 2216.09miles 0.00.00
GC 1049 VNLK RPMG 21:30NPT 23:15NPT 2370.63miles 0.00.00
GC 1055 RCSS RKPC 13:50 CST 17:10KST 569.474miles 01.45
GC 1056 RJCH ZGGG 13:10 14:00 1764.36miles 0.00.01
GC 1059 RJFF RJCH 15:10 16:00 695.635miles 0.00.01
GC 1065 VHHH RJDM 18:20 HKT 19:35CST 1096.39miles 0.00.00
GC 1066 VHHX RJDM 18:20 HKT 19:35CST 1084.07miles 0.00.00
GC 1101 RCTP VHHH 23:40 CST 24:00 CST 435.685miles 00.00.00
GC 1111 ZSSS RJEO 1615 1815CST 1086.83miles 00.00.00
GC 1122 RCTP RPMN 08:15CST 09:55HKT 1207.19miles 00.00.00
GC 1124 RJFR VHHX 13:10 14:00 1126.94miles 00.00.01
GC 1127 ZSFZ RJAK 17:30CST 1945CST 1215.77miles 00.00.00
GC 1131 ROAH RJFR 11:10 12:00 491.376miles 00.00.01
GC 1147 ZGSZ ZPPP 08:20CST 10:30CST 616.3miles 00.00.00
GC 1149 ZUCK RJFS 07:50CST 09:40CST 1228.11miles 00.00.00
GC 1153 ZGKL ZMKD 08:30CST 09:30CST 1621.13miles 00.00.00
GC 1173 ZGSZ ZSHC 20:30CST 22:30CST 579.126miles 00.00.00
GC 1179 ZUCK RJNH 11:50CST 13:55CST 1601.32miles 00.00.00
GC 1182 RJSK RCTP 11:10 12:00 1295.88miles 03.34
GC 1191 VMMC RJSK 11:10 12:00 1717.64miles 00.00.01
GC 1209 RCTP RPLB 16:45 CST 20:00JS 620.607miles 00.00.00
GC 1211 RCSS RKSS 0925 CST 1125 797.203miles 00.00.02
GC 1220 RJTT ZSLG 08:08 JST 10:41JST 1028.35miles 00.00.00
GC 1225 RCSS ZSWX 11:10 12:00 391.048miles 00.00.01
GC 1227 ZGGG ZLHZ 20:05CST 21:20CST 668.2miles 00.00.00
GC 1239 RJCC RJCW 11:40 12:40 157.084miles 00.00.01
GC 1244 RJOO ZSDY 15:55 JST 17:10JST 7562.31miles 00.00.00
GC 1298 RKPC ZYJZ 14:58 KST 15:08CST 524.665miles 00.00.00
GC 1299 RJOM VHHH 07:30 08:20 1210.01miles 00.00.01
GC 1300 RJOM VHHX 07:30 08:20 1197.39miles 00.00.01
GC 1303 ZSPD RJBK 16:00 CS 18:10KST 645.731miles 00.00.00
GC 1305 RCMQ ROAH 09:50 CST 12:00JST 400.597miles 00.00.01
GC 1310 RCTP RJOM 18:50 19:50 797.055miles 00.00.01
GC 1329 RPLL RJCM 22:30PHT 01:46HKT 2126.61miles 00.00.00
GC 1358 RKPK RCMQ 12:57 KST 13:17CST 786.926miles 00.00.00
GC 1366 KATL RJAO 10:57EDT 13:05EDT 5130.99miles 00.00.00
GC 1379 ROAH KSFO 16:00 16:50 5317.31miles 00.00.01
GC 1388 LIRF EDDM 15:20CEST 16:45CEST 394.439miles 00.00.01
GC 1423 ROAH RJBB 13:20 JST 13:40CST 631.913miles 00.00.00
GC 1428 KIAD RJCA 13:02EDT 15:10EDT 5396.03miles 00.00.00
GC 1436 ZGSZ ZSNJ 22:10CST 23:32CST 609.766miles 00.00.00
GC 1449 VHHH RJFK 22:50HKT 00:35CST 1062.99miles 00.00.00
GC 1453 ZGDY ZGSD 09:30CST 10:50CST 455.086miles 00.00.00
GC 1454 RJOO LIRF 15:10 16:00 5254.18miles 00.00.01
GC 1455 ZGSZ RJOO 15:10 16:00 1349.09miles 3.42
GC 1456 RJFF ZGKL 07:45 JST 08:13JST 1177.97miles 00.00.00
GC 1469 RCTP RPNS 15:20CST 17:25HKT 954.741miles 00.00.00
GC 1523 RJOY RCKH 13:10 14:00 1079.28miles 00.00.01
GC 1524 ZGSZ RJOY 13:10 14:00 1350.9miles 00.00.01
GC 1537 VMMC RJTF 23:00CST 01:20CST 1581.16miles 00.00.00
GC 1549 VHHH RJNA 19:25HKT 21:00CST 1434.36miles 00.00.00
GC 1550 VHHX RJNA 19:25HKT 21:00CST 1421.56miles 00.00.00
GC 1578 RCMQ RKSM 08:25 CST 08:49CST 860.461miles 00.00.00
GC 1585 VHHX RJOT 18:15 HKT 19:40CST 1265.86miles 00.00.00
GC 1603 RJFO ZPLJ 16:00 16:50 1681.12miles 00.00.01
GC 1609 ZPLJ ZWBL 09:05CST 10:40CST 5959.56miles 00.00.00
GC 1611 RCKH RJFO 11:10 12:00 890.086miles 00.00.01
GC 1617 ZPPP ZYCY 08:55CST 10:30CST 1317.42miles 00.00.00
GC 1638 ZPLJ ZULZ 10:15CST 12:00CST 303.514miles 00.00.00
GC 1652 RCKH RKJY 16:20 18:35 830.418miles 00.00.00
GC 1659 ZPPP ZYTN 08:40CST 10:10CST 1527.45miles 00.00.00
GC 1660 KDAL KPWA 14:56CDT 15:31CDT 166.283miles
GC 1666 ZGGG ZLYS 22:30 CST 00:10CST(+1 6689.59miles 00.00.00
GC 1669 RCTP RPMB 11:45 CST 13:06CST 1163.47miles 00.00.00
GC 1677 RCSS RKPK 23:40 CST 01:30CST(+1) 718.251miles 00.00.02
GC 1698 RJFF ZJHK 10:10JST 11:50JST 1345.99miles 00.00.00
GC 1712 RJFF ZLXN 20:50JST 22:20JST 1403.5miles 00.00.00
GC 1727 RJFF ZMDN 17:00JST 18:40JST 1744.74miles 00.00.00
GC 1739 RJSS RJTT 10:10 11:00 165.019miles 00.00.01
GC 1741 RJFF ZPDQ 10:20JST 11:50JST 1621.81miles 00.00.00
GC 1754 LPMA RJTA 11:15WEST 12:40WEST 6509.7miles 00.00.00
GC 1776 RJCC RPVM 16:15 JST 17:00JST 2161.23miles 00.00.00
GC 1778 ZSSS RJCR 20:00 CST 21:30CST 1257.75miles 00.00.00
GC 1788 RKSI RCYU 16:20:00KST 17:25:00KST 844.643miles 00.00.00
GC 1805 VHHH RJNY 18:15HKT 20:00CST 1484.36miles 00.00.00
GC 1806 VHHX RJNY 18:15HKT 20:00CST 1471.21miles 00.00.00
GC 1807 RJFU RCTP 13:10 14:00 655.317miles 00.00.01
GC 1808 RCMQ VHHX 00:00 01:00 371.909miles 00.00.01
GC 1810 KDAL KCOS 16:09CDT 16:40MDT 5755.45miles
GC 1817 RCTP RPUN 21:50CST 23:25HKT 700.466miles 00.00.00
GC 1860 VMMC RJSO 21:00 CST 23:15CST 1802.9miles 00.00.00
GC 1868 RJSC RCTP 15:00 16:00 1259.62miles 00.00.01
GC 1869 RCYU VMMC 21:25CEST 23:05CEST 458.548miles 00.00.01
GC 1898 KSFO RJFY 17:55 PDT 19:59PDT 4986.58miles 00.00.00
GC 1903 KSEA RJCW 20:15 PDT 22:32PDT 3702.03miles 00.00.00
GC 1917 RJCW RKPK 12:00 15:50 849.421miles 2.27
GC 1926 RCTP RCMQ 20:40CEST 22:40CEST 60.4379miles 0.29
GC 1930 KELP KTUL 23:27MDT 03:07CDT 585.331miles
GC 1942 RJTT ZUXJ 17:25JST 19:10JST 7718.29miles 00.00.00
GC 1955 RJTT ZSSH 12:30JST 14:15JST 1023.69miles 00.00.00
GC 1973 RJOK RJFF 16:40 17:30 161.632miles 0.44
GC 1975 RJTT ZSYT 09:15JST 11:10JST 895.206miles 00.00.00
GC 1981 RCTP TNCM 16:11 CST 18:41 AST 8214.99miles 00.00.20
GC 1993 RJTT ZULB 18:55JST 20:45JST 7718.29miles 00.00.00
GC 1997 LSZH RJTQ 18:35CEST 19:15BST 5253.47miles 00.00.00
GC 2005 WSSS LFPG 15:00 3:30 5796.7miles 15.32
GC 2012 PHNL PHKO 03:48HST 04:18HST 142.374miles
GC 2013 RJFF ZBSJ 13:00 JST 09:10JST 815.422miles 00.00.00
GC 2021 RCSS RJFF 18:05CST 19:05CST 691.933miles 00.00.01
GC 2023 RJCC ZBAA 19:10EDT 21:23EDT 1137.39miles 00.00.00
GC 2030 KSEA RJFA 07:10 PDT 09:21PDT 4552.95miles 00.00.00
GC 2032 RJEC KSEA 16:00 16:50 3747.79miles 00.00.01
GC 2044 KSFO RJNO 07:30 PDT 09:30PDT 4707.45miles 00.00.00
GC 2063 RCKH RPLL 14:40 18:10 486.114miles 1.33
GC 2065 RKPC ZYAS 10:10 KST 10:45CST 488.378miles 18.19
GC 2071 KSAN KIPL 07:30PDT 08:12PDT 81.6333miles
GC 2087 RCKH ZLXY 09:26 12:40 938.21miles 00.00.02
GC 2088 ZLXY ZSWH 12:20CST 14:15CST 676.5miles 00.00.00
GC 2093 RJBB ZLXY 15:10 16:00 1309.24miles 00.00.01
GC 2095 ZBAA RPVR 10:50CST 12:55CST 1742.89miles 00.00.00
GC 2114 ZLXY ZUAL 10:10CST 12:05CST 1444.56miles 00.00.00
GC 2121 ZBAA ZBER 21:50CST 23:55CST 284.865miles 00.00.00
GC 2136 RCYU RPVA 16:35 CST 18:25HKT 793.636miles 00.00.00
GC 2143 RJOA LIRF 13:10 14:00 5191.5miles 00.00.01
GC 2151 RCTP KBOS 10:47 CST 13:30 EDT 6708.95miles 17.06
GC 2152 RCMQ LIRF 21:50CST 00:15CST 5203.69miles 00.00.01
GC 2157 LIRF RJSD 22:05CEST 23:49CEST 5187.37miles 00.00.00
GC 2167 LEBL RJOF 21:25CEST 23:05CEST 5500.63miles 00.00.00
GC 2172 VTBS RPUB 10:50ICT 14:05CST 1164.19miles 00.00.00
GC 2186 VNKT RKTH 08:01NPT 09:50NPT 2284.42miles 00.00.00
GC 2199 VNLK RPMR 19:20NPT 21:15NPT 2543.46miles 00.00.00
GC 2204 RJFM VNLK 11:10 12:00 2330.08miles 00.00.01
GC 2213 RCYU VNLK 10:15CST 12:00CST 1893.57miles 00.00.01
GC 2215 VNKT RORK 13:25NPT 15:25NPT 2453.7miles 00.00.00
GC 2225 RJGG RJOM 16:15JST 17:05JST 213.193miles
GC 2226 RJOM RJGG 16:15JST 17:05JST 213.193miles
GC 2237 KAVX KONT 14:41PDT 15:14PDT 56.4969miles
GC 2244 PHNL PHTO 13:35HST 15:00HST 188.444miles
GC 2264 KDAL KOKC 10:16CDT 10:58CDT 157.505miles
GC 2268 KSLC KPVU 20:29MDT 20:52MDT 36.1438miles
GC 2284 KPDX KGPI 19:24PDT 21:33MDT 379.103miles
GC 2286 KSAN KAPC 09:39PDT 10:47PDT 412.861miles
GC 2317 PHNL PHNY 00:06HST 00:32HST 8997.12miles
GC 2320 KSLC KLGB 14:57MDT 16:33PDT 512.219miles
PG 220 VTBS VTSP 21:59+07 23:02+07 365.009miles
UB 111 VYYY VYEL 14:09CEST 16:14CEST 163.311miles
VJ 832A VYYY VVTS 21:44CEST 22:32CEST 714.682miles 02.10
FD 615A VDSR VTBD 16:30+07 17:21+07 189.845miles
PG 908 VDSR VTBS 19:50+07 20:40+07 179.769miles
MU 754 VDSR ZPPP 18:31+07 21:32CST 704.357miles
VN 812 VDSR VVTS 21:04+07 21:52+07 228.575miles
VN 838A VDSR VVNB 20:08+07 21:37+07 483.001miles
K6 131 VDSR VDSV 10:21+07 11:35+07 170.479miles
K6 860 VDSR ZSPD 15:26+07 20:02CST 1457.64miles
WE 589A VDSR VTBS 09:20+07 10:03+07 179.769miles
FD 651 VVTS VTBD 10:29+07 11:41+07 401.186miles 01.20
AK 525 VVTS WMKK 21:31+07 00:14+08 567.676miles
5J 754 VVTS RPLL 22:06+07 01:41+08 870.542miles
CZ 368 VVTS ZGGG 08:24+07 12:00CST 846.564miles
VN 1188A VVTS VVCI 18:33+07 20:08+07 601.132miles
VN 1270 VVTS VVTX 12:27+07 14:01+07 6392.73miles
VN 1358A VVTS VVCR 18:23+07 19:12+07 166.669miles
VN 1382A VVTS VVDL 21:22+07 21:53+07 115.2miles
VN 142A VVTS VVDN 22:15+07 23:08+07 327.417miles
VN 212 VVTS VVNB 07:10+07 08:56+07 627.074miles
VN 238 VVTS VVNB 13:34+07 15:10+07 627.074miles
VN 272 VVTS VVNB 19:19+07 20:54+07 627.074miles
VN 302 VVTS RJAA 06:15+07 13:48JST 2369.69miles
VN 582 VVTS RCKH 10:22+07 14:03CST 1056.97miles
VN 7122 VVTS VVDN 19:22+07 20:20+07 327.417miles
VN 7354 VVTS VVCR 13:06+07 13:47+07 166.669miles
JL 750 VVTS RJAA 08:29+07 15:47JST 2369.69miles
K6 809 VVTS VDSR 08:25+07 09:31+07 228.575miles
BR N104FE VVTS WIII 07:27+07 09:59WIB 1018.59miles
BL 265 VVTS VVPQ 18:31+07 19:16+07 162.318miles
BL 512 VVTS VVCI 18:16+07 19:56+07 601.132miles
BL 602 VVTS VVDN 16:52+07 17:52+07 327.417miles
BL 810 VVTS VVNB 20:52+07 22:57+07 627.074miles
SQ 177 VVTS WSSS 12:39+07 15:31+08 590.146miles
TG 557A VVTS VTBS 22:00+07 23:01+07 387.588miles
VJ 130 VVTS VVNB 10:14+07 11:59+07 627.074miles
VJ 226 VVTS VVVH 16:35+07 18:00+07 479.444miles
VJ 321 VVTS VVPQ 08:35+07 09:15+07 162.318miles
VJ 396 VVTS VVPK 17:02+07 17:42+07 207.429miles
VJ 644A VVTS VVDN 21:51+07 22:46+07 327.417miles
VJ 852 VVTS RCMQ 11:25+07 15:39CST 1134.33miles
FD 170A VTBD VOCI 22:17+07 23:57?IST 1439.87miles
FD 3007 VTBD VTSP 15:34+07 16:39?+07 374.151miles
FD 3025 VTBD VTSP 12:07+07 13:14?+07 374.151miles
FD 3106 VTBD VTSS 12:23+07 13:35?+07 419.743miles
FD 315 VTBD WMKK 17:50+07 20:45?+08 673.901miles
FD 3205 VTBD VTCT 20:08+07 21:07?+07 365.348miles
FD 3229 VTBD VTSG 09:15+07 10:20?+07 362.267miles
FD 3250 VTBD VTUK 07:20+07 08:16?+07 198.852miles
FD 3331 VTBD VTSB 16:34+07 17:35?+07 300.081miles
FD 3419D VTBD VTCC 21:53+07 22:46?+07 306.726miles
FD 3443 VTBD VTCC 19:35+07 20:26?+07 306.726miles
FD 3554 VTBD VTCN 09:05+07 09:58?+07 294.384miles
FD 396 VTBD WADD 06:40+07 11:41?WITA 1615.48miles
FD 540D VTBD ZGHA 07:47+07 11:44?CST 1110.85miles
FD 572D VTBD ZHHH 13:25+07 18:09?CST 1262.18miles
FD 618 VTBD VDSR 20:31+07 21:18?+07 189.845miles
FD 762 VTBD VMMC 10:35+07 14:03?CST 890.945miles
AK 887 VTBD WMKK 16:55+07 19:58?+08 673.901miles
BR N868BB VTBD RPLL 15:02+07 19:13?+08 1189.58miles
DD 7312D VTBD VTSR 06:12+07 07:32?+07 275.478miles
DD 7520 VTBD VTSP 17:25+07 18:50?+07 374.151miles
DD 8004 VTBD VTCP 13:07+07 14:22?+07 254.853miles
DD 8324 VTBD VTCC 19:20+07 20:10?+07 306.726miles
DD 8722 VTBD VTCT 16:47+07 17:45?+07 365.348miles
DD 9316 VTBD VTUU 13:35+07 14:40?+07 260.856miles
DD 9704D VTBD VTUL 07:32+07 08:32?+07 221.581miles
XJ 760 VTBD ZSPD 00:29+07 05:20?CST 1562.17miles
SL 176D VTBD VVTS 05:50+07 07:06?+07 401.186miles
SL 516 VTBD VTCC 17:07+07 17:55?+07 306.726miles
SL 600 VTBD VTUD 05:16+07 06:01?+07 244.036miles
SL 646 VTBD VTUK 15:21+07 16:07?+07 198.852miles
SL 754 VTBD VTSP 12:32+07 14:07?+07 374.151miles
SL 800D VTBD VTSG 07:02+07 07:52?+07 362.267miles
SL 826 VTBD VTST 17:42+07 18:47?+07 389.351miles
AI 331 VTBS VABB 21:07+07 22:58IST 1638.21miles
NH 850 VTBS RJTT 22:26+07 06:05JST 2480.31miles
PG 1141 VTBS VTSM 12:07+07 12:56+07 252.251miles
PG 129 VTBS VTSM 10:47+07 11:36+07 252.251miles
PG 205 VTBS VTCL 17:14+07 18:39+07 284.596miles
PG 268 VTBS VTCC 19:23+07 20:23+07 322.131miles
PG 301 VTBS VTBO 08:35+07 09:20+07 125.231miles
PG 745 VTBS VGHS 22:41+07 00:05+06 6037.29miles
PG 961 VTBS VTSM 15:33+07 16:19+07 252.251miles
CA 716 VTBS ZSHC 03:18+07 08:01CST 1476.34miles
MU 266 VTBS ZSCN 05:24+07 09:41CST 1243.22miles
CX 702 VTBS VHHH 19:48+07 23:10HKT 912.874miles
9C 8748 VTBS ZSYA 04:57+07 09:48HKT 1539.31miles
CZ 358 VTBS ZGGG 12:03+07 15:42CST 922.31miles
LH 773 VTBS EDDF 23:09+07 05:22CEST 4865.59miles
EY 405 VTBS OMAA 18:35+07 21:02+04 2684.49miles
BR 75S VTBS EHAM 12:51+07 19:06CEST 4976.75miles
BR HS-VKS VTBS VTCC 10:12+07 11:05+07 322.131miles
9W 61S VTBS VABB 07:36+07 09:52IST 1638.21miles
JL 728 VTBS RJBB 23:13+07 06:24JST 2248.73miles
8K 523 VTBS VVNB 06:19+07 07:56+07 537.221miles
BR LX-VCF VTBS VVTS 21:32+07 22:40+07 387.588miles
8M 338 VTBS VYMD 15:39+07 17:04+0630 553.576miles
QF 24 VTBS YSSY 18:28+07 06:23AEST 4062.09miles
S7 762 VTBS UIII 18:00+07 00:37+08 2325.46miles
SQ 983 VTBS WSSS 20:30+07 23:22+08 765.538miles
TG 221 VTBS VTSP 18:48+07 19:45+07 365.009miles
TG 315 VTBS VIDP 18:23+07 20:37IST 1593.48miles
TG 341 VTBS OPKC 20:25+07 22:55PKT 2014.42miles
TG 475 VTBS YSSY 19:59+07 07:18AEST 4062.09miles
TG 564 VTBS VVNB 18:14+07 19:44+07 537.221miles
TG 662 VTBS ZSPD 00:51+07 05:46CST 1565.71miles 01.10
TG 682 VTBS RJTT 23:35+07 07:05JST 2480.31miles 01.10
TG 934 VTBS EBBR 00:52+07 07:07CEST 5006.5miles
WE 134 VTBS VTCT 15:37+07 16:46+07 379.7miles
WE 2 VTBS VTUD 07:46+07 08:31+07 251.571miles
WE 247 VTBS VTSG 19:05+07 20:14+07 351.798miles
WE 269S VTBS VTSS 08:41+07 10:10+07 406.683miles
WE 333 VTBS VILK 22:16+07 00:25IST 1364.85miles
WE 427 VTBS WMKP 12:14+07 16:15+08 505.253miles
WE 8 VTBS VTUD 17:50+07 18:44+07 251.571miles
AI 701 VECC VIDP 21:48IST 23:47IST 709.445miles
AI 763 VECC VIDP 07:20IST 09:08IST 709.445miles
IX 922 VECC WSSS 20:20IST 02:50+08 1569miles
G8 102 VECC VIDP 14:42IST 16:32IST 709.445miles
G8 532 VAAH VECC 06:15IST 08:41IST 875.679miles
KA 169 VECC VHHH 01:26IST 07:45HKT 1413.09miles
6E 206 VECC VIDP 17:01IST 18:51IST 709.445miles
6E 318 VECC VABB 05:59IST 08:17IST 900.231miles
6E 374 VECC VEAT 16:11IST 16:44IST 171.117miles
6E 5401 VECC VEBD 16:45IST 17:33IST 242.11miles
6E 591 VIDP VECC 09:46IST 11:38IST 709.445miles
6E 77 VECC VTBS 20:58IST 00:48+07 884.611miles
6E 874 VECC VEIM 13:29IST 14:34IST 325.503miles
6E 892 VOMM VECC 11:36IST 13:38IST 748.444miles
6E 958 VEBD VECC 12:48IST 13:42IST 242.11miles
9W 2264 VECC VIDP 11:19IST 13:00IST 709.445miles
9W 628 VECC VABB 21:42IST 00:01IST 900.231miles
9W 904 VECC VIDP 18:37IST 20:31IST 709.445miles
SG 254 VECC VIDP 18:13IST 19:57IST 709.445miles
SG 3281 VECC VELP 08:55IST 10:00IST 241.222miles
SG 3288 VEBD VECC 17:15IST 18:15IST 242.11miles
AI 514 VOGO VAPO 13:30IST 14:13IST 192.49miles
AI 514V VOHS VOBL 16:53IST 17:48IST 246.54miles
AI 546B VOHS VOMM 16:32IST 17:24IST 274.699miles
AI 965 VOHS OEJN 23:52IST 02:07+03 2236.18miles
FZ 436 VOHS OMDB 03:59IST 05:45+04 1376.34miles
I5 1527 VOHS VOBL 12:04IST 12:48IST 246.54miles
6E 188 VOMM VOPB 08:35IST 10:30IST 741.322miles
6E 241 VOHS VAPO 02:27IST 03:11IST 270.167miles
6E 274V VOHS VOMM 17:29IST 18:26IST 274.699miles
6E 381V VOHS VOMM 16:52IST 17:41IST 274.699miles
6E 383 VAAH VOHS 15:43IST 17:17IST 479.4miles
6E 564 VOHS VIDP 21:25IST 23:16IST 684.135miles
6E 624 VOMM VOHS 14:22IST 15:09IST 274.699miles
6E 6417 VOHS VOBL 13:53IST 14:40IST 246.54miles
6E 766 VOHS VIDP 22:31IST 00:27IST 684.135miles
6E 922 VOHS VEBS 14:28IST 15:48IST 457.665miles
9W 2806 VOHS VOBL 07:59IST 08:49IST 246.54miles
9I 538 VOHS VOVZ 14:10IST 16:08IST 4745.79miles
SG 1041 VOHS VOTP 05:59IST 06:50IST 226.257miles
SG 1233V VOHS VOBL 16:09IST 17:03IST 246.54miles
SG 124 VIDP VIDN 11:53IST 12:17IST 113.323miles
SG 3710 VOHS VOBZ 17:03IST 17:45IST 142.758miles
SG 512 VOHS VAAH 15:55IST 17:15IST 479.4miles
SV 5265 VOHS OEJN 22:58IST 01:28+03 2236.18miles
EK 529 VOHS OMDB 22:04IST 23:45+04 1376.34miles
AI 440 VOMM VIDP 06:26IST 08:59IST 951.132miles
AI 967 VOMM VOTV 19:03IST 19:54IST 332.589miles
AI 975 VOMM VOGO 20:57IST 22:17+03 396.787miles 01.30
BZ 154 VOMM VOHS 22:29IST 23:21IST 274.699miles
6E 343 VOMM VOHS 23:02IST 23:51IST 274.699miles
9W 2354 VOMM VOBL 10:58IST 11:49IST 145.371miles
9W 2761 VOMM VOCB 06:50IST 07:50IST 218.989miles
9W 822 VOMM VIDP 06:35IST 08:55IST 951.132miles
SG 106 VOMM VIDP 13:08IST 15:28IST 951.132miles
SG 3591 VOMM VOTK 09:20IST 10:23IST 4834.73miles
SV 771 VOMM OEJN 09:30IST 12:10+03 2403.85miles
AI 684 VOGO VABB 07:01IST 08:03IST 229.708miles 01.05
G8 285Q VOGO VIDP 17:42IST 20:00IST 812.498miles
G8 381R VOGO VABB 06:58IST 07:50IST 229.708miles
I5 1325S VOGO VOBL 07:50IST 08:42IST 261.056miles
I5 1518O VOGO VOHS 18:00IST 18:52IST 287.745miles
I5 778U VOGO VIDP 08:49IST 11:00IST 812.498miles
I5 799Q VOGO VIDP 17:06IST 19:04IST 812.498miles
6E 259P VOGO VOHS 23:01IST 23:52IST 287.745miles
6E 418 VOGO VABB 16:58IST 18:40IST 229.708miles
6E 468S VOGO VABB 17:40IST 18:38IST 229.708miles
6E 5532 VOGO VIDP 01:04IST 03:01IST 812.498miles
6E 714O VOGO VOBL 16:36IST 17:28IST 261.056miles
9W 496 VOGO VABB 07:05IST 08:14IST 229.708miles
QR 523Q VOGO OTHH 03:55IST 05:14+03 1383.19miles
SG 2790Q VOGO VASU 18:33IST 19:54IST 350.178miles
SG 454Q VOGO VABB 14:14IST 15:06IST 229.708miles
SG 611O VOGO VABB 05:38IST 06:35IST 229.708miles
UK 848O VOGO VIDP 22:12IST 00:25IST 812.498miles
AI 30 VAAH VABB 04:53IST 05:39IST 240.008miles
9W 315 VAAH VABB 10:28IST 11:21IST 240.008miles
QR 8609 VAAH OTHH 09:42IST 10:06+03 1159.03miles
SG 921 VAAH VOBL 06:12IST 07:59IST 660.506miles
UK 946 VAAH VIDP 09:32IST 10:52IST 408.354miles
SU 233 VIDP UUEE 05:38IST 08:50MSK 2359.08miles
AI 126 VIDP VOHS 18:38IST 20:15IST 684.135miles
AI 161 VIDP EGLL 03:14IST 07:11BST 3638.73miles
AI 263 VIDP VOTV 05:41IST 08:36IST 1206.65miles
AI 407 VIDP VEPT 14:04IST 15:18IST 463.04miles
AI 439 VIDP VOMM 07:02IST 09:22IST 951.132miles
AI 471 VIDP VAUD 13:58IST 14:54IST 292.71miles
AI 504 VIDP VOBL 20:59IST 23:12IST 923.775miles
AI 849V VIDP VAPO 16:27IST 17:59IST 624.501miles
AI 933 VIDP VOCI 05:19IST 07:57IST 1106.93miles
BA 256 VIDP EGLL 10:41IST 15:19BST 3638.73miles
GF 135 VIDP OBBI 21:56IST 22:53+03 1416miles
G8 171 VIDP VAPO 18:22IST 20:29IST 624.501miles
G8 215 VIDP VILH 05:25IST 06:24IST 336.164miles
G8 446 VIDP VABB 20:37IST 22:30IST 614.549miles
I5 546 VIDP VERC 20:11IST 21:40IST 544.501miles
I5 783 VIDP VEGT 07:23IST 09:36IST 786.876miles
6E 153 VIDP VAAH 18:34IST 19:47IST 408.354miles
6E 177 VIDP VAPO 02:16IST 03:58IST 624.501miles
6E 211 VIDP VEBS 15:54IST 17:39IST 690.366miles
6E 273 VIDP VOBL 22:08IST 00:32IST 923.775miles
6E 3175 VIDP VABB 13:14IST 15:14IST 614.549miles
6E 393 VIDP VARP 08:39IST 10:02IST 510.291miles
6E 4373 VIDP VAAH 08:11IST 09:24IST 408.354miles
6E 5098 VIDP VIJP 07:48IST 08:14IST 124.641miles
6E 643 VIDP VAPO 04:57IST 06:38IST 624.501miles
6E 694 VIDP VEGT 17:32IST 19:43IST 786.876miles
6E 757 VIDP VARP 06:51IST 08:14IST 510.291miles
6E 843 VIDP VABB 18:45IST 20:35IST 614.549miles
6E 945 VIDP VOTV 16:29IST 19:19IST 1206.65miles
6E 993 VIDP VABB 06:42IST 08:36IST 614.549miles
9W 2641 VIDP VABP 05:55IST 06:51IST 316.949miles
9W 268 VIDP VNKT 10:47IST 12:15+0545 440.75miles
9W 2829 VIDP VIDN 09:40IST 10:20IST 113.323miles
9W 336 VIDP VABB 08:16IST 10:21IST 614.549miles
9W 369 VIDP VAPO 16:25IST 18:01IST 624.501miles
9W 582 VIDP OMAA 04:44IST 06:15+04 1230.84miles
9W 647 VIDP VAAH 13:46IST 14:51IST 408.354miles
9W 743 VIDP VOBL 08:10IST 10:26IST 923.775miles
9W 841 VIDP VOMM 11:29IST 13:48IST 951.132miles
S2 4282 VIDP VECC 21:14IST 23:04IST 709.445miles
KL 872 VIDP EHAM 03:55IST 07:59CEST 3440miles
9I 643 VIDP VIJP 20:17IST 21:17IST 124.641miles
WY 246V VIDP OOMS 16:22IST 17:42+04 1057.37miles
SG 169 VIDP VABB 20:35IST 22:20IST 614.549miles
SG 2417 VIDP VICG 19:15IST 19:52IST 128.303miles
SG 2936 VIDP VIDN 13:28IST 13:56IST 113.323miles
SG 937 VIDP VISR 11:04IST 12:09IST 347.587miles
VS 301 VIDP EGLL 14:07IST 18:16BST 3638.73miles
UK 799 VIDP VISR 07:26IST 08:26IST 347.587miles
UK 849 VIDP VOBL 20:50IST 23:15IST 923.775miles
UK 960 VIDP VISR 15:23IST 16:23IST 347.587miles
UK 993 VIDP VABB 12:59IST 14:53IST 614.549miles
9W 249 VNKT VABB 12:31+0545 14:46IST 860.704miles
WY 332 VNKT OOMS 09:19+0545 11:20+04 1484.59miles
TV 9900 VNKT ZUUU 19:37+0545 00:42CST 989.954miles
RQ 11 OAKB UAAA 09:10+0430 13:10+06 641.811miles
XY 681 OEMA HSSS 13:35+03 15:39EAT 672.94miles
RJ 721 OEMA OJAI 23:45+03 01:10EEST 473.611miles
SV 1447 OEMA OEJN 22:26+03 23:11+03 175.992miles
SV 1469 OEMA OEJN 15:17+03 15:59+03 175.992miles
SV 1648 OEMA OERK 15:47+03 16:54+03 382.584miles
SV 3314 OEMA OEJN 00:08+03 00:49+03 175.992miles
CX 288 EDDM VHHH 13:58CEST 06:24HKT 4876.08miles 16.26
TK 1588 EDDM RJTT 12:22CEST 06:07JST 5059.35miles 17.45
LH 1306 EDDM RCTP 11:54CEST 05:59CST 5008.46miles 18.05
LH 456 EDDM OMDB 11:21CEST 19:10+04 2467.58miles 7.49
LH 438 EDDM OTHH 11:13CEST 17:41+03 2326.55miles 6.28
BM 1912 EDDM CYYZ 10:17CEST 12:01EDT 3589.27miles 1.44
CL 370 EDDM KORD 08:48CEST 10:12CDT 3929.55miles 1.24
LH 136 EDDM WSSS 22:32CEST 16:30+08 5436.93miles 17.58
LH 190 EDDM OKBK 15:57CEST 21:46+03 2019.87miles 5.49
2P 2825 RPLL LTBA 22:04+08 04:44+03 4939.07miles 0.05
2P 2137 RPLL CYVR 20:13+08 16:30PDT 5705.06miles 1.16
EY 423 RPLL OMAA 19:40+08 23:23+04 3775.16miles 4.20
QR 933 RPLL OTHH 19:29+08 23:05+03 3936.16miles 1.38
EK 333 RPLL OMDB 18:43+08 22:36+04 3732.83miles 0.50
2P 2785 RPLL RCTP 13:11+08 14:50CST 635.301miles 11.40
5J 457 RPLL VHHH 11:24+08 13:03HKT 618.973miles 0.20
PR 896 RCTP RJBB 11:14CST 14:32JST 920.608miles 3.18
5J 397 RPLL OMDB 07:05+08 10:56+04 3732.83miles 3.29
PR 466 RPLL OMAA 01:17+08 05:10+04 3775.16miles 0.49
KE 624 RPLL OTHH 00:47+08 04:27+03 3936.16miles 0.36
7C 2306 RPLL OMDB 00:14+08 04:19+04 3732.83miles 2.42
5J 257 RPLL RCTP 20:06+08 21:50CST 635.301miles 0.57
GC 561 KSFO MSLP 01:38PDT 07:35CST 2297.55miles 6.56
MU 2514 ZSSS ZHHH 21:50CST 23:02CST 367.941miles 1.08
MU 5343 ZSSS ZGSZ 11:06CST 13:03CST 652.979miles 2.30
FM 815 ZSSS RJTT 08:56CST 12:26JST 960.467miles 4.54
9C 8523 ZSSS ZHES 19:12CST 21:08CST 614.14miles 1.08
CZ 3595 ZGGG ZSSS 21:20CST 23:32CST 634.779miles 2.12
CZ 699 ZGGG KJFK 20:02CST 22:53EDT 6950miles 2.51
SV 883 ZGGG OEJN 16:15CST 20:30+03 4069.24miles 4.15
CZ 311 ZGGG CYYZ 15:46CST 16:48EDT 6725.03miles 1.02
CZ 621 ZGGG KLAX 12:44CST 10:11PDT 6279.95miles 21.27
CZ 3537 ZGGG ZSSS 11:45CST 13:33CST 634.779miles 1.48
CZ 3121 ZGGG ZBAA 10:16CST 12:53CST 1016.67miles 2.37
ET 607 ZGGG HAAB 01:05CST 05:28EAT 4345.56miles 4.23
CZ 657 ZGGG KSFO 22:26CST 19:17PDT 5988.91miles 20.51
EK 192 LPPT OMDB 14:30?WEST 00:41?+04 3317.92miles 10.11
NH 1967 RJGG LGAV 23:54?JST 06:39?EEST 5065.2miles #VALUE!
JL 4 RJAA KJFK 19:17JST 18:10EDT 5854miles 22.53
NH 801 RJAA WSSS 18:58JST 00:27+08 2896.07miles 05.29
NH 6 RJAA KLAX 17:34JST 10:56PDT 4731.44miles 17.22
NH 10 RJAA KJFK 17:31JST 16:14EDT 5854miles 22.43
NH 12 RJAA KORD 17:41JST 14:08CDT 5445.2miles 20.27
UA 838 RJAA KSFO 17:22JST 10:13PDT 4446.73miles 16.51
NH 174 RJAA KIAH 11:28JST 08:47CDT 5766.8miles 21.19
JL 10 RJAA KORD 11:32JST 08:33CDT 5445.2miles 21.01
SQ 637 RJAA WSSS 11:43JST 17:08+08 2896.07miles 05.25
KL 862 RJAA EHAM 10:47JST 14:52CEST 5036.94miles #VALUE!
TR 206 RCTP RKSI 18:59CST 22:09KST 790.407miles 3.10
EK 433 WSSS OMDB 10:03+08 12:45+04 3159.88miles 2.42
SQ 8 RKSI KLAX 11:47KST 06:16PDT 5203.88miles 18.29
SQ 352 WSSS EKCH 00:11+08 05:59CEST 5387.53miles #VALUE!
EK 432 WSSS YBBN 15:57+08 00:45AEST 3321.58miles #VALUE!
CA 991 ZBAA CYVR 17:06CST 11:55PDT 4590.08miles 18.49
AC 30 ZBAA CYVR 16:30CST 11:05PDT 4590.08miles 18.35
NH 962 ZBAA RJTT 15:49CST 19:20JST 1130.2miles 3.31
SU 205 ZBAA UUEE 12:08CST 14:37MSK 3133.19miles 2.29
CA 1367 ZBAA ZGSZ 10:24CST 13:29CST 1058.03miles 3.05
CA 1415 ZBAA ZUUU 10:13CST 12:42CST 842.192miles 2.29
CA 819 ZBAA KEWR 09:55CST 10:30EDT 5928.71miles 0.35
CA 1501 ZBAA ZSSS 09:41CST 11:13CST 581.902miles 1.32
CA 989 ZBAA KJFK 09:40CST 10:08EDT 5934.37miles 0.28
CA 1321 ZBAA ZGGG 09:27CST 12:12CST 1016.67miles 2.45
AF 125 ZBAA LFPG 09:03CST 13:27CEST 4427.24miles #VALUE!
QR 895 ZBAA OTHH 03:24CST 06:29+03 3332.15miles 3.05
AF 381 ZBAA LFPG 01:10CST 05:16CEST 4427.24miles #VALUE!
SQ 801 ZBAA WSSS 00:39CST 06:04+08 2426.92miles 5.25
TK 21 ZBAA LTBA 00:35CST 04:52+03 3823.4miles 4.17
AC 32 ZBAA CYYZ 18:49CST 18:44EDT 5708.62miles 23.55
KE 607 RKSI VHHH 20:14KST 22:30HKT 1118.06miles 2.16
KE 25 RKSI KSFO 20:30KST 14:30PDT 4911.63miles 18.00
KE 641 RKSI WSSS 19:11KST 23:38+08 2499.96miles 4.27
KE 19 RKSI KSEA 19:06KST 12:29PDT 4526.98miles 17.23
KE 463 RKSI VVDN 18:57KST 21:04+07 1610.05miles 2.07
KE 129 RKSI NZAA 17:10KST 06:57NZST 5219.67miles #VALUE!
KE 23 RKSI KSFO 16:16KST 10:02PDT 4911.63miles 17.46
KE 627 RKSI WIII 16:03KST 20:02WIB 2845.15miles 3.59
SU 251 RKSI UUEE 14:06KST 16:57MSK 3560.1miles 2.51
KE 915 RKSI LEBL 13:08KST 19:26CEST 5186.41miles #VALUE!
KE 613 RKSI VHHH 10:44KST 12:48HKT 1118.06miles 2.04
KE 113 RKSI PGUM 10:25KST 15:08CHST 1744.43miles #VALUE!
KE 35 RKSI KATL 09:56KST 09:29EDT 6209.98miles 23.33
KE 657 RKSI VTBS 09:28KST 12:21+07 1981.91miles 2.53
AF 267 RKSI LFPG 09:08KST 13:45CEST 4825.76miles #VALUE!
KE 893 RKSI ZSPD 08:57KST 09:30CST 443.74miles 0.33
QR 859 RKSI OTHH 00:51KST 04:10+03 3812.07miles 3.19
SQ 7 RKSI WSSS 00:36KST 04:58+08 2499.96miles 4.22
TK 91 RKSI LTBA 23:57KST 04:16+03 4290.48miles 4.19
NH 106 RJTT KLAX 23:12JST 16:38PDT 4763.73miles 17.26
AF 293 RJTT LFPG 23:04JST 03:55CEST 5247.5miles #VALUE!
JL 2 RJTT KSFO 20:07JST 12:44PDT 4478.89miles 16.37
AC 6 RJTT CYYZ 17:53JST 16:02EDT 5592.84miles 22.09
CX 549 RJTT VHHH 17:23JST 20:27HKT 1568.82miles 3.04
NH 12D RJTT KORD 13:18JST 06:26CDT 5472.89miles 17.08
NH 211 RJTT EGLL 12:05JST 15:35BST 5184.83miles 3.30
NH 223 RJTT EDDF 11:42JST 15:52CEST 5061.24miles #VALUE!
JL 43 RJTT EGLL 11:40JST 15:16BST 5184.83miles 3.36
NH 112 RJTT KORD 11:15JST 08:02CDT 5472.89miles 20.47
NH 110 RJTT KJFK 11:03JST 09:55EDT 5878.87miles 22.52
JL 45 RJTT LFPG 10:57JST 15:29CEST 5247.5miles #VALUE!
NH 961 RJTT ZBAA 09:50JST 12:17CST 1130.2miles 2.27
SQ 631 RJTT WSSS 09:39JST 14:58+08 2864.17miles 5.19
NH 203 RJTT EDDF 01:24JST 09:44CEST 5061.24miles #VALUE!
EK 313 RJTT OMDB 00:44JST 06:08+04 4289.14miles 5.24
SQ 635 RJTT WSSS 23:18JST 04:19+08 2864.17miles 5.01
EI 213 EGCC EIDW 20:54BST 21:22IST 142.535miles 0.36
BE 291 EGCC EGPH 09:52BST 10:32BST 160.652miles 3.30
BE 299 EGCC EGPH 20:51BST 21:31BST 160.652miles 3.21
FR 3232 EGCC LEMG 10:36BST 14:01CEST 1006.84miles 3.03
Z2 7125 RCTP RPVM 11:10CST 13:34+08 901.327miles 2.24
CI 987 RCTP ZSNJ 08:52CST 10:28CST 418.965miles 1.36
CI 5148 RCTP RJBB 08:32CST 11:45JST 920.608miles 3.13
BR 698 RCTP PANC 08:01CST 00:30AKDT 4064.55miles
CV 797 RCTP VTBS 00:21CST 02:20+07 1345.34miles 1.59
CI 5871 RCTP WSSS 00:17CST 04:03+08 1741.38miles 3.46
BR 672 RCTP ZSPD 23:56CST 01:13CST 365.795miles 1.17
LD 681 RCTP VHHH 22:39CST 23:52HKT 435.685miles 1.13
MM 0858 RCTP RJTT 21:10CST 00:52JST 1146.65miles 3.42
CI 5108 RCTP KLAX 16:50CST 13:22PDT 5904.12miles 20.32
CI 541 RCTP ZHHH 15:46CST 17:58CST 506.04miles 2.12
AC 2116 KMIA CYYZ 02:13EDT 04:39EDT 1075.32miles 2.26
AA 9245 KMIA KDFW 00:46EDT 02:03CDT 974.272miles 1.17
TK 6888 KMIA LTBA 22:11EDT 15:27+03 5192.87miles 17.16
AF 99 KMIA LFPG 20:34EDT 10:25CEST 3984.44miles #VALUE!
AA 275 KMIA KLAX 20:28EDT 22:20PDT 2034.1miles 1.52
AC 2115 KMIA CYYZ 13:59EDT 16:28EDT 1075.32miles 2.29
JJ 8090 SBGR KMIA 23:56-03 06:54EDT 3553.44miles 6.58
AC 7062 CYYZ KMIA 18:35EDT 21:58EDT 1075.32miles 3.23
AF 463 FIMP LFPG 20:07+04 05:11CEST 5106.64miles #VALUE!
GC 4527 KJFK KDCA 19:15EDT 20:05EDT 184.998miles 0.50
GC 4034 KJFK KDFW 19:21EDT 21:26CDT 1208.11miles 2.05
SN 502 KJFK EBBR 19:39EDT 08:24CEST 3181.53miles 2.20
AA 1587 KJFK KPHX 16:58EDT 18:35MST 1869.34miles 1.37
GC 4138 KJFK KPHL 15:39EDT 16:09EDT 81.4268miles 0.30
AX 4362 KJFK KRDU 15:16EDT 16:40EDT 371.103miles 1.24
AA 1151 KJFK KPHX 13:50EDT 15:34MST 1869.34miles 1.44
TK 4 KJFK LTBA 13:32EDT 05:45+03 4352.48miles 16.13
AA 1397 KJFK KCLT 13:07EDT 14:29EDT 470.582miles 1.22
DL 2571 KJFK TJSJ 12:23EDT 16:15AST 1393.64miles 3.52
GC 4145 KJFK KRDU 11:57EDT 13:07EDT 371.103miles 1.10
QR 704 KJFK OTHH 11:30EDT 06:06+03 5822.27miles 18.36
AA 338 KJFK KCLT 10:59EDT 12:23EDT 470.582miles 1.24
BW 527 KJFK SYCJ 02:05EDT 07:15-04 2215.31miles 3.38
MU 298 KJFK ZSPD 01:59EDT 03:53CST 6418.37miles 3.16
BW 551 KJFK TTPP 01:16EDT 05:46AST 1922.97miles 3.05
DY 7012 KJFK EKCH 00:22EDT 13:12CEST 3345.19miles 2.22
GC 4063 KJFK KPWM 22:45EDT 23:29EDT 237.786miles 2.25
GC 4130 KJFK CYUL 22:13EDT 23:06EDT 290.373miles 1.00
VS 10 KJFK EGLL 22:09EDT 09:48BST 2994.8miles 11.13
KU 118 KJFK OKBK 22:07EDT 16:13+03 5514.54miles 11.39
GC 4241 KJFK KBUF 21:35EDT 22:22EDT 261.349miles 1.23
B6 1415 KJFK KSFO 20:51EDT 23:17PDT 2244.44miles 2.14
UA 735 KIAD KDEN 12:40EDT 13:52MDT 1260.29miles 01.12
WN 1907 KSFO KSAN 16:50PDT 18:00PDT 388.834miles 1.10
UA 1177 KSFO KFLL 14:05PDT 22:01EDT 2243.98miles 7.56
WN 1177 KSFO KSAN 14:02PDT 15:05PDT 388.834miles 1.03
OO 5585 KSFO KOKC 13:36PDT 18:19CDT 1201.08miles 4.43
VX 1906 KSFO KLAS 13:19PDT 14:22PDT 359.47miles 1.03
AC 756 KSFO CYYZ 12:48PDT 20:05EDT 1961.14miles 7.17
VX 1954 KSFO KSAN 12:45PDT 13:49PDT 388.834miles 1.04
UA 317 KSFO KIND 11:51PDT 18:30EDT 1686.71miles 6.39
BR 697 KSFO PANC 01:55PDT 04:59AKDT 1753.32miles 4.16
KE 26 KSFO RKSI 01:25PDT 05:21KST 4911.63miles 4.32
UA 1204 KSFO KIAH 00:12PDT 05:16CDT 1420.43miles 7.52
DL 2518 KSFO KJFK 00:04PDT 07:51EDT 2244.44miles 0.50
DL 1155 KSFO KJFK 22:19PDT 06:07EDT 2244.44miles 7.08
UA 1889 KSFO KAUS 20:25PDT 01:16CDT 1306.22miles 1.08
OO 5383 KSFO KPSP 18:36PDT 19:38PDT 365.981miles 1.04
UA 2044 KSFO KMSP 18:18PDT 23:18CDT 1379.29miles 5.09
FI 644 KIAD BIKF 20:46EDT 05:50GMT 2429.02miles 09.04
GC 3764 KIAD KCAE 17:27EDT 18:31EDT 349.504miles 01.04
GC 858 KIAD KORF 11:23EDT 12:05EDT 137.299miles 00.42
FI 646 KIAD BIKF 13:44EDT 23:02GMT 2429.02miles 09.18
ET 501 KIAD HAAB 11:17EDT 07:01EAT 6250.41miles 19.44

Aircraft Rentability